Sadie's Highlander: A Highland Protector Novel

Sadie's Highlander: A Highland Protector Novel

by Maeve Greyson

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The Highland Protector series brings to life four mouthwatering Celtic brothers in twenty-first-century North Carolina—where the lasses are anything but tamed.

Highland warrior Alec MacDara and his brothers traveled forward in time to protect the sacred Heartstone. Their cover? Owners and operators of a theme park called Highland Life and Legends. As the chairman, Alec has been fending off requests to film at the breathtaking property. It’s only because of the charming correspondence from an enterprising production assistant that he agrees to a meeting at all. That’s when Alec meets a woman whose lush curves make him forget, for the first time, all about tenth-century Scotland.

A lowly assistant for her sister’s motion picture company, wannabe screenwriter Sadie Williams is shocked when Alec agrees to let them film at the park upon one condition: that she report to him daily. Sadie’s sister always told her that their parents only adopted her because they felt sorry for the ugly little stray. But Alec looks at Sadie like she’s the most tempting creature in the world. And with his gleaming, musclebound body stripped down to nothing but a hip-hugging kilt and boots, Alec clearly knows a little something about temptation.

Praise for Sadie’s Highlander

“Readers will delight in the fiery passion that ignites between characters and they will relate to the varying degrees of family dynamics. The author beautifully meshes the past with the present. . . . An awesome read, Sadie’s Highlander can easily be read in one sitting and will stay in the minds of readers long after the last page.”RT Book Reviews

“With scintillating sex and plenty of romantic angst, this novel is likely to appeal to those who like their romance on the hot side.”Publishers Weekly

Sadie’s Highlander is an engaging, fun romp that combines a very serious ninth-century Scottish Highlander and a sassy twenty-first-century wannabe Hollywood screenwriter. I highly recommend this thoroughly enjoyable and perfect beach read.”—Sharon Cullen, USA Today bestselling author of The Reluctant Duchess

“Lovable heroine, hunky Scot and an intriguing plot! What’s not to love!”—Bestselling author Barbara Longley

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ISBN-13: 9780399594830
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/12/2017
Series: Highland Protectors , #1
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 24,560
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them. That’s Maeve Greyson’s mantra. When she’s not working at the steel mill, Greyson’s writing romances about sexy Highlanders and the women who tame them. Tucked away in a five-acre wood, Maeve listens to the wind singing through the trees and hears her characters telling their stories. Her work is proofed by her sharp-eyed dog, Jasper, and her greatest supporter is her long-suffering husband of more than thirty-five years who’s learned not to throw away any odd sticky notes filled with strange phrases.

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Alec forced his eyes open, immediately regretting the decision when the action triggered a thunderous pounding inside his skull. Squinting against the unusually bright beams of sunlight filtering down through the trees, he struggled to focus on the unfamiliar surroundings.

Where the hell am I? Did the horde kill us? What in the name of all things holy had happened? He scrubbed the heels of his hands against his temples, doing his best to realign his addled senses. And then it hit him—by the goddesses—the Heartstone!

Panic surged through him, forcing him to his feet. He staggered sideways, grappling to steady himself against the solid trunk of a massive oak. An oak. This must be a sacred place. He squinted at the unknown surroundings. Máthair . . . Athair . . . brothers . . . the precious stone. What had happened to his family? What had happened to the stone? The weapons?

A brilliant light descended through the canopy of trees, shining into the center of the peaceful glade and hovering just above the ground like a star gently lowered from the sky. “We have brought ye—our faithful servants and protectors of the stone—to a place where ye will be much safer. More at peace. We grew tired of the repeated attacks. There is no need for such violence.”

The orb of light echoed as though three females spoke in unison—each of their melodic voices perfectly pitched to enhance and complement one another. “And fear not—we’ll not be leavin’ ye here without proper guidance. We’ve chosen a fine advisor t’see ye well settled and ensure that ye thrive and guide our other druids of this time. Ye’ll find several druid clans are here, already well established, and at the ready to help ye.” Quiet laughter rippled through the glade like the tinkling of delicate bells. “You—our most blessed line of druids—must not die away. Ye must lead the others once ye’ve learned this place. Prosper here. Multiply. Keep our stone safe for eternities t’come.”

A shocking awareness jolted through him as though his senses had finally decided to kick in. Holy mothers of all. ’Tis the goddesses themselves. Alec dropped to his knees, bowing his head and bringing one arm up across his face. “My goddesses.”

