Russia and the Fight Against Globalisation

Russia and the Fight Against Globalisation

by Kerry Bolton


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The Western world is in eclipse, after a long epoch of decay. Yet the West is ever more optimistic. Under U.S. leadership, a diseased corpse, with an outward façade covering the rotting pestilence, and falsely labelled ‘Western way of life’, looms over the world in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’, bombing into submission where the blandishments of loans, cultural perversity, and techno-junk don’t succeed in subverting reticent nations. We are assured that this is ‘the American century’, that ‘America is exceptional’, and since its founding has had a world mission to create in its own image – godlike – a ‘new order of the ages’ – the motto on the U.S. Great Seal; now called ‘the new world order’ and ‘globalisation’.

This universal utopia which is marketed as the culmination of all human striving, is called by its spokesmen such as Francis Fukuyama, ‘the end of history’, beyond which there is nothing more to achieve. Into this scenario steps Russia, the perennial outlaw, with her own world-mission, one of redeeming mankind; an outlook which she has maintained – ‘eternal Russia’ – whether under Czarism, ‘Bolshevism’, or ‘democracy’.

Because Russia is the primary bulwark – the Katechon – against this nightmare scenario of global conformity, she is targeted for destruction on multiple levels. ‘Russia and the Fight Against Globalisation’ examines numerous aspects of Russia’s role as the bulwark against the ‘new world order’, and the possibilities of its redeeming character in helping to save Europe from walking along the path towards destruction.

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Publication date: 06/11/2018
Pages: 232
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Table of Contents



Russia and the Rise of a New Era

Russia’s World Mission

The Next Civilization?

Wall Street and the Russian Revolution

How America Helped to Bolshevise Russia

Messianic Tradition within Russian Bolshevism

‘Saint Joseph’: Was Stalin Defender of the Church?

How the Soviet Bloc was Pushed from Within

Behind the Ukraine Crisis


What is Really Behind the Campaign Against Putin?

Russia ‘Bigger Threat’ than ISIS to Globalist Hegemony

Trump & the Russophobes


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