RUMLA: The Circle

RUMLA: The Circle

by Lisa G


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ISBN-13: 9780994570406
Publisher: Lisa G Scott
Publication date: 03/01/2017
Series: RUMLA , #1
Pages: 572
Product dimensions: 5.24(w) x 7.99(h) x 1.27(d)

About the Author

Born in Malvern 1969 Lisa G. now lives in beautiful regional Victoria with her husband, two boys and also very importantly her much adored Cheweenie, Lilly.
In her late teenage years, Lisa G. had gained the life experience of living in various picturesque parts of Australia including north western Tasmanian city of Burnie. An opportunity to meet and speak with Desmond Tutu during these years is one of Lisa. G's strongest and most influential experiences.
With a innate love of reading and poetry, Lisa G. began writing at just 12 years of age. Her first and yet to be published works, were written in her favourite spot under the massive canopy of a snowball tree in Carnegie's Booran Road; just a hop, skip and jump from the famous Victorian Caulfield Racecourse, known more affectionately by locals as 'The Heath'.
In her twenties, Lisa G. was more prolific with writing, most especially after the birth of her first son. A little known fact is a novel titled "Changing Faces" was Lisa G.'s first serious foray into writing with the view to publish. Unfortunately, due to a serious computer virus her works were lost. Disheartened and then suddenly very busy with a young family, Lisa G. put writing time on hold.
Some years later and with her children now at school, Lisa G followed her passion for literacy -"Literacy is as essential to life as air is to breathe." Lisa.G.
Her strong desire to share the wonders and the world of understanding words Lisa G immersed herself in educating others.
As an Education Support Literacy and Integration Assistant with the Department of Education Victorial, pursing professional development to further her contribution to support the well being and academic growth of students became a focus for Lisa G so she could make a difference to struggling readers.
It was during a Language and Literacy module extension activity, it's focus being to highlight the challenges primary age students face when asked to spontaneously write a narrative without set guidelines to jump start thinking processes, that Lisa G's imagination spilled upon the pages in a most interesting way, revealing a quirky mysterious short story.

A result of literally picking up the pen, jotting ideas in a journal some eight years ago and adding to this little story, Lisa G. can proudly say she has worked hard to achieve her childhood dream.
However, not only has she now written a book, but Lisa G has shown persisent drive to take her manuscript that step further on her own terms, establishing an Indie publishing house, Lillipad Press and self teaching herself to build websites, take on marketing and distribution of her works.
For readers 12 to 100 years, novel RUMLA, The Circle will, this September, be her first published works. Waiting in the wings to join RUMLA is a series of five wonderfully entertaining primary school aged children's books. Addictively warming, the humorous and tall tales of mischievous shenanigans between grandfathers and their grandchildren , based on her own children's relationship with their loved grandfather, will keep you going back for more.
Lisa G.'s plan is to eventually also be of help to other new writers, connecting them with quality support services and helping them navigate their way through the tricky, ever changing world of publishing.
To keep up to date on what is happening in the world of Lisa G. follow her on her facebook page
To connect with Lisa G. or for more information about her, her own experiences in publishing, upcoming projects, events, launches or check out this, her blog and more at

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