Running QuickBooks 2004 Nonprofits

Running QuickBooks 2004 Nonprofits

by Kathy Ivens

Paperback(Covers Pro and Premier Nonprofit Edition)

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Running QuickBooks 2004 Nonprofits by Kathy Ivens

The only comprehensive guide to adapting QuickBooks for nonprofits.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780972066945
Publisher: CPA911 PUBLISHING
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Edition description: Covers Pro and Premier Nonprofit Edition
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 7.18(w) x 9.08(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Best-selling author and QuickBooks expert

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Getting Started1
Understanding QuickBooks' Limitations2
General Limitations2
Reporting Limitations3
Chart of Accounts Limitations3
Other (Minor) Annoyances3
Gathering Financial Information4
Deciding on the Start Date4
Balance Sheet Account Balances5
Program Information7
Creating a Company File7
Using the EasyStep Interview9
Creating the Data File Manually13
Updating an Existing Company File14
Updating a Backup File16
Chapter 2Chart of Accounts19
Designing the Chart of Accounts20
Using Account Numbers21
Understanding QuickBooks Account Types25
Creating Accounts26
Creating Subaccounts27
Creating Accounts for Fund Accounting30
Nonprofits and Equity Accounts33
Manipulating Accounts33
Editing Accounts34
Deleting Accounts34
Hiding Accounts by Making Them Inactive35
Merging Accounts36
Unified Chart of Accounts for Nonprofits37
Using the UCOA in QuickBooks Nonprofit Edition38
Downloading the UCOA for QuickBooks Pro39
Importing the UCOA into QuickBooks39
Modifying the UCOA40
Entering Opening Balances42
Opening Bal Equity Account43
Chapter 3Configuring Preferences45
Accounting Preferences47
Checking Preferences50
My Preferences for the Checking Category50
Company Preferences for the Checking Category51
Desktop View Preferences54
General Preferences57
Setting My Preferences for the General Category57
Setting Company Preferences for the General Category60
Tax 109961
QuickBooks Navigators63
Company Navigator63
Nonprofit Navigator64
Customers Navigator65
Vendors Navigator65
Employees Navigator66
Banking Navigator66
Business Services Navigator66
QuickBooks Centers67
Chapter 4Configuring Classes and Lists69
Planning the Class List70
Class Name Protocols73
Creating a Class74
Creating a Subclass74
Editing Deleting and Merging Classes75
Creating Lists76
Customer: Job List (Donor List)76
Vendor List87
Item List90
Customer & Vendor Profile Lists94
Adding Custom Fields to Lists95
Chapter 5Managing Revenue99
A/R Accounts and Invoice Numbers100
Creating an Invoice102
Entering Invoice Header Data103
Entering Line Item Data104
Entering Footer Data105
Printing Invoices105
E-Mailing Invoices106
Understanding Invoice Postings108
Tracking Pledges109
Invoicing for Reimbursable Expenses111
Receiving Revenue113
Receiving Payments on Invoices113
Receiving Income with No Associated Invoice117
Making Bank Deposits119
Group with Other Undeposited Funds119
Deposit to Bank Account123
Customizing Templates123
Editing an Existing Template123
Designing a New Template124
Creating a Pledge Template125
Creating a Donation Receipt Template129
Tracking Receivables130
Chapter 6Managing Expenses133
Entering Bills134
Entering Header Data135
Entering the Details136
Understanding A/P Postings138
Paying Bills139
Working in the Pay Bills Window139
Selecting the Bills to Pay141
Adjusting the Amounts to Pay141
Preparing the Checks142
Understanding Bill Payment Postings144
Using Direct Disbursements144
Using Manual Direct Disbursement Checks145
Printing Direct Disbursement Checks146
Understanding the Postings for Direct Disbursements147
Managing Payroll Expenses147
Entering Payroll as a Journal Entry148
Entering Fake Checks for Easy Reconciliation153
Allocating Expenses154
Chapter 7Managing Cash155
Transferring Funds Between Accounts156
Using the Transfer Funds Feature157
Writing a Check to Transfer Funds158
Handling Bounced Checks160
Adjusting Account Balances160
Recording Bank Charges for Bounced Checks163
Invoicing Customers for Bounced Checks163
Creating an Item for Service Charges165
Creating the Invoice165
Voiding Disbursements165
Tracking Petty Cash166
Creating Forms for Petty Cash167
Creating a Petty Cash Bank Account167
Putting Money into Petty Cash168
Recording the Disbursements169
Handling Petty Cash Advances170
Replenishing the Cash Box173
Managing Expense Accounts174
Expense Account Policies and Forms174
Creating Expense Account Checks175
Managing the Organization's Credit Cards175
Managing Expense Account Advances176
Chapter 8Budgets179
QuickBooks' Rules for Creating Budgets180
About Balance Sheet Budgets181
Creating a P&L Budget181
Working in the Budget Window183
Creating a Customer: Job Budget187
Creating Additional Customer: Job Budgets189
Creating Class Budgets189
Deleting a Budget190
Budget Reports190
Budget Overview Report191
Budget vs. Actual Report194
Profit & Loss Budget Performance Report195
Budget vs. Actual Graph195
Exporting and Importing Budgets196
Exporting Budgets196
Importing Budgets Back into QuickBooks198
Chapter 9Producing Reports199
Customized Reports for Nonprofits200
Biggest Donors/Grants Report201
Budget vs. Actual by Donors/Grants Report201
Budget vs. Actual by Program/Projects Report202
Donors/Grants Report203
Programs/Projects Report204
Statement of Financial Income and Expense204
Statement of Financial Position204
Statement of Functional Expenses (990)204
Accountant's Review Copy205
Creating an Accountant's Review Copy205
Working During the Accountant's Review207
Merging the Accountant's Changes208
Unlocking Your File without Merging Data209
Chapter 10Year End Activities211
Journal Entries212
Opening Balance Corrections213
Fixed Asset Item List215
Creating a Depreciation Journal Entry216
Moving Revenue217
Managing Net Asset Accounts218
Year End Reports219
Statement of Financial Position219
Statement of Activities220
Statement of Cash Flows220
Preparing for an Audit222
Audit Activities and Tasks223
Audit Report225
Closing the Year225
Understanding Closing in QuickBooks225
Configuring the Closing Date226
Preventing Access to Closed Books227
Creating a Year-End Backup228
Chapter 11Managing QuickBooks Files229
Backing Up and Restoring Files230
Designing a Disaster Recovery Plan230
Rotating the Media231
Backing Up to CD232
Offsite Storage of Backups233
Bypassing the Windows XP CD Writing Wizard234
Using QuickBooks Backup235
Automating Backups240
Archiving and Condensing Data245
Understanding the Condense Feature245
Condensing Your File246
Updating QuickBooks249
Configuring the Update Service249
Chapter 12Managing Users253
Creating an Administrator254
Creating Users256
Adding a User Name and Password256
Setting User Permissions257
Changing User Settings260
Chapter 13Fundraising Tools261
Managing Members262
QuickBooks File Limitations262
Creating Member Records263
Generating Custom Reports on Members265
Tracking Individual Donations268
Creating Fundraising Mailings269
Using QuickBooks to Create a Mailing269
Creating Mailing Labels272
Creating a Mailing Outside of QuickBooks273
Managing Volunteers274
Tracking Volunteers as Other Names275
Tracking Volunteers as Customers276

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