by Stacey Rourke


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ISBN-13: 9780988633445
Publisher: Anchor Group
Publication date: 03/15/2013
Pages: 272
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Sacrifice 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
BellesBeastlyBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Now that Celeste knows there are three sides to this war, she is feeling less confident in winning. There is Alex and his demons, the Conduit and her beau, and the Dark Army all fighting the same war. That's not even the worst part, she has to play dress-up for a wedding. She is loosing all the people she cares about. Keni has gone berserk and Caleb is in grave danger. Also, little gnomes are out to get her. What extent will she go to help the people she loves? What is happening between Celeste and Rowan? I did not expect this big turn-over. It was all so unexpected. The love and the desire in this book was great. Stacey Rourke put it in great detail.(Not in a bad way) I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who reads. This series is great. I wish it would never end, but if people did lots of books, eventually they would either run out of ideas or people would just get bored with it. This is a series that has so many possibilities. Stacey Rourke is a great writer and I hope to read more of her books.
Lynn_Shaw More than 1 year ago
I listened to a friend’s review of Sacrifice and put off reading it. In my friend’s review she was annoyed that the plot was more of a love story and didn’t focus on Celeste’s battle. I am sorry I put off reading this book! The story was action when the first few pages. I loved it! In this installment, I felt connected to Celeste. Like the author, Stacey Rourke, put a lot of her self in the character. I could not stop laughing about the gnomes! If you follow Stacey, you will get this. I love the snarkiness (is that a word) and the witty banter that I enjoyed in the first 2 books. My only complaint is that I would like for Grams to have more of a role. I love that character. She ROCKS! I look forward to reading the 4th installment!!! Now for a Spoiler alert…. Now don’t get me wrong there are multiple story lines concurring at the same time and there is love but trust me the battle rages on. The main plot of the story is still good v/s evil with Celeste as you main butt kicker. The secondary story line is the upcoming wedding of Alaina and Gabe. In this third installment the character of Celeste grows by leaps and bounds. She must give up her true love, Caleb in order to save him. That takes a lot of sacrifice on her part. Celeste then turns to Rowan to lessen the pain, as he with his demonic powers, can take away that pain for her. Celeste, being an empathe, can help Rowan with the lost of his best friend as well. So you think it is a win win situation, but as usual Rowan has an ulterior motive which does come to light. While trying to help plan a wedding with Alaina, Keni and Gabe, the group must battle Titans sent by the Countess to destroy them. As if that isn’t enough, Alec has resurfaced with his own agenda. There are some surprises in the this book too that I wont give away. I love this series. I think I may even donate a weekend to rereading the entire series again. I love the action, the witty banter, and the characters! So looking forward to the next installment.
Belinda-G More than 1 year ago
I just finished Sacrifice and it was wonderful read. The story is so touching. All the creatures in this book will make you want to be a Garrett Sibling. When I got the end of part one I was sad and mad all at the same time. Part two was just as amazing as part one and in some ways my favorite part. I laughed and cried through this entire book and I can't leave out Bernard and Grrrrrrrr is all I have to say about that. I believe this book is the best yet and recommend it to everyone.
Joy-Anne More than 1 year ago
This was an amazing read that once I started I could not put down. This book moved along at the perfect pace, not to fast or to slow, has amazing characters and an awesome story. This book has to be read, you will not be disappointed.
RedheadedBookworm More than 1 year ago
Demons and spiders and gnomes, oh my! Celeste really goes through some things after losing not one but two important people in her life. Cue tears! Rowan really steps up and shows another side of himself! Keni, the fashonista, goes goth and Grams doing jello shots while stuffing singles into a strippers speedo, really, what more do we need? Well, get ready for some major things to happen. New threats surface everyday. Sacrifice was funny, heart crushing and thrilling all at the same time. And it ends with a heck of a cliff hanger. The kind that makes you wanna throw yourself on the floor kicking and screaming! I CANNOT WAIT to find out what comes next! This is the best so far in the Gryphon Series! I received this book from the author for review.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by F. Kenneth Taylor for Readers' Favorite Stacey Rourke nailed it on the head when she wrote “Sacrifice”. Fantasy fans will love and applaud it. Step aside Neo, there is a new ‘Chosen One’ in town; her name is Celeste, and she is one tough cookie! With her and her family marked for death by evil minions from the Spirit Plane, Celeste struggles to deal with giving up the simplest luxuries of life. She quickly realizes it is pretty difficult to be the average 20-something while saving the world at the same time. Fortunately for her, she has an equally tough supporting cast of friends and family to help her out because she is going to need them when she finds out what lies ahead of her. Written primarily in first-person, this story is told beautifully, and includes a little something for everyone. “Sacrifice” is a page-turner that flows smoothly with a fast pace and rejuvenates the fantasy genre. It is hard for one to put it down. The author writes with great imagery, impressive narrative techniques and visuals that easily place the reader within the story. This story has it all: action, humor, sorrow, revenge, romance, a supernatural element, and even a Gnome—yes, a Gnome. It is obvious that great thought, time, and effort were taken during the writing process. Stacey Rourke is an excellent writer, with a great career ahead of her. She has just gained a new fan. I look forward to reading more works from her.
