Sail Away Ladies: Stories of Cape Cod Women in the Age of Sail

Sail Away Ladies: Stories of Cape Cod Women in the Age of Sail

by Jim Coogan

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Sail Away Ladies: Stories of Cape Cod Women in the Age of Sail by Jim Coogan

Sail Away Ladies is the story of seafaring women who accompanied their sea captain husbands on ocean voyages in the nineteenth century. While featuring women of Cape Cod, the topic has universal application to coastal communities from Maine to Long Island. Whether aboard whaling ships, ordinary merchantmen or great clipper ships, the life of a "sister sailor" was filled with adventure. While most maritime histories celebrate the lives of men at sea, Sail Away Ladies uncovers what is generally not well known to the general reader -- the fact that women were there as well. Literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of women went to sea in the age of sail and they experienced all of the challenges that men did. From shipwrecks, storms, pirates and long periods of isolation and boredom, women also lived through child birth at sea and the delicate and often frustrating role of being one of one in a masculine world. Often that world was suspicious of the captain's wife. Should she be too visible in the social pyramid that governed the ship's daily activities, the superstitious crew would often take out their anger and frustrations on her, characterizing their ship as a "hen frigate." Seagoing women became surrogate mothers to young crewmembers who had never been away from home. They acted as nurses and missionaries to an often reluctant crew. They taught their children, who were often aboard and attempted to bring some level of civility to men who were set in their ways. Theirs was an experience that is often ignored by maritime historians. Sail Away Ladies completes the story of life at sea under sail by telling their tale.

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