“Aye . . . our brave one. Ye’ve pleased us well—as have yer brothers and yer parents.” The blazing star undulated with a myriad of sparkling colors, growing brighter and then dimming a bit with each word the goddesses spoke. “Yer family is well, resting in the meadow just past the edge of this wood. They sleep upon the land we have chosen to gift to ye.”

“Land?” Alec kept his head bowed. They didna need more land. They needed a new keep with thicker walls that could withstand the enemy’s battering rams. Alec quickly shuttered the thought away and bowed his head lower. One didna question the goddesses and their ways. Those who did sometimes paid dearly for the expressing of their druthers.

“Explain it to him, Dwyn. ’Tis best that young Alec hear how it shall be from his new advisor.”

Alec stole a glance up from behind his arm. Who the hell is Dwyn?

A slight form, more like a flickering shadow and silhouetted against the blinding light of the goddesses’ star, approached him.

A deep, rumbling chuckle—a full, hearty sound that in no way looked as though it could come from the slight figure walking toward him—echoed through the clearing. The laughing silhouette bounced closer—still out of focus against the brilliance of the goddesses’ light.

“I am Dwyn MacKay. Yer neach-teagaisg. The teacher who shall guide ye through the wonders of this new place. I am guardian and tutor to all the druids here. I shall see to it that the MacDara clan does well and continues their legacy to the goddesses and humanity as the protectors of the Heartstone—the sacred stone of hope and love itself.”

“And this place is?” Alec asked, still squinting against the blinding light.

“Twenty-first-century North Carolina. Welcome to the future, m’lad.”