zacktab More than 1 year ago
Sacrifice is the third book in the Gryphon series. You would think planning a wedding and being with some hunky Irish man would make everything okay but sadly taking a night off for a date night turns life upside down again. Celeste has to make the ultimate sacrifice choosing to be with the one you love or setting them free so they can be safe. What would you choose? Trying to have a normal wedding that every bride dreams of does not go according to the plans. Wedding planner turns rebellious teen and glee club comes back equals disaster. Thank goodness you have a handsome pirate that comes to the rescue. With the wedding being planned can things go smoothly the second time, can Celeste survive the betrayals.
E_M_Fogle More than 1 year ago
Stacey Rourke has outdone herself with her third book, Sacrifice!! Sacrifice is an emotional rollercoaster ride, filled with tense moments that both tugged at my heart and made me loath some of the character demons even more! It is also filled with a lot of intrigue, as well! Immediately, the reader will notice that Sacrifice is written in a completely different style than the first two books (an attribute that only adds to the greatness of the book). The flow is much more sporadic and gives off a hectic vibe in a brilliant way! It draws the reader in and makes them feel the turmoil that Celeste is experiencing. It is still filled with humor and the sarcastic moments that I love, but there is a darkness that overshadows every situation and intensifies the entire reading experience. There were a ton of twists and turns: many I didn’t see coming. The ending was infuriatingly good and left behind a strong desire to continue this fabulous journey with Celeste and her super-hero siblings. I would highly recommend this whole series to anyone! Now, bring on the next book!!
Tazzy-TMH1 More than 1 year ago
Errrrm OK, what was THAT! I love this book. I was at a slight disadvantage with this being book 3 and the fact that I hadn’t read the first 2 books. However, it took nothing away from my reading experience. I love Ceecee and I may be being controversial but I also loved Rowan. In fact there isn’t a character I didn’t think shouldn’t have been in the book. They were all relevant. The writing was witty and I actually laughed out loud at my desk, in work (lunch hour) at ‘Officer Python’, causing a few people to turn and stare at me. Then me proceeding to try and tell them why I was laughing but couldn’t through my laughter. There was a lot of humour, suspense, action & sad times in the book. With all this going on there is no way you could get bored. This is a well written book and more than deserves the 5 stars I have rated it! I was gifted a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DelphinaReadsTooMuch More than 1 year ago
If you have not read the first books in this series, you probably want to stop reading my thoughts and go check out The Conduit, where everything began.  While you could probably read this book and enjoy it without having read the first two, you would be missing out on a ton.  If you have read the first books, you probably are not reading my thoughts because you clicked the buy button already and are reading this puppy.   Once again Stacey wrote an awesomely sarcastic and snark filled novel of good vs. evil.  This book is a bit darker than the first two, which I am sure you figured out by the title, Sacrifice.  It also has a ton of action, some romance, and a berry addicted garden gnome.  Have no fears, Grams is still there with her, well her Grams-ness.  If you enjoyed the first two books (there is also a novella) in this series, you are going to want to snag this up asap.  I am sad that I finished it because now I have to wait for the next book to be released.  
