Rules of Ascension (Winds of the Forelands Series #1)

Rules of Ascension (Winds of the Forelands Series #1)

by David B. Coe
4.7 14

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reissue)

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Rules of Ascension (Winds of the Forelands Series #1) by David B. Coe

For 900 years, since the Qirsi War, the Forelands have enjoyed relative peace. The Qirsi leaders, Weavers whose powerful magic could bend to their will not only the elements but also the thoughts of others, were all killed. The rest of the pale-skinned Qirsi were scattered throughout the realm. They were no longer a threat without their multi-talented leaders.

But though most Qirsi live normal lives, and some even serve lords as advisors, all is not well in the realm. There is a Weaver in the Forelands again, secretly sowing seeds of rebellion against the physically hardier but unmagical Eandi.

Lord Tavis of Curgh, raised to succeed his father as duke, and engaged to the beautiful Lady Brienne of Kentigern, seems bound for greatness. But just as his life seems complete, he is accused of a horrific act. Little can Tavis know that the Weaver is using him as a pawn in a vast plot.

Now, only a Qirsi gleaner can help Tavis survive his doom, reclaim his good name, and prevent a devastating civil war in the Forelands.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780812589849
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
Publication date: 05/18/2003
Series: Winds of the Forelands Series , #1
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 672
Product dimensions: 4.21(w) x 6.68(h) x 1.47(d)

About the Author

David B. Coe is the author of the Winds of the Forelands and Blood of the Southlands series. Children of Amarid and The Outlanders, the first two novels of his LonTobyn Chronicle trilogy, won the William L. Crawford Award for Best First Fantasy or Fantasy Series. He also wrote the novelization of the Ridley Scott production of Robin Hood. Coe grew up in the suburbs around New York City. He received his undergrad degree from Brown University and his Ph.D. in history from Stanford University. In his free time, he is an avid birdwatcher and nature photographer. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Sewanee, Tennessee.

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Rules of Ascension (Winds of the Forelands Series #1) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm very happy with this series. Currently reading the second book and no loss of steam power from the author. What I don't get is why more people haven't discovered this book. DOH! Must be that Tor didn't market it as hard compared to more mediocre fantasy novels. The best way to view the story is to imagine a lot of petty kingdoms with dukes as vassals to these kings. The first book focuses on several of the dukes of one kingdom as well as other characters who come into and out of the tale. There's also a race of albino type beings who have short life spans, practice magic and lost big time against the humans in a war from long ago. I would say the character complexities are close to that of George R.R. Martin's fantasy series. Coe spends a lot of time developing such characters, and, like Martin, he's big on believable History of the realm. PROS (1) At heart this is a murder mystery and conspiracy tale, so, if you like such things, this is good. (2) Complex characters (3) No long typical fantasy tale journeys where it gives the characters and excuse to bore us with the rules of magic or a long, boring tale of Historical stuff that could have been spread out in the novel. (4) He doesn't follow the typical fantasy archetype adventure which is refreshing. (5) Lots of interesting Historical detail which feels different and not a rehash of previous fantasy books and (6) Magic is low and not like some bad RPGing game. CONS (1) There are a ton of names and places to keep track of, but, if you hold out, it's worth it b/c it makes the story more complex than the simple tales. If you prefer the simple ones, and, that doesn't mean you're stupid by the way, then HARRY POTTER or ERAGON should do nicely. It's too bad the book doesn't have an appendix of names and places but this is probably more a decision of the publisher than the author. (2) If you want to spend all your time with only one main character, then, this is surely not the book for you. and (3) Not a ton of battles, although there are a few, so, if you need a lot, this isn't it. Think intrigue more than hack and slash/break the door down/charge style.
DAY-READER More than 1 year ago
I saw this book at a local discount bookstore. I went home to look at reviews before I decided to purchase it. The reviews were excellent, So I went to buy it. I have read fantasy for a long time now and never heard of this author or book until I seen it. The first couple pages were slow and I begain to think I made a bad decision. But I read on and the story begain to grab hold of me and never let go. I stayed up late at night just to finish this book. A very well written plot with wonderfull characters. The magic of the Qirsi was well explained and detailed. A refreshing fantasy outlook, different then the norm. I just can't help to wonder why this book didnt get enough attention. I suggest you read this book and enjoy the places, people, things and magic the author has to offer,,,,,,ENJOY!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read the LonTobynn series a while back and found it amazing. Unfortunately, there hasn't been alot of new fantasy literature since then worth mentioning. Rules of Ascension is a brilliant work. The characters seem real. There is no white and black, good and evil, clean cut and easily defined sides. Everything is clouded in a very enjoyable and intriguing grey. The balance and intrigue in the races, magic, and the different factions was pulled off with remarkable skill and control of the English language. The politics kept me enthralled, and the characters had me wanting the next book before it was out. Mr. Coe gives us a great insight into the human mind, and what lengths some men will go. He also seems to understand the simple need to have a realistic hero; one who may be the protaginist, but is not given superhuman abilities and a unrealistic mindset. The ending is simply amazing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Rules of Ascension is a satisfying book because from the beginning I cared about the people. They are multi dimensional, not heros in white hats and bad guys in black hats. There is character developement, not only in the young men but also in some of the older ones. The magic is logical and the position of the Qirsi in the Eandi world is one that is acheivable. The political drama and the power brokering in the book is an addition to the novel. Finally as the first book in the saga, it introduces the people, sets the world and it parameters and also gives a good read with a beginning, a middle and if not an end at least a stopping point.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay folks, this is a MUST read. A classic in the making! I've read a lot of books in my so far short life, but let me tell you, this is one of the best! David Coe has done a suburb job with this and I can't wait until the second book of this series, 'Seeds of Betrayal', comes out in May. The beginning is somewhat slow since it's explains things that happen before this series actually takes place, but as you spiral farther and farther into this epic tale the reason behind it becomes vividly clear. It's wonderful. Love, hate, politics, assassins, magic, murder¿ what more can you ask for?!?! Well, I'll leave you this since I could probably continue on the subject for quite some time. Just consider this book, k? It's wonderful and it deserve some fame. Have a peachy day! - Ema PS: Also, check out the other titles/series/authors I mention below. They're there for a reason!
Guest More than 1 year ago
David Coe has really outdone himself here. This is the first of a new series, The Winds of the Forelands, and you really want to get in on the ground floor with this one. Rules of Ascension leaves you satisfied and replete, as after a great meal, but at the same time hungry for more. The author has seasoned and stirred this intricate plot with a masterly hand. It's castle intrigue at its very best, with a fascinating and original political structure, eerie and wonderful magic, blowout battle scenes, and multifaceted characters you come to care for deeply. And there are plot twists you just won't see coming. This is great stuff. Sit down and enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great fantasy read, great characters and a amazing plot.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is the work of a genius. Thank you, Mr. Coe!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was led to read this book form Coe's other series, The Lon Tobyn Chronicle, and it is just as good if not better. I have read many fantasy/ science fiction books and Coe's have been the best.