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Running For Office / Edition 1

Running For Office / Edition 1

5.0 1
by Ron Faucheux, Ronald A. Faucheux

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ISBN-10: 1590770102

ISBN-13: 9781590770108

Pub. Date: 09/01/2002

Publisher: M. Evans & Company

This is your first and last stop for everything you need to know about winning the political game in the modern world of expensive, competitive campaigning.


This is your first and last stop for everything you need to know about winning the political game in the modern world of expensive, competitive campaigning.

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M. Evans & Company
Publication date:
Edition description:
New Edition
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6.40(w) x 9.53(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Decision to Run: Serious questions you need to answer before you take the plunge14
Chapter 2The First 25 Steps Every Smart Candidate Should Take: Putting together the nuts-and-bolts of a campaign--from scratch20
Chapter 3The Elements of Campaign Strategy: Just like military operations, political campaigns require the players to think strategically when making every move46
Chapter 4Crafting Your Campaign's Message: Every campaign conveys a message; here's how to make sure yours is the right one64
Chapter 5Art of the Attack: How to go after your opponent--without having it blow up in your face89
Chapter 6How Much Will It Cost? A quick and simple guide to realistically budgeting your campaign93
Chapter 7Raising the Money: Seven principles of candidate fundraising98
Chapter 8The Guarantee System: A sure-fire technique for any candidate to raise big bucks--fast107
Chapter 9Candidate Door-to-Door Canvassing: In local and district races, this may be your key to victory--if it's done right112
Chapter 10Hiring Consultants: What to look for when picking your professional campaign team122
Chapter 11The Power of Targeting: Whether you do it to conserve resources, or to pinpoint individual voters with appropriate messages, targeting is the key to effective voter contact140
Chapter 12Close Encounters: How to Win Debates: Don't go into a debate with your opponent until you understand the unique dynamics of a face-to-face confrontation155
Chapter 13The Picture Perfect Image: Every candidate needs five really good photos171
Chapter 14Slogans That Sell: Finding catchy, potent phrases to communicate your campaign's message176
Chapter 15Controlling the Agenda: What to do when outside advocacy groups and political party committees run their own campaigns while you're trying to run yours187
Chapter 16Re-Election Tips for Legislators: Winning the next election begins the day after you won the last one198
Chapter 17Handy Tips for the Campaign Trail: How to stay focused, put your best foot forward and survive the day by day grind204
Appendix ASample Volunteer Card for Candidate and Personal Assistant to Carry217
Appendix BSample Candidate Scheduling Format219
Appendix CCampaign Budget/Line-Item Work Sheet221

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Running For Office 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can't believe any candidate for office would run without reading this book