Crystalc23 More than 1 year ago
I stayed up until midnight last night to finish this book. Again Stacey has out done herself in this series. I am not happy about having to wait for the next book though lol. If for any reason you had to Sacrifice the one you love to save the world could you do it? I'm not so sure I could but Celeste has to make that decision along with saving a family member or few from deadly demons and the all mighty Countess. Friends become enemies and and enemies become friends in this Third installment of The Gryphon Series. Gabe and Alainas wedding plans change and Rowan saves the day. Alec returns and Celeste has a really bad day. Celestes mom is going crazy over Alainas guests at the wedding over some strange happenings. Caleb well I will leave that part for you to read lets just say I am still Team Caleb. This story has a lot of twists and turns and I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to see what happens with Celeste, Rowan, Keni, Gabe, Alaina and Caleb. I refuse to give any more detail or give spoilers because you need to read it for yourself I laughed and cried and got angry all in one book so I say get this series and everyone get to know the Garrett family. OK walking and talking gnomes well that part was creeping me out a little. There is a lot of awesomeness in this book so I say if you want to read a great series get The Gryphon Series The Conduit, Embrace and The Sidekick Chronicles by Stacey before Sacrifice is released so you will know everything that is going on and believe me you will not be disappointed. I received this book as a promise to give an honest review Thank You stacey
LadyWitoka More than 1 year ago
I read the first 2 chapters and was hooked.I want to read all the Gryphon Series books.She is a exceptional writer and keeps you hooked. Stacy's books are a must read
threedanes More than 1 year ago
Would you sacrifice your happiness for the one you loved to save his or her life? Stacey Rourke’s third book Sacrifice says it all.   When Celeste fights a demon she gets the surprise of her life she finds out Caleb is tied to the demons who in fact are Titans.   Caleb's life is in peril and Celeste must make a decision that could change her life forever. There is a way to save him but can she do it and will Caleb let her? Make him human again or not, risk his death at her hand or another's or lose him forever.  It’s a choice only Celeste can make it. And she must follow her heart.   The author has a way of pulling you in and captivating you without you even realizing it.  The character dynamics are well worked out and you will be rooting for good to triumph over evil. Once again surprises jump out at every turn so if you think something may happen think again.  And FYI can I say I love the Dark Army Glee Club and I think you will too.  Get ready to cry have a box of tissues ready and sit back and become ensconced in this book, I promise you won’t put it down till the last page.
amy-mccool More than 1 year ago
This book is like a roller coaster you will love it ,then hate it ,then love it again. cant wait to see the next. she definitely has a character she has to make up the only reason you will hate the book in places is, you will fall in love with the characters in the book.
hopewchange More than 1 year ago
Wow!Wow!Wow! Three wow’s for the third book in Ms. Rourke’s series. The family, starring the gryphon battles evil, with more wit and even better banter. This is definitely the darkest of the series and extremely fast paced, making it hard to put down and even more difficult when you get to the end. Without ruining the story, my heart pours out with the characters as they suffer the demands of living dual lives, dealing with love, family, and the pressures of being the chosen ones to fight evil. As they continue to develop in their journey, Ms. Rourke develops in her writing making this what will hopefully someday become a classic trilogy. AB – 4/18/2013
Albinomex More than 1 year ago
Get ready to laugh until it hurts!! I <3 this series! Stacey has brought the awesome once again! I've really enjoyed this whole series, but this book had me laughing until I cried! I love how she mixes so much action with comedy & just a tad of drama. The Gryphon Series is a very refreshing read! If you have not read it yet....Go...Now...Order them all. You won't regret it! ;) I think this has to be one of my favorite scenes of this book: "Has anyone ever told you that you're cute when you're angry? Like a rabid teacup poodle." I balled up my fist, ready to go all 'rabid poodle' on the other side of his smug face.
