Sailing in Circles, Goin' Somewhere: Not Your Typical Boat Story

Sailing in Circles, Goin' Somewhere: Not Your Typical Boat Story

by Finley Martin


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Not all dreams have happy endings. Sailing in Circles, Goin' Somewhere is the funny, bittersweet memoir of a Prince Edward Island man who, over seven years, builds a classic 1930s wooden sailboat and, in 2004, attempts to circumnavigate eastern North America. The author leaves a small fishing port on the Island and tracks along the rugged coast, up the St. Lawrence River, and through the Great Lakes. Alone, he encounters heavy fog, near-collisions with freighters, mechanical breakdowns, enormous seas, several brushes with disaster, and even a hostile reception at one French-speaking port. He meets odd and curious people. It all comes to an inglorious and mundane end when the author and his boat, the Arja D., are stuck in, of all places, Peoria, Illinois. Was it worth it? Maybe.

Written by Finley Martin, a respected Island fiction writer, this finely crafted and humorous book will appeal to adventurers, sailors, and lovers of a good yarn.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781771086332
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Publication date: 05/10/2018
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Finley Martin's education includes a B.A, M.A. (English) and a B.Ed., as well as Master's Certificate for forty-ton vessels. For two years he was public relations director for International Correspondence Schools and its subsidiaries. He had taught writing courses at the University of Prince Edward Island. His publishing credits include poetry and short stories. He wrote one history book: A View From the Bridge (1984). He edited and contributed to a literary anthology called New Atlantic Writing (1975). He penned feature stories for US and Canadian magazines and wrote and narrated five broadcast journalism pieces for CBC-Radio. He wrote two novels, The Reluctant Detective (2011) and the award-winning The Dead Letter (2015).

Table of Contents

Part 1

1 Dream Maker 3

2 Lights, Camera, Action 10

3 Cameo 25

4 Gremlins in River City 38

5 In Your Face 44

6 Where Are the Stunt Men? 54

7 Call for Rewrite 66

8 Bubbles in a Think Tank 73

Part 2

9 The Remake 85

10 Another Cameo 95

11 Troubled Waters 101

12 Toward Bread and Circuses 113

13 Do Not Pass Go 127

14 Friend or Foe 139

15 Lock and Load 157

16 Technicolor Trails 177

Part 3

17 Trippin' through Americana 201

18 Chi-town and the Big Barge Blockade 222

19 The Great Rising Up of Gremlins 244

20 The Banana Peel Schtick 261

21 Lights Dim, Fade To Credits 276

Arja D. Boat Log 281

Acknowledgements 285

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