Running Mate

Running Mate

by Katie Ashley


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The name's Barrett Callahan. Yeah, that Barrett Callahan-the one the press dubbed "Bare" after those naked pictures surfaced. At twenty-seven, I was armed with an MBA from Harvard, an executive position at my father's Fortune 500 company, a penthouse, and a different piece of delectable eye candy in my bed every weekend. I had a life most men dreamed of. But then my father decided to run for president, and my playboy lifestyle became a liability to his campaign that was built on family values. My "makeover" comes in the form of a fake fiancée who I don't even get to choose--one who is an uptight, choirgirl acting priss but also sexy-as-hell.


My latest relationship had gone down in flames, and I was drowning in a sea of student loans when in true Godfather status, James Callahan made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Seven figures for seven months on the campaign trail pretending to be the adoring fiancée of his son, Barrett. As soon as he won the election, our engagement would be dissolved amicably for the press, I was free to ride off into the sunset a million dollars richer, and because of the NDA, no one would be the wiser. Sure, I'd never met the guy, but I'd been a theater nerd in high school. I could pull off any role from Lady Macbeth to Maria Von Trapp. But that was before I met my fake fiancé-the infuriating, self-absorbed, egotistical, drop-dead-sexy King of the Manwhores.

The race will be a fight to the death finish, and that's not even the actual campaign.

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ISBN-13: 9781544273877
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/01/2017
Pages: 314
Sales rank: 890,909
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

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Running Mate 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
kgagnon More than 1 year ago
4.5 Thrilling, Heartfelt & Steamy Stars! I really enjoyed this breathtaking and steamy forbidden romance! Ty has been a close friend and protector of the Callahan clan for a long time. He has proven himself over and over that he is smart, honorable, and dedicated. After serving as a secret service agent for both his sons, President Callahan talks Ty into protecting his daughter, Caroline, knowing he can depend on him to keep her safe. Caroline Callahan is starting a new job and is unaware of the threats against her life. She is not happy to have a new roommate imposed on her. After a rocky start, they soon learn to appreciate and trust each other. Soon their simmering attraction grows, making it impossible to deny their feelings. But Ty doesn't feel worthy of Caroline, keeping her at arms length. When the threat against Caroline escalates, the boundaries between them soon disappear. I really enjoyed this breathtaking, and steamy romance. Sexy Brit Ty was kind, thoughtful, supportive and so swoony! He not only protected Caroline but he encouraged her to be her best. Caroline was so strong, smart, and down to earth. They were so perfect for each other, always putting others first. I loved their banter and the way they challenged each other, and their chemistry was palpable. It was fun catching up with the Callahan clan too. I loved the epilogue, it was so sweet and perfect! I had so much fun reading this thrilling, heartfelt, steamy story. It was the perfect addition to this series.
KrissysBookNook More than 1 year ago
Addison Monroe is the kind of character that I could see myself being friends with in real life. Her sassy attitude, can-do spirit, and quick wit made her one of the best heroines I’ve read in a long time! I wasn’t as impressed with our BBF, Barrett, however… At least in the beginning. I found him arrogant and annoying when we are first introduced to him. But his absolute loyalty and respect for his father redeemed him to me and by the end of the book he had totally won me over. Addison and Barrett’s story is a delicious slow burn with a political undertone. They’re faking an engagement to try to salvage Barrett’s playboy reputation and we all know that a “fake” engagement usually leads to super hot “real” romance. Speaking of the political plot in this book…it made me think of the T.V. Show, Scandal. I couldn’t help but wonder how Olivia Pope would “fix” Addison after her less-than-graceful first appearance on the campaign trail, or her Moonshine spawned Evita moment on the bus. I also pictured OP using her contacts to “shut down” any story that threatened to come out about Addy’s brother. The romance in this book is scorching hot… when it finally burns that is. The author keeps us wondering will-they-or-won’t-they for a good portion of this story but that’s one of the things that made me really like it. I’m not knocking insta-love, but there’s something so satisfying to me about a slow-burn romance. The feeling of anticipation grows with each chapter I read and when the two characters finally get together my excitement bubbles over and I’m torn between giving the characters high-fives or yelling at them for making me wait so long. Haha! I give Running Mate 5 out of 5 Krissy’s Stars! The author’s words flowed so easily that I was able to completely wrap myself in this story and forget the rest of the world for a few hours. Xo-K *I was generously given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.