ClaireTaylor More than 1 year ago
Stacey Rourke Sacrifice Book 3 in The Gryphon Series I just can’t get enough of this series, though this is by far the most emotional! Be prepared to laugh and cry as Celeste, Gabe and Kendall all prepare for the big day – Alaina and Gabe’s wedding. As expected, demon attacks center around the wedding, and they are all pushed to their limits to ensure things go without a hitch. On top of everything, Kendall was in charge of organising the bachelorette party, and the stripper turns out to be so much more than just entertainment. Celeste appears to have finally managed a balance between her life and her calling, with Caleb being the main reason for this. I may be in love with Rowan, and would happily disappear out to see with the pirate - it’s one of those love hate relationships though, I don’t always agree with what he does. Obviously the Countess isn’t going to let two gorgeous demons just change sides, and Titans start attacking cities. Only problem is one is connected to Caleb, and if the Titan dies, so does Caleb. Can Celeste put her calling before her relationship? This is one of those series that you never want to end. I’m sure I would never get bored of the sibling rivalry and bickering, endless demon fights and their friendships / relationships. The characters have a life of their own, and the reader is transported right into the center of their world, becoming part of it. I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book from the author to give an honest review. I wish I could give this book more stars as it deserves it. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN where do I even start with this AAAAAAMMMMMAZING book? The beginning, the middle, the end? It was all written so perfectly that I found myself falling yet once again with all the characters, and falling in love with the story line. Sacrifice will have you in its clutch from the very beginning and want you wanting more till the very end. There is more action, love, heartache, betrayal, surprises at every turn. I found myself mad at Celeste for the choice she made but at the end it became clear and I figured hey I can't be mad at her look at all she has gone through and she is still standing strong. Any other person could not handle what she has handled. You will fall in love with Rowan and then turn around and hate him for what he will do to Celeste. There is even a WEDDING in Sacrifice! Yes I said it a wedding between who well you just have to read the story to find out. Now that Alaina is no longer Celeste's spirit guide her and Gabe and get a bit cozy. But now Celeste has a gnome for a spirit guide and she is not very fond of them. Will Celeste make the ultimate sacrifice for her beloved? As she battles more and more demons and even Titans! The fight scenes were well written and I loved the detail she put into them. If you have not read these series! I highly recommend you buy the books and get on the Gryphon train
Books4Tomorrow More than 1 year ago
Oh heck, I’m just gonna say it. Forget Rowan and Caleb. My all-time favorite characters are Grams and the dark army Glee Club. Yes, of course I like the Garrett siblings too and I’m definitely on team Rowan (he did save the happy couple’s day, after all), but the nerdy demons and Celeste’s grandmother is a laugh a minute…and I love books that make me laugh! In “Sacrifice”, it is no-holds-barred action all the way, but more focus is placed on Celeste’s relationship with both Caleb and Rowan who we met in the previous book, “Embrace”.  I’m not big on overly emotional drama and romance – which for some reason always seems to go hand-in-hand in YA books - but the author cleverly worked her signature humor into scenes which called for the dramatics and thus brought a lighthearted edge to the story to keep it fun. Oh, and did I mention this book has a wicked playlist? Yep, a few memorable scenes accompanied by music ranging from Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger down to Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Reason, sets the mood in all the right places. The real cherry on the cake for me, though, was the stripper scene and Alaina’s mortification. It was hilarious!  If you’ve been following the series, be prepared for a ton of unexpected twists and a betrayal or two in Sacrifice. This third book in the Gryphon series does not disappoint, and apart from ending on yet another choice Celeste has to make, one which has me dying to read book four, it has everything the first two books had that made it into the amazing, butt-kicking series it is. Okay, maybe the dark army could’ve had a little more of the spotlight, but nonetheless, this was an enjoyable read! 
Derinda More than 1 year ago
Let me start off by saying this series is flipping amazing!!!  Knees shaking, balled fists, heart racing, brain cramping. OMW. Stacey Rourke out done herself once again. She has added a few more characters, that are just as great! Writing was terrific! Now there's a wedding they have to get through without chaos. Who's wedding? Nope I am not telling you!  We have things flipping from everything angle. First you fall in love with one, totally enthralled  with him and ready to see where the futures goes and than BAM! Engaging more in the story things  change and in comes another Yummy! So pressing further my anger lightens and I am gradually letting myself fall for this new person. No sooner than I am starting to be a little more accepting BAM!!!! Stacey Rourke does it to me again.  Celeste is back, but is one bold powerhouse character. Afraid of nothing. Gabe is wonderful,lovely and a great protector. Awww our little Keni. I will not be able to explain the emotional roller coaster you will be on with her. Grams, wonderful, witty and full of life as ever. Mom, has been brought into this  book. She is freaking lovely!!!! Remember what I said about Rowan, having a big role in this book. Well Wam Bam thank you mam!!! Rowan + book = big role! Let me introduce you to Office Python, who is he you  ask? Read this series and find out! As also, this book is full of laughter once again. This book will have you feeling all kinds of emotions. Last night after my kindle died, I was so emotional I had to log on to Facebook. Thank you to Jennifer, for telling me everything will be fine *Laughing to myself*  I want to share this for sure! Everyone might want to jump over and check out the Anchor Group. I have read several books, from several different Authors, I truly think they might be on to something fantastic! 
