Safe Liposuction and Fat Transfer

Safe Liposuction and Fat Transfer



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ISBN-13: 9780824708528
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 02/05/2003
Series: Basic and Clinical Dermatology Series , #24
Pages: 600
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

History and development of tumescent liposuction, Rhoda S. Narins. Introduction to tumescent liposuction: initiating the practice of liposuction, Timothy Corcoran Flynn; the surgical suite for the liposuction surgeon, Gary D. Monheit; tumescent anesthaesia, Carolyn I. Jacob and Michael S. Kaminer. Preoperative considerations: liposuction - consultation and preoperative considerations, Kimberly J. Butterwick; computer imaging, Min-Wei Christine Lee and Roy C. Grekin; photography for liposuction surgery, David J. Narins. Tumescent liposuction surgery - an anatomical approach: abdomen, hourglass abdomen, flanks, and modified abdominoplasty, Rhoda S. Narins; violin - hips, outer thighs, and buttocks, Susan Ellen Cox; liposuction of the medial thigh, knee, calf, and ankle, Kimberly J. Butterwick; liposuction of the arms and back, Lisa M. Donofrio; surgical approaches to the ageing neck, Carolyn I. Jacob and Michael S. Kaminer; gynecomastia-dynamic technique, Michael Bermant; weekend alternative to the face lift, William R. Cook, Jr and Kim K. Cook. New surgical techniques: ultrasonic liposuction, Rhoda S. Narins; new techniques - powered liposuction, Bruce E. Katz and William P. Coleman III. Surgical tips and pearls: assessing the results and liposuction tips, Patrick J. Lillis and Rhoda S. Narins. Liposuction beyond tumescent technique: megaliposculpture and therapeutic megaliposculpture, Pierre F. Fournier. postoperative care, complications, and touch-ups: immediate and long-term postoperative care and touch-ups, Naomi Lawrence and Kimberly J. Butterwick; liposuction complications, Jean-Francois Tremblay, David A. Wrone, Ronald L. Moy, and Brian Shafa. Safety and risk management: safety of liposuction, C. William Hanke; managing adverse events - a medicolegal perspective, Abel Torres; handling the dissatisfied or difficult patient, Paul Jarrod Frank. advanced repair of liposuction defects: fat transfer microliposuction and liposuction for advanced repair of liposuction defects, Rhoda S. Narins; liposhifting instead of lipofilling - treatment of postliposuction irregularities, Ziya Saylan. Fat transfer techniques: structural lipoaugmentation, Sydney R. Coleman; syringe fat grafting, Pierre F. Fournier; syringe techniques used to obtain autolipocollagen. Pierre F. Fournier; periorbital lipoaugmentation, Lisa M. Donofrio; reduction syringe liposculpting, Pierre F. Fournier; facial volume restoration with the fat autograft muscle injection technique - preliminary experience with a new technique, Kimberly J. Butterwick and Edward B. Lack. (Part Contents).

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