Saddle Fit Simplified: Saddle Evaluation Guide and Equine Bodywork Instructions

Saddle Fit Simplified: Saddle Evaluation Guide and Equine Bodywork Instructions

by Rebecca Cook


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Saddle Fit Simplified is a concise resource that demystifies saddle fit ... it gives you the underlying body anatomy, the principles of saddle placement, and a summary of the science of saddle fit. This updated 2nd edition includes step-by-step instructions to measure your current saddle and how-to measure your horse. Then you simply combine the two sets of measurements to see how close your saddle matches your horse. Finally, I've included a section on three equine bodywork massage exercises to use with your horse. This will help you remove lingering body soreness in your horse from past saddle fitting problems .... problems that can be buried in your horse and show up even when you have a good fitting saddle.

Why invest in a book on saddle fit and equine bodywork?

Because you want to know the answers to questions that you haven't gotten solutions to yet. Answers to ...
• Why your horse moves away when you bring the saddle out
• Why he nips, stomps or swishes his tail when you girth up
• Why your horse has mild lameness, stumbles, bucks, or spooks easily
• Why your horse has trouble bending in turns
• Why he's holding his head high and hollowing his back when you are riding

Saddle Fit Simplified will teach you how to become a detective and discover where those behaviors are coming from, because they can all be signs of body pain from saddle fitting problems.

Whether you are in the market to buy a saddle or are wondering about your current saddle, this book offers simple and detailed step-by-step instructions to help you evaluate saddles, it gives you a guide to measure horses and saddles for saddle fit, and it outlines three short and effective bodywork routines designed to release tension caused by saddles and hard riding.

Some people think a book of this price should be an encyclopedia ... but you already own those and they are mostly unread and gathering dust on a shelf somewhere; in other words, they aren't quick or simple. Consider the cost of horse training, equine supplements, or vet lameness bills ... before you judge the size of Saddle Fit Simplified, get out in the barn and use it and you will notice positive change in your horse over time!

This book may be small but it is an ACTIONABLE powerhouse! And when you apply the easy-to-understand information within Saddle Fit Simplified, you are not only investing in your horse's health and well-being, you are saving money in the long run by being proactive. But the best part is you reap the rich reward of a happy and satisfying partnership with your horse.

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