Running for the Average Joe

Running for the Average Joe

by Bill Watts

Hardcover(3rd ed.)

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In the winter of 2001, Bill Watts stepped on the scale at nearly 200 pounds, and had difficulty walking up the four flights of stairs at his job. Plagued with stress, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, he set his sights for better health and living. Bill began running races from 5k's on the road, to ultramarathon trail races. Trying to fill the void of running books for "average" runners, he authored "Running for the Average Joe," a book that can help anyone achieve health and fitness at any age. Find out how you can take that first step and enjoy a lifetime of healthy living!

Foreword by extreme endurance athlete Marshall Ulrich. Here's what Marshall has to say about the book:

Having been a runner for over 37 years, I thought I knew a lot about running. But Bill has taken every aspect of running, physiologically and mentally, then dissected it, examined it, and related it to us in a useful way. He helped me to understand terminology that scientists and nutritionists use, that frankly, didn’t make sense until Bill explained the how and why. The depth and breadth of the research is astounding – although I should have known to expect nothing less, knowing Bill’s intelligence, focus, and attention to detail. This book is by far the best researched and most comprehensive yet written, by a very talented man who has the ability to explain complex topics in simple and always understandable language. Average Joe is masterfully written, with personal stories from his own experience that will take you step by step through your own transformation. Packed with tips and suggestions, motivational quotes, mantras and challenges, this book will help you along through running and in life. You’ll learn so much from this book, which I call the 'A to Z Runner’s Bible.'

A labor of love fueled by years of running and research, Bill thoroughly addresses running in history, mind, body, and soul. You’ll find out how to take that initial first step (the most difficult) and how to maintain a style of living that we all deserve. You’ll learn what equipment you need, how to build strength and conditioning through running and cross-training, how to handle injuries, and what to eat. Knowing that what you really need is lifestyle change, this book will take you on a journey with an emphasis on improving mental and physical health by setting and achieving your goals… and how to go beyond.

When Bill contacted me recently, asking me to write the foreword to his book, I thought back to our conversation at the marathon expo and remembered, 'I could learn stuff from this guy.' Little did I know how much I could learn! Running for the Average Joe is absolutely the most comprehensive running book – no, the most comprehensive book on how to make a lifestyle change – that I have ever read (and I’ve read more than a few!). I invite and encourage you to delve into this book. But be careful,as you will get more than you bargained for. While it is a handbook chock full of information about running that you will want to reference well into the future, Running for the Average Joe is really a book that can teach you how to enjoy a better life.

Marshall Ulrich - May 2016

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ISBN-13: 9780998726106
Publisher: WattsRunning
Publication date: 03/01/2019
Edition description: 3rd ed.
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Bill Watts is an avid outdoor enthusiast and experienced, but self-proclaimed "average" runner.

Born in a small town in northwest Nebraska, he was involved in high school sports. He played football, baseball, and was on the wrestling and track teams but admits he absolutely hated running at that time. 25 years later, he entered his first 10k race and has since entered over 300 races, from 5k street races all the way up to 50k trail races. He's raced in over 100 marathons and ultra-marathons in the past 18 years and estimates that he's logged about 70,000 miles in that time.

More recently (2017), he ran the entire 500 mile Colorado Trail, with 92,000' of vertical climbing in just 13 days - unsupported, carrying all supplies in his backpack. Watch for his upcoming book in 2018, featuring his experiences on the trail.

Watts works in the Information Technology business as a Systems Engineer and resides in Colorado.

Table of Contents


1 - Getting Started

2 - History of Running

3 - What is Running?

4 - Running Legends

5 - Running Psychology

6 - Running Physiology

7 - Dealing with Injuries

8 - Benefits of Running

9 - Women's Running

10 - Nutrition

11 - Equipment and Safety

12 - Strength and Conditioning

13 - Training Basics

14 - Cross-Training

15 - Setting Goals

16 - Training Plans

17 - Running Your Race

18 - Extending Your Goals

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