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rushes from the river disappointment

rushes from the river disappointment

by stephanie roberts
rushes from the river disappointment

rushes from the river disappointment

by stephanie roberts


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"those of us who've seen miracles know how to ask. / if you've asked, do you love me, i almost certainly / don't love you." This meditative, musically attentive collection explores the confounding nature of intimate relationships. stephanie roberts's poetic expression is often irreverent, unapologetic, and infused with humour that can take surprisingly grave turns. rushes from the river disappointment traverses city, country, and fantasy using nature as artery through the emotional landscape. As they wrestle to come to terms with the effects of uncertainty and grief on hope and belief, these diverse field notes are interspersed with the fabulous: a polar bear and owl engage in flirtation, a time traveller appears on a lake, an erotic scene takes place on a train, and we confront "people capable of eating popcorn at the movie of your agony." roberts's language is dense with images and sometimes acrobatic. In poems that affirm love and desire as treasures fought for more than just felt, rushes from the river disappointment turns an unblinking gaze on the failures of courage that distance us from love.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780228001676
Publisher: McGill-Queens University Press
Publication date: 07/02/2020
Series: Hugh MacLennan Poetry Series , #53
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

A citizen of Canada, Panama, and the United States, stephanie roberts is the prize-winning author of The Melting Potential of Fire. roberts is based in Quebec.

Table of Contents

People Believing Badly 3

Tempesta: Tuesday December Twentieth Three Three Three Ay Em 4

The Woods of Perhaps 5

Forest Nocturne 7

Passages North 9

Father Son Spirit 10

This Is about Being Black 12

All Hallow Man 14

Boots of Spanish Leather 16

The Opening Liturgy of the Morning's First Draft is All Fucking While the Evening Makes Love as the Good Poet Puts It 17

I never tire of the moon 19

Set Fire to Stop Fire 20

Something Terrible Is Going to Happen 21

Catching Sight of The Niña The Pinta and The Santa Maria 23

Off Hours 24

Commute the Sentence 26

Tinder of the "Desperate Man" 27

The Physics of Love and Other Uncertain Phases of the Chemistry in Coulomb's Law 28

Tame 35

The Week-Late Answer to that Hot-Tempered Text on My Birthday 36

I/U 37

Now I Know 39

Re: stacks 41

Middle-Age Cartwheel 43

The Lovers Quarrel 45

Slim Tuesday 46

Scene V 47

Winter Aubade 48

How the Wind Heels You 50

Hold Desire as Sand 52

Connections 54

Black Lashes & White Pickup Accents 56

Love Like a Waning Moon 58

Come Back and Solve for x 59

Soft Part 60

A Firefly Turns on the Evening's First Light 62

No Such Forever 63

Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Frog 64

Via Rail Dreaming 66

Part for Me 68

In Answer to My I Love You 70

Make the Next Second Chance 75

Nerve Damage 77

If We Are Savage & Lucky 78

If We Ate Savage & Lucky II 80

Vision 82

The Wall 85

Reasonable Amount of Tenderness 87

Of Course This Brick 89

Germinate 90

Circle Earth: Meditation After Reading Tropic of Cancer 92

Canadian Goose Summer 94

One Two Three Touch or How Not to Dance the Bachata 95

With Soft Eyes She Learned to See the Curvatures of Spacetime in the Omnipresent Grid of Hope and Then Cry Accordingly 96

OMFG: Until the Tyger Learns How to Write 98

Rushes from the River Disappointment 100

Overcast 102

Notes 103

Acknowledgments 106

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