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Sadie's Highlander: A Highland Protector Novel 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alec, the alpha leader of the druid clan MacDara; responsible for the blessed Heartstone. He practically falls for Sadie, sight unseen through her emails. Sadie is a lamb, ruled by her sadistic sister, who's eye is on the alpha! Alec has a clan to lead and Hearthstone to protect. Sadie has been abused by her sister so long, she has no sense of self worth. Is their union doomed to fail? Interesting first in a series of Highland Celtic brothers in the 21st century! Enjoyed Alec, his family (especially his mom, Sarinda, and sister Esme), Dwyn, Ms. Lydia and Ms. Martha. Sadie was okay; though understandably not a strong character. Questions still to be answered in coming series. Would like to have a book forthcoming for Esme and Dwyn. Enjoyed the read. 3 1/2 stars Voluntarily read ARC, thru Netgalley and publisher for honest review.
Mirabelle8 More than 1 year ago
*Reviewed for Books & Benches Let yourself be swept away into the Highlands! If you love time travel romance with a touch of magic and enchantment, then I recommend SADIE’S HIGHLANDER by Maeve Greyson! If you are in the mood for a fun read with a happy ending, then this Scottish love story will leave you charmed. Ms. Greyson nicely blended her two charming characters, Alec MacDara and Sadie Williams, into a well-developed and very well-written intrigue. I have to say that this author is one of those Highlander romance writers who knows how to really spin an adventure and capture your interest from start to finish. I’m already hooked to her new Highlander Protector series. I simply can’t resist stories with magic, time travel, and romance, all blended into a beautiful love story. Centuries ago, the goddesses were the sole protectors of a precious stone called the Hearstone. These goddesses planned the MacDara family’s future by making them the protectors of the precious and blessed stone, an ancient relic filled with unexplainable energy that made every mortal life worth living. As time passed, the knowledge of this gift slowly faded, until one day in Scotland, Alec MacDara, his father, mother, his three brothers, and younger sister, time traveled from 10th-century Scotland to the 21st-century North Carolina. The goddesses gave the four brothers divine powers to protect the stone: Alec, a sword, Ross a shield, Grant, a hammer, and finally to Ramsay, a spear. In this first adventure,we meet Alec, a brave warrior with a heart of gold, and Sadie, a modern day headstrong woman. All her life, Sadie's family, especially her sister Delia, had treated her like someone beneath them. Now Sadie lacks confidence in herself, but as a future screenwriter, she’ll need all the help she can get if she wants to succeed. I really loved the chemistry between these Alec and Sadie. Spending so much time together will bring those two beautiful souls so close that Alec, the charming highlander, will become irresistible for Sadie. What will happen next? Well, that’s when the all the fun began! Ms. Greyson is one of my favorite writer of Highlander adventures, so Alec and Sadie’s story was so much fun to read. It was fast paced and romantic with some scenes filled with Ms. Greyson’s unique sense of humor! I can’t wait to read her second book, Joanna’s Highlander. Which highlander will it be next time . . . Ross, Grant, or Ramsay? Amazing debut for the new Highland Protector series! Thank you Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept and Netgalley for sending me an eARC of Sadie’s Highlander.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed Alec and Sadie's story! I don't normally read romances set in modern times, but I do love a good time travel. What interested me about this one, was that is was the male lead that had traveled through time. Most time travel books that I have read have a modern woman traveling back through time. I loved Sadie!! She had gone through so much in her life, but was willing to do whatever was needed to make her dreams come true. My heart broke for her every time she talked about what her adopted family had put her through. I thought that Alec was the perfect lead! Even though he was in modern times, he had not lost the chivalry that he had been taught as a young man and defended Sadie every time someone treated her poorly. I so glad that I decided to pick up this book and I'm excited to read the rest of the series to see Alec's siblings find their HEA!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read it in oneday, couldnt put the book down. Enjoyed every word. Can wait for the second book
Crystal61 More than 1 year ago
This is a great beginning to a new series. I loved the fact that it is a time travel into the future, rather than the past. Alec has been learning how to live in the modern world along with the rest of his family. Sparks fly from the beginning between Alec and Sadie. The story and the world held my interest so that I did not want to put the book down, though real life made sure I did. Alec is an honest person, and I loved him. Sadie's journey to be a stronger person had me crying at times, feeling her self-doubt and lack of confidence. I highly recommend this book, and I look forward to the next installment. I received a copy of this book through Netgalley, and this is my unsolicited review.
Sam1219 More than 1 year ago