Bex_n_Books More than 1 year ago
Stacey Rourke's Sacrifice is an exceptionally good read with so many strengths that are far too numerous to list. The characters in Stacey Rourke's third installment of her amazing YA fantasy series The Gryphon, continue to grow and develop in ways that constantly kept me on my toes and had me second and third guessing. The plot development, teamed with the numerous twists, provided a fast-paced read that made it virtually impossible not to read it in just one sitting. There was always a superb level of action and opportunities for Stacey Rourke's signature wit and sarcasm that she voices so successfully through her characters, especially through the main protagonist Celeste. Sacrifice, I can write with confidence, is most definitely a 5 star read, although it's not my favourite in the series to date. My heart still lies with Embrace. However, Sacrifice is the first in The Gryphon Series that has successfully made me cry. I would like to say they were tender tears, but alas no. Rather think in the realm of the Angel episode 'I Will Remember You' (sorry for non Buffy & Angel lovers). Yes, true violent sobs and unsightly runny nose! The Gryphon Series is still in my top five of all time favourite YA fantasy reads right up there with Phillip Pullman's Northern Lights and Garth Nix's Old Kingdom Trilogy, yet of course the series carries a wonderful uniqueness of its very own. Disclosure: This book was received for free from the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review. I will be purchasing a copy too!
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
Review 6****** I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. This is the third book in the Gryphon Series. I absolutely LOVED it! Celeste Garrett has come to terms with being The Conduit of the Gryphon. She is a fantastic character, and a true leader. In this book she also has to make some huge decisions that impact her life, and of those close to her. However, there's a wedding to prepare for, not to mention demons to defeat! When I received this book, I knew I was in for a wild ride. However, I was totally unprepared, and devastated, by what was to come! Celeste's sacrifice left me in tears! However, her bravery in doing the right thing has increased my admiration of her. This book is not all doom and gloom though! There are some fantastic lighthearted moments that had me giggling. I especially loved the scene with Celeste, Kendall, Grams and the jello shots - although things get pretty hairy after that! There is a lot of action scenes in this book, and a plot twist or two that caught me completely by surprise! I got to meet the Dark Army Glee Club again, which made me smile. I don't know why, considering they are working for the Countess. *shrugs shoulders* Maybe it's because they seem innocuous and not evil. However, that could be a guise. I'll just have to wait and see. I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series, after that cliffhanger of an ending!  Stacey Rourke has written another fast paced novel, which I struggled to put down! I love her writing style. Her characters come alive with wit, charm and sarcasm. I am pleased to call her one of my favourite authors. I highly recommend this book (and series) if you are looking for a fantastic YA romance novel with a difference. - Lynn Worton
csloat More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of Stacey Rourke's writing and she really shows her talent in book 3 of this series. Of course Celeste is her quirky self as always but we also see another side of her, grief. I loved how things flowed in this book and how we see Celeste grow and show off her talents. I love all the characters in this book especially Grams! I want to stake my claim to Caleb right here and now. He's who I want Celeste to be with and I will never change my mind. But Miss Rourke blew my mind with the huge twist in this story!!! I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series and I will devour that one like I did this. I applaud her talents as a writer and can see her growth as her characters grow! She never fails to make me laugh loudly at all of the things Celeste must go through! There is also a special wedding that made me swoon my heart out! Great job Miss Rourke
InterpretergalMW More than 1 year ago
Oh My Gryphon! I can not put into words how great this book is!Celeste and Caleb (:D) are in love, Gabe & Alaina are in love, Kendall and... well not so much, but you have to read Sidekick Chronicles for that one! Many things go wrong, to say the least and Rowan is left to comfort Celeste... which is wierd if you know how Rowan is... A wedding brings on all sorts of demons, brainwashing is used a little too spairingly, and someone comes back evil as all get out! All this is a formula for success! I love how Stacey takes her humor and sassyness and brings it to the next level. Keep 'em coming! Love <3 LOVE this book! Sacrifice by Stacey Rourke (Gryphon Series #3)