Russian Art and Art Objects in Russia

Russian Art and Art Objects in Russia

by Alfred Maskell


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CHAPTER III. THE KERTCH COLLECTION OF THE IMPERIAL HERMITAGE: SCYTHIAN AND GRECO-SCYTHIAN ART. The early Scythians were a people of pastoral and nomadic habit, of whom unfortunately history has left but little record. Our great authority is Herodotus, who gives us some details of the habits and occupations, of the arts and sciences, of the riches and power, and of the daily life of a people, who have as a nation long disappeared from the face of the earth and, but for him, almost from history. Their last great settlement, where indeed they appeared to have firmly established themselves, was in the country of the Don and the Dnieper, and on the shores of the Cimmerian Bosphorus which we know to-day as the Crimea, To these shores had come colonies of Greeks from Miletus, who introduced their civilisation, founding Kustendje and Istros near the Danube; Odessa, Olbia, Khersonesus, Palakion (Balaclava), Theodosia (Kafifa), Panticapaeum (Kertch), Phanagoria, and Tanai's at the mouth of the Don. With this Greek civilisation we shall presently be particularly concerned. Further inland than these colonies were swarms of tribes; the agricultural Scythians on the Dnieper, the nomad Scythians fourteen days' journey to the eastward, and the royal Scythians (who looked on the others as slaves) around the sea of Azov. Herodotus speaks also of other tribes whom he distinguishes from the Scythians. Amongst them are the Agathyrsi, renowned for their gold and rich ornaments ;the Melanchlainai, habited in black; the Sauromati, issue of Scythians and Amazons; the Budini and Massagetae; the bald Argippi, and the one-eyed Arimaspians; the Gryphons, guardians of gold treasure, and the Hyperboreans with their inhospitable climate. The name of Scythian in ancient times and in the middle ages was ...

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