I am voluntarily submitting my review after receiving an ARC of the ebook via NetGalley. I am a sucker for Highland romance novels with hot, hunky alpha warriors in kilts, and this one had a promising start with a creative spin on the traditional formula. This family of mouthwatering heroes has a valourous cause, but has been transported to modern-day North Carolina to fulfill their destiny. From there, things fall apart a bit. Sadie, our downtrodden heroine, lives underneath the thumb of her sister. With Alec's love and support, she seems to blossom and find some backbone, yet there really is no resolution of her main problem--her sister. And the novel's ending, while heartwarming to be sure, is really just too over the top and sappy for my taste--and that is not something I find myself saying often. Still, the book is an uplifting, quick read good for chasing the blues away. Fans of sweet, sexy Highlander romances might enjoy this novel, even though it wasn't quite my cup of tea. Still, I have read other books by this author that I have really enjoyed, so I plan to continue to try others to see if they are more to my taste. SPOILER A:LERT!!! STOP READING NOW!!! I mean it...Really... OK--I warned you. Here it is... These are the main reasons I didn't enjoy this novel as much as others by the author. Delia is able to dupe everyone far too easily for belief. How can one devious human pull the wool over the eyes of an immortal druid, a family of time travelling druids and her sister who already doesn't trust her? All Sadie would have had to do was speak up and say she thought her sister was up to something. Surely there would have been enough staff members at Highland Life and Legends that someone could have been left behind to watch Delia and her film crew, even if Sadie hadn't spoken up given that no one trusted her! Given the extraordinary measures the MacDaras went to in protecting the Heartstone and the sacred weapons and the number of times they talk about how little they trust Delia, it is simply too hard to believe that no one would have been keeping an eye on Delia. And after the explosion, for a woman as smart and cynical and unsure of her own worth as Sadie is, there is just no way she wouldn't figure out Alec's ruse long before the book's final scene. Really? An entire suite filled with her favorite type of lily even though it is out of season? Strawberries and cream in the refrigerator after the unforgettable first sex scene in the book? The same champagne she shared with Alec? Sadie already had her suspicions about the entire thing being a scam, so all of that, combined with the letterhead using the same symbols she saw on the Heartstone should have let her figure it all out in the hotel suite, if not sooner. In addition, after all the harm she causes, Delia never really gets the karma coming to her. She is allowed to simply fade away with no more than a punch to the nose, while Sadie works for weeks cleaning house and washing dishes. This element of the plot feels unresolved. With some minor reworking to these elements of the story, I would give this book a much higher rating. Because I read an uncorrected proof of this novel and other novels by the same author that I have read have been better, I am likely to read the next book planned for the series despite my low rating of this novel.
KindleLady More than 1 year ago
Sadie was adopted into a very emotionally cold family at an early age. Her parents and sister Delia, never let her forget that she was different and inferior to them. Unfortunately, Sadie's finances are in the control of Delia, who makes Sadie work for her as an assistant in her movie production company. Delia is vain, cruel and dishonest, but Sadie is not. Alec and his family are from a special Clan that was sent from the past into the future so they could protect the Heartstone, a gift from the goddesses. They own a Highland themed park, where Delia wants to film her next movie. Sadie, as Production Assistant, has been in contact by email trying to get permission to film on the site, and these emails have come to the attention of Alec, who is taken with the person he sees behind the emails. The sisters meet with Alec and his family and a deal is worked out, but one of the conditions is Sadie must stay and spend time with Alec. This book gets very hot, very fast as both Sadie and Alec are very attracted to each other and act on it. Then when Delia is Delia and nearly causes a disaster, Alec must work very hard to convince Sadie that she is a desirable choice. I received an ARC for my honest opinion.
jdh2690 More than 1 year ago
Sadie and Alec…sigh, a swoon-worthy Highlander time-travel romance! It was different from the other Highlander romances I’ve read by this author as it wasn’t as humorous…it dealt with a tough subject, cruelty by an overbearing family member. Sad to say, I could relate to this and really empathized with Sadie. God bless Alec and his love for Sadie because she needed that in her life. It was truly a wonderful love story, full of hope and promise. And I was thrilled that the cruel family member got a well-deserved come-uppance!
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Good start to a new series. Alec and his brothers have been sent forward in time to protect the Heartstone. Sadie works for her sister’s motion picture company and was able to talk Alec into filming at his theme park. This read is filled with plenty of drama and suspense. Alec and Sadie are fun characters with plenty of steam. A good read, looking forward to more in this series.
BookloverUT More than 1 year ago
Alec MacDara, a Highland warrior, and his family have traveled forward in time to protect the sacred Heartstone. They now live in North Carolina and run a theme park called Highland Life and Legends. A production assistant for a motion picture company has been emailing Alec about filming at the theme park. When he meets this girl, he is spellbound and forgets everything but the promise in her eyes. Sadie Williams, a wannabe screenwriter, has always felt like a second-class citizen. Her sister, who owns the motion picture company, has always told her that she was adopted only because her parents felt sorry for her. She was brought up to feel like she was an ugly outcast. But, when she meets Alec, she’s entranced. The one caveat he states for the use of their property is that she spends every day with him. Alec decides that he will somehow get Sadie to believe that she is worth loving, and that he is her future. I loved this time travel romance because it showed that beauty is not just what’s on the outside, but on the inside, in the heart. Sadie reminds me of women I’ve known that felt they were worthless and stuck in no-win situations. It’s always in their dreams to be rescued by a handsome, kind gentleman who will sweep them off their feet. This story was lighthearted and a fast read. I can’t give it more than five stars, but I wish I could. An advanced reading copy was received in exchange for an honest review.