Running with Chickens: essays ... with a lot of ellipses

Running with Chickens: essays ... with a lot of ellipses

Running with Chickens: essays ... with a lot of ellipses

Running with Chickens: essays ... with a lot of ellipses


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A quarter-life crisis had crept into Steve’s whitespace while he sat, coding in his ergohuman chair at a successful biz-tech company in Silicon Valley. He was about to turn thirty and his simple life of work, alcohol and music festivals was being body-snatched by an unknown entity.

Steve says that when you hit your late twenties, you will likely go through the five stages of leaving your twenties, all of which include various manifestations along the anxiety continuum:

1 - Denial, alcohol, and gaming

2 - Anger, getting high on weed, alcohol, and gaming

3 - Bargaining and travel to Peru to live simply and take ayahuasca

4 - Introspection and discovering shrooms

5 - Reluctant outward acceptance and denial resulting in assorted anxiety disorders

And with that, you are an adult. Have a nice day.

Running with Chickens is about a journey—a hysterical, witty, and charming exploration of the disillusionment and enlightenment that drove a monumental life-change. Take a ride inside the irreverent and mutinous mind of a thirty-something tech coder-guy that decided to get off the hamster wheel, buy property in Costa Rica and turn it in to a farm—all with little money but a lot of will.

At a young age, he realized he had to grow up fast as a tumultuous divorce broke up his family, the diagnosis of ADD disrupted his school life, and the challenges of growing up with non-conforming attitudes and ideas impacted his daily existence. He says now, that adaptation is the new sim card and that it is the only way to survive in a radically changing world.

Steve calls the book a data-dump of randomness exposed while trying to define the reality of his insecurities and anxieties. He provides his take on your Facebook posts, his own theory of enlightenment, managing his crazy family, millennials vs. baby boomers, women, men, and topics that will amuse or offend just about everyone. He adds a few words of caution: If certain words not found in the dictionary are offensive to you, he suggests you don’t read the book and asks you to go back to playing with the dog.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732026209
Publisher: Deborah Lynn
Publication date: 03/03/2018
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Steve was born in 1983 in Mountain View, California, one of the original technology hubs in Silicon Valley. His parents were both in technology and had several computers in the house before most people had one. He taught himself programming by the age of 15 and started getting software development jobs before he was 20. At the same time, he followed his passion for art. As a child he drew cartoons and intricate drawings of Transformer robots and detailed architectural structures. Later he taught himself gaming and drawing programs and started using a computer for digital art.

His fascination with self-sufficiency, alternative health practices, and community building concepts began in his teens and continued while sharing a house with five roommates in San Jose. Plants of all kinds grew both inside the home and outside in the garden. There were constant experiments with plant development, hydroponics, and aquaponics using scrap or recycled building materials.
In his mid-twenties, he decided to take time off from his tech job and travel. He spent nearly five months in Peru on a natural building apprenticeship project and then several more months in Costa Rica on a permaculture farm.

After exploring a bit of Europe, he went back to a tech job, saved money, sold or gave away most everything he owned, and in late 2016, went to Costa Rica with a vision. On Christmas Eve, he and his natural building expert business partner, bought 11 acres in the hills above Dominical to start a farm and learning center and to give back to the local villages through food sharing and local jobs.

Steve spends most of his time in Costa Rica. Along with his business partner, they manage the farm, food production, apprentices, the many volunteers, and a variety of educational programs. He travels back to the USA often for supplies and to visit friends and family and will continue travels elsewhere to experience more of the world.
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