Rule Book of Games: Volleyball

Rule Book of Games: Volleyball

by Vance Hawkins


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Volleyball covers broadly the complete field of volleyball. Ideal for professionals and general reader alike, this volume contains sections covering the history of the game, the major competitions, the playing nations, the great players, rules and regulations, different tactics and techniques, playing regulations, equipments, fouls, positions and structures, shooting, passing, variations and similar games and much more. The game of volleyball is a dandy game and more besides. At its top level competitive aspect, it is a fast moving energetic game demanding skill, strength, agility, team work and intelligence from its players. At its lowest level, it is an enjoyable, easily set-up game from which youngsters and beginners of all ages can quickly gain pleasure and satisfaction. Volleyball Skills and Rules is a unique effort and invaluable contribution to the sports and games. It is especially designed for use by beginners to advanced players, teachers and coaches. The comprehensive text in the book explains the various tips and tactics and methods to develop these tactics in simple English. The book is consisted of latest rules of Volleyball as drafted by the USVBA (U.S. Volleyball Association) which is the leading organization for Volleyball. It is hoped that this book will help the sportsperson, professors, readers, coaches, instructors, students of physical education and for the general readers too.

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