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'Sadie's Highlander' by Maeve Greyson is the First Book in The New Series Called "Highland Protector". This is the story of Alec MacDara and Sadie Williams. Alex and his family were brought to the 21 Century about 15 years ago. The MacDara family are the protectors of the Heartstone. The Goddess assigned adviser Dwyn MacKay , guardian and who has helped the MacDara Family adjust to there new Time Travel. Alex and his family have a famous Scottish Theme Park and Delia who is Sadie's sister wants to shoot a Romance Film there. Sadie has been emailing Alex back and forth which has made Alex grow to like her and possible have feeling for her. When Dwyn asked if he has brought this up to the Hearstone, he said that he has and that they 'warmed', which is a good sign. So Even thought Alex doesn't like or trust Delia or her Production company he grants them six weeks if Sadie will be with him every day of that six weeks and that Sadie is to alert him if Delia breaks the contracted rules. Sadie is the adopted sister of Delia and neither her sister nor her parents ever treated her with respect and always made comments on her looks. But Sadie is an honest person just trying to making it in to production writing and such. So when she is asked to do this she is slow to agree but she does seem to be drawn to Alex..but is Sadie the one for Alex? I really enjoyed this book! Alex was a hard working person looking out for his family and the Heartstone never taking time for himself until Sadie came. Loved it!! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
gigiluvsbooks2 More than 1 year ago
Highland warrior Alec MacDara and his brothers traveled forward in time to protect the sacred Heartsone. Their cover? Owners and operators of a theme park called Highland Life and Legends. As the chairman, Alec has been fending off requests to film at the breathtaking property. It’s only because of the charming correspondence from an enterprising production assistant that he agrees to a meeting at all. That’s when Alec meets a woman whose lush curves make him forget, for the first time, all about tenth-century Scotland. A lowly assistant for her sister’s motion picture company, wannabe screenwriter Sadie Williams is shocked when Alec agrees to let them film at the park upon one condition: that she report to him daily. Sadie’s sister always told her that their parents only adopted her because they felt sorry for the ugly little stray. But Alec looks at Sadie like she’s the most tempting creature in the world. And with his gleaming, musclebound body stripped down to nothing but a hip-hugging kilt and boots, Alec clearly knows a little something about temptation. Review: A little historical, contemporary, supernatural, time-traveling and a whole lot of sexy. First in a new series that features brothers who are brought forward in time to protect their line and sacred items. This first book features oldest brother Alec and Sadie. Alec is exactly what you would expect from a Highland warrior; alpha, strong, smart, sexy accented and kilt wearing. Sadie is the adopted, much abused sister of a Hollywood bigwig. Theirs is a romance that starts through correspondence and grows when they are together every day. The romance does not run smoothly because of Sadie's self-esteem and her sister. I am glad she comes to accept herself in the end and let things work out with Alec. There is a little suspense waiting to see what Sadie's sister is up to. I have to admit I was hoping for something a little more sinister or supernatural from the sister. I do really like concept of the story and have enjoyed other stories by this Author. Great start to this series! 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
Jolie More than 1 year ago
Let’s take a minute to drool over the cover of this book. It totally fits with the book. My mental image of Alec is definitely personified by the male model (the braid in his hair is a plus). The female model used for Sadie is dead on with my mental image of her. The cover shows the love Alec has for Sadie and vice versa. Kudos to whoever designed it because they obviously read the book and got a cover that matches the book. Not very often that it happens I really was expecting Sadie’s Highlander to be one of those bodice-ripper romance novels. And in a way, it was. But what I wasn’t expecting was the feels I got from reading the book and the direction that the plot took. It was something that took me by surprise. Sadie had an awful life. She had been abused her entire life by her older sister, Delia and she didn’t feel that she had any worth. It was awful to read how Delia treated Sadie and set the standard for how other people treated her. Sadie was at the bottom of the totem pole, the low woman in the pecking order at her job and in her personal relationship with Delia. It made me so mad to read those scenes because Sadie was so sweet. While I knew why Sadie didn’t want to tell Delia off, all about the money, I really wish that she did sooner….for my peace of mind. Alec was one of the last druid Highlanders who had been magically transported to North Carolina to help protect the Heartstone from those that would use it for evil. He had fallen for Sadie while they were exchanging emails and seeing her in person sealed the deal for him. I liked him because he saw through Delia’s BS and saw the fake, evil person that she was. When Delia did something truly unforgivable (read the book), I really thought (and hoped) that he was going to kill her. Which disappointed me because he didn’t and he had to deal with Sadie’s emotional fallout. Now, I wasn’t a fan of the Instalove but in this book, it actually worked. Which surprised me because I am firmly anti-Instalove. Go figure. The sex scenes were super hot but I am not a fan of sex with food. Alec and Sadie’s first sex scene involved whipped cream (and I had a mental image of the whipped cream bikini from Varsity Blues running through my mind even though they didn’t use it like that) and strawberries. The whipped cream was fine but the strawberries were….interesting. Now they did get eaten but my main line of thought during that sex scene was “What if they get stuck? How would you explain that to the ER Doctor“. I had the same thought with the pecan pie scene….lol. The end had to have been my favorite part of the book. Alec was doing everything and anything to show Sadie that she mattered. I ugly cried the end of the book. I can’t wait to read book 2!! **I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**
