Ruminations at Twilight

Ruminations at Twilight


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ISBN-13: 9781938846045
Publisher: Homebound Publications
Publication date: 11/25/2012
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 138
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

L.M. Browning is an award-winning author of twelve books. In her writing, Browning explores the confluence of the natural landscape and the interior landscape. In 2010, Browning debuted with a three-title contemplative poetry series. These three books went on to garner several accolades including a total of 3 pushcart-prize nominations, the Nautilus Gold Medal for Poetry, and Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year Award. She has freelanced for several publications and has a biannual interview column in The Wayfarer Magazine in which she has interviewed dozens of notable creative figures such as Academy Award-Nominated filmmaker Tomm Moore and Peabody-winning host of On Being Krista Tippett. Balancing her passion for writing with her love of learning, Browning is a graduate of the University of London, and a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Writers. In 2011, she opened Homebound Publications, a rising independent publishing house based in Connecticut. She is currently working to complete a L.B.A. in Creative Writing at Harvard University’s Extension School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. visit her at

What People are Saying About This

Jason Kirkey

Ruminations at Twilight is a powerful cry of yearning for the sacred. These lines of poetry are Browning's fearless entry into the global conversation; a heartfelt plea on behalf of the sacred Earth whose words run like rivers into the Great Watershed of the Earth's dreaming. May her poetry inspire your own plunge into the currents.
—Jason Kirkey (author of The Salmon in the Spring)

Frank Owen

Ruminations at Twilight is not your average book of poetry, and L.M. Browning is not your average poet. Reading this book is like tugging on the loose string-end of the great ball of twine that is our human condition. One must be brave to take up such a journey. One must be willing to "see". Browning sees knows, and offers a much-needed vision to the rest of us. These poems guide us through the terrain of the 'common wound' and carry us into a place of healing, anticipation and realization of the prospect of being our fullest selves in a torn world that needs us to be exactly that.
—Frank Owen (Bodhiyatra Poetry)

Bryn Colvin

A few months back I had L.M. Browning's Oak Wise to review, and I appreciated that collection. This volume quite simply blew me away. It follows the same themes of relationship with nature, and speaking to spirit, and there are moments that feel like prayer. The writing is beautiful, but in Ruminations, Browning has gained a sense of purpose and direction absent in the earlier work. There's recognition of where the wrongs lie, and how to challenge them. I found the poetry affecting and inspiring, underpinned with a strong philosophy. This is not just a poetry book, it is a call to action, to self awareness and engagement with spirit.
—Bryn Colvin (Reviewer TDN)

Rennie McQuilkin

L.M. Browning's religious fervor reminds one of Emily Dickinson's in its intensity and unorthodoxy: it bypasses dogma to reach the heart of the divine.
—Rennie McQuilkin (Author of The Weathering)

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Shattering the tenets of religion vs spirituality , worship versus relationship, the synthetic versus the natural , the poet sees sacredness in mother earth. the sacred can be witnessed in the long graceful steps of the great blue heron stalking along the banks of the pond. Forgetting that the sacred is not pompous, it is not anointed, it is natural, it is simple, it is abundant. Honoring the sacred with no interface , she finds paradise lost could be regained in its perfection.