Sailing to Utopia

Sailing to Utopia

Hardcover(1 HARDCOVR)

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You are a psion. You are the future of humanity, and to save Earth from doom, you must bend the laws of nature to your whim. You Are the Weapon, the first science-fiction release for Trinity, pits psion against Aberrant and psion against psion on the face of 22nd-century Earth and in the cold depths of space. You Are the Weapon, a collection of stories by award-winning science-fiction authors, newcomers and the game's creators, reveals secrets about the Trinity Universe told nowhere else.

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ISBN-13: 9781565041837
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 06/09/1997
Edition description: 1 HARDCOVR
Pages: 534
Product dimensions: 6.26(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.80(d)

About the Author

Born in London in 1939, Michael Moorcock is a prolific and award-winning writer with more than 80 works of fiction and non-fiction to his name. He is best known for his novels about the character Elric of Melniboné, a seminal influence on the fantasy genre in the 1960s and ’70s. In 2008, the London Times named Moorcock in their list of "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945."

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aethercowboy on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Sailing to Utopia is the eighth volume of the Eternal Champion omnibus. Michael Moorcock brings us four stories, all dealing in some way with a sailing to a utopia.The first story sends Konrad Arflane on a journey to New York aboard an ice schooner, that is, a boat that skis across the ice that covers the planet. His hope is to find the Ice Mother, and to ask her why things are getting warmer.The second story sends Mr. Ryan through deep space. He is the only one awake among his family and friends, and he must pilot the ship from the overcrowded Earth to a new world. He grapples with his sanity while he chats with his only friend: the ship's computer.In the third story, Jerry Cornelius and his wife and friend, are on a reconnaissance mission to seek out new habitable worlds. The world they find, though, is already inhabited by an all-too-human race in a constant battle between the technocrats and the luddites. Oh, and one of the ship's party members goes crazy.The fourth and final tale is a short story sending Max von Bek ten years into the future to get a grasp on the state of affairs and bring that knowledge back to the present. Unfortunately, his time machine only seems capable of traveling forward unto the end of time.This is a nice collection of some of Moorcock's sci-fi tales. It is not as heavy with the Multiverse aspect as some of the books, but is united by the theme of travelers seeking a place (or time) of Utopian ideals.This is definitely recommended for any fan of Moorcock, as well as fans of early sci-fi.