carvanz More than 1 year ago
It’s been years since I’ve read a time travel romance and I was so excited to get this one. Alec and his family are in charge of protecting the Heartstone which feeds love and hope into all mankind. When they are in danger of falling under the attack of the enemy, the goddesses send them forward into time. Sadie has never known love. Her life has been filled of insecurities and emotional abuse. Alec finagles her into his life and home having been drawn to her from the first “wee email” he received from her. What follows is a sweet love story as these two grow closer together. When Sadie’s sister does the unthinkable, Sadie takes the blame and Alec must find a way to show her not only what an astonishing woman she is but how much he loves her. This was a steamy story with plenty of humor and great secondary characters. I did feel that the length of time after this couple’s separation was too long and filled with scenes that did not add to the story itself. I enjoyed it and would love to see where this author takes the brothers in future books. ARC provided by NetGalley and Random House Publishing – Loveswept Dual POV Safe No apparent triggers
candy-b More than 1 year ago
Alec Danaan MacDara is the eldest son and one of the protectors of the heartstone. Sadie Williams is the youngest sister and is very sweet and kind. I found myself being drawn into the story from the prologue. The descriptions were wonderful, and I felt as though I was a part of the tale. The characters were so authentic, and real. They were kind and thoughtful but fierce when necessary. Esme is a teenager and acts just like one but is well loved by her family. You could see them all growing and living life to it's absolute fullness. The plot is a little different, but it moved well and was evenly paced and kept your attention. I loved this book, I found it mesmerizing and was delighted to see her sister get at least a touch of what she gave. The author did a great job taking all the parts and making it cohesive and so worth the read.. It does get racy in spots. I received this book from Net Galley and reviewed it voluntarily.
PrincessThuy1 More than 1 year ago
A great new highlander story by Maeve Greyson. Not a lot of time traveling like her previous series but still a wonderful story about Alec, a 10th century Scottish highlander sent into the future to protect the Heartstone with his family. Some years later, he meets Sadie and totally falls for her. The story was entertaining. The romance between Alec and Sadie was sweet and hot. The villain in the story was very hate-able. I totally wanted to bitch slap her. LOL. Sadie had some issues to overcome and it took her a bit too long for my taste to overcome them but with the past she had, it was understandable. But there was a HEA in the end so I was happy with how the story played out. * I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader copy of this book *
sweetpotato101 More than 1 year ago
A Cinderella-esque romance with Scots and time-travel! Sadie’s Highlander is book one in Maeve Greyson’s Highland Protector series. Love, laughter and magic makes this a must-read! Sadie Williams has big dreams of making a name for herself in screen-writing. It’s the reason she lets herself be her sister’s lackey. Her new role? Being her sister’s assistant as they shoot a highlander movie. That changes when she meets brawny highlander, Alec MacDara, and he requests Sadie be his on-set assistant for six weeks. He’s not willing to let Sadie be on the sidelines. But there’s a lot more to the MacDaras than meets the eye. The world-building in this book is fantastic. The MacDaras are the chosen ones to protect the Heartstone—a stone that makes life worth living and keeps love and hope in the world. They are thrown into the modern times in wooded North Carolina where they run a Highland Life and Legends business. Things get complicated when a modern-day insecure vixen takes center stage. Sadie is an absolute treasure as heroine! She’s adopted, has insecurities about her curves, but she is determined to do whatever it takes to become a screen writer. However, she's subjected to the whims of her evil sister to make that happen. This part felt very Cinderella-esque to me. I love a good twist on a fairy tale. Meeting Alec wreaks further havoc as Sadie is pulled in different directions. Alec is a deliciously refreshing character. What you see is what you get, and I love how he isn’t afraid of putting himself out there. A few scenes felt a little clichéd, but I will say there’s a food scene…hot tamales, guys! *insert flames here* My main complaint was that the Heartstone/time travel storyline doesn’t play as big of a part. The family has been settled in North Carolina for 15 years, and I so love seeing a transplanted hero or heroine as they first go about discovering their new world. I'm left wondering what will happen next and if something bigger is afoot. Sadie’s Highlander is a refreshing and fun time-travel story that will pull at your heartstrings. Prepare to fall in love with this world. 4 stars!
book_junkee More than 1 year ago
I really liked the premise of this and I'm a sucker for the start of a new series. I liked Sadie and Alec. They're both passionate and stubborn and genuinely nice people. Their banter was amusing and the family dynamic was a lot of fun. I especially loved all of the older women putting then men in their places. Sadie's sister was a real hag and I wish we would have seen more of her demise. Plot wise, it seemed like a lot of tell and not show. The thread about the druids and the heartstone didn't feel fleshed out. More often than not, Sadie and Alec tumble into bed instead of talking and I'm still not entirely sold on their chemistry. However, there were some sweet moments and a few hero/saving scenes and those were the things that kept me reading. Overall, it was a quick and cute read. I would have liked an epilogue or an extra chapter at the end as it all felt fairly rushed. I am interested in the next book, but it will depend on who it features. **Huge thanks to Loveswept for providing the arc free of charge**