Rules for New York Sports Fans

Rules for New York Sports Fans

by Joe Benigno, Jordan Raanan


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ISBN-13: 9781600783098
Publisher: Triumph Books
Publication date: 04/01/2010
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Joe Benigno is the midday host, along with Evan Roberts, on WFAN in New York and is a regular panelist on SportsNet New York's Daily News Live. Jordan Raanan has been a Philly-based sportswriter for nearly a decade, though he remains loyal to his favorite New York teams.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction Jordan Raanan xi

Part 1 The One and Only

The Golden Rule: Only One Team Per Sport 1

Part 2 Selection Time

Rule #2 Select a Team by Age 13 16

Rule #3 Root for the Uniform, Not the Player 27

Rule #4 Never Ditch Your Team 28

Part 3 Enemy Mine

Rule #5 Associate With, Marry, or Raise the Enemy—Only If You Must 43

Rule #6 Avoid the Enemy When Necessary 48

Rule #7 Don't Be “That Guy” During and After Losses 52

Rule #8 Don't Go Overboard with the Trash Talk 52

Part 4 Gearing Up

Rule #9 You Must Own One Piece of Paraphernalia for Your Team 57

Rule #10 Never Wear Anything from Your Rival 59

Rule #11 Wear Your Team's Logo to the Game 64

Rule #12 Don't Wear a Random Jersey to the Game 64

Rule #13 Choose Your Jersey Carefully 68

Rule #14 Don't Go Overboard 73

Part 5 Watch It

Rule #15 Don't Miss Many, If Any, Games 75

Rule #16 Never Miss a Playoff Game 81

Rule #17 Stick with It Until the End 83

Part 6 In the House

Rule #18 Attend At Least One Game Each Season 87

Rule #19 Take Public Transportation If Possible 91

Rule #20 Never Leave When the Game Is Still In Doubt 92

Rule #21 Sit with the Real Fans 97

Rule #22 Visiting Fans Should Be Seen, Not Heard 99

Rule #23 Never Do the Wave, Macarena, or Chicken Dance 101

Rule #24 Keep the Noisemakers At Home 101

Rule #25 Don't Come With Weak Signs or Chants 102

Rule #26 No Scoreboard Marriage Proposals 103

Part 7 Booing and Cheering

Rule #27 Boo Only When It's Appropriate 105

Rule #28 Never Openly Root For Your Team to Lose 110

Rule #29 Never Root For Fantasy Sports Over Real Sports 112

Rule #30 Whether You're Cheering or Booing, Be Loud 113

Rule #31 Don't Cheer for the Visitors 114

Part 8 And Don't Forget

Rule #32 Be Knowledgeable 119

Rule #33 Be Passionate 121

Rule #34 Don't Put Money on Your Favorite Team 122

Rule #35 …Especially If Your Team Is the Jets 123

Rule #36 Don't Sell Tickets to Rival Fans 125

Rule #37 Enjoy Yourself 129

Part 9 Calling All FANs

Rule #38 Bring Something Worthwhile to the Table 132

Rule #39 No Ridiculous Trade Proposals 138

Rule #40 Be Realistic 142

Rule #41 Never Question My Fandom 144

Rule #42 Don't Preface Your Call by Claiming Allegiance to More Than One Team 146

Rule #43 Don't Seriously Denounce Your Team 147

Rule #44 Save the Self-Promotion 148

Rule #45 Don't Call as a Gag 149

Rule #46 Don't Change Names 150

Rule #47 Comment Only About the Show on Which You Are Calling 150

Rule #48 Don't Blame Losses on the Officials 151

Conclusion 157

Appendix: The Famous Fans 159

Checklist: The Test of Fandom 173

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