Sailing toward Destiny: A Bonners' Fairy Novel

Sailing toward Destiny: A Bonners' Fairy Novel

by Elizabeth A. Patterson


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Haley and Henry Miles-teenage twins gifted with special fairy powers-are about to embark on another mission. As they set sail into unfamiliar waters, they have one goal: bring back the head of Medusa, the only weapon believed to be able to defeat an evil being threatening to rule the human world. Once their mission is accomplished, Haley and Prince Valian will be able to marry. But Haley, who has been plagued by bad dreams since the ship left port, fears the worst.

As the ship docks in Medusa's world, Haley learns that it is her destiny to fight Medusa to the death. Driven by her newfound purpose, Haley shuns her fear and, without knowing if Medusa is alive or dead, heads with her crew to find the monster's sanctuary. But when they finally confront an angry Medusa, Haley soon realizes that the battle for their cherished prize will be more challenging than she ever imagined-and that her beloved Valian has a powerful gift that even he did not know he had.

In the ever-changing magical land of fairies, Haley, Henry, and their entire crew are about to discover that evil is never conquered as easily as one hopes.

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ISBN-13: 9781475973242
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/30/2013
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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Sailing Toward Destiny

A Bonners Fairy Novel
By Elizabeth A. Patterson

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2013 Elizabeth A. Patterson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-7324-2

Chapter One

Ahoy Mates!

Queen Lilia sat in her tent on the shores of the eastern sea. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she watched her son, Prince Valian, and her daughter, Princess Sersha, board the ship bound for unfamiliar waters.

Lilia was queen of the enchanted city of Roan in a land called Wisen. It was a world hidden from human eyes, not only because Lilia was a fairy, but also because the land of Wisen was rich with precious metals and gems with powers humans couldn't begin to handle. They were stones that could corrupt the hearts of men.

Haley and Henry Miles were fifteen year old twins when they first discovered that land of adventure and mysterious creatures through a portal only Haley could see, thanks to a very special necklace she discovered hidden in an empty coffin, buried in an underground chamber at the estate where she lived in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

Their parents, Paul, and Carol, purchased the estate over a year ago and since that day the twin's lives had changed dramatically. The estate had begun as a simple cabin built by Zebulan Bonner and his young wife Sarah nearly two hundred years earlier. They were happy raising their two young daughters, Susan and Rosie.

One autumn day the little girls chased a rabbit to the banks of the Kootenai River and climbed aboard their father's ferryboat. Sarah's intuition warned her that her daughters were in danger. The Kootenai flashed through her mind and she rushed to the river as the ferry floated down stream. She jumped in to rescue them, but all three were swept away in the frigid water.

Zebulan never found his family. He mourned his loss, buried three empty coffins, and disappeared, never to be seen again.

Bonners Ferry locals believed the Bonner homestead was cursed. People began disappearing over the years and there were mysterious deaths. The homestead sat vacant for many years until it was purchased by out-of-towners. The property was improved upon by each owner and over time, it became a grand estate, hidden by stone walls two stories high, but for some reason, people never lived there for long.

Every year during the Bonners Ferry autumn festival, the sound of mournful wailing could be heard echoing through the valley. Townsfolk blamed the Bonner property for that too. Most recently, Paul Miles purchased the estate for a song and, in doing so, set his children on a path into the unknown.

* * *

Lilia watched the crew on board as they scurried about, putting things in order, getting ready to set sail.

Wisen and its way of life was in great peril by an evil presence; Molock the Merciless was bent on the destruction of the fairies and a desire to rule and control, most of all to penetrate the human side. Molock was a being that only a few had ever seen, and most of those that had seen it, either perished or had gone mad. The evil had always been there, a thorn in the side of the peaceful and loving fairies.

The gallant crew devised a plan to search for the only weapon that could possibly destroy that presence; the head of Medusa. "All ashore that's going ashore!" Prince Valian called over the light rain that had been falling for weeks.

Fairies that were not going along began to disembark and the thick ropes securing the vessel were untied. Haley and Henry Miles were among the passengers on this historic voyage and they hurriedly said goodbye to their parents on shore.

The Miles housekeeper, Estelle, a witch from the old world, was there with her sister who the twins called Broom Hilda. Hilda lived in the outskirts of Roan and befriended the twins the first time they visited the land.

Then there was Ike Seers Sr. and his wife Judy on board, also from the human side. They were also residents from Bonners Ferry and lived just across the Kootenai River from the Miles family.

Ike Sr. was just a teenager when he accidently discovered the fairy world. He was a poor, lonely boy who became corrupted with greed for the unlimited supply of gems in the fairy world; worthless to the fairies, but a fortune for any human. He was banished from re-entering the land of Wisen by the fairies and spent years searching for a way back.

Haley and Henry took an instant dislike to the Seers family when they first met, but as time passed, events took place that changed Ike Sr. and Judy completely; from rich stuck up snobs to caring and loving people.

With a heavy yet somehow elated heart, Haley climbed aboard with her brother. The crew lowered the white sails and the ship moved slowly out to sea.

The twins waved goodbye as the crowd and their parents waved back, their cheering fading in the distance. Haley watched the eastern shore get smaller and smaller until the ship was finally swallowed up in the fog.

She sighed and looked at Henry. "Well, this is it. There's no turning back now."

"Don't worry, Haley, this is gonna work."

"I pray you're right."

Prince Valian came up behind Haley and wrapped his strong arms around her.

"Are you all right, my sweet?" he asked.

Haley sighed again as she looked back, "Just anxious."

"It'll be fine," he comforted her. "We will find Medusa's head and destroy Molock, and then we will finally have our engagement gala and be married."

She turned around and looked up at her handsome prince. His pale blue eyes seemed to reassure her. Valian was a powerful fairy, lean with bulging muscles and a head full of wavy golden hair just past his shoulders, but it was his dimples that won her over. The first time they met in an old pub in the outskirts that first night she and Henry came looking for Princess Sersha, she fell head over heels for him. It was love at first sight.

She gazed over at Henry. It was just recently she discovered Princess Sersha had feelings for her twin brother and vice versa. Henry, who had never shown the slightest interest in girls, became ensnared by Sersha's beauty and strength.

All three couples stood together quietly, taking it all in; the sea spray against the ship, the cold wind on their faces, the smell of sea salt and the silence. It was a new experience for everyone. None of them had ever sailed before. They were excited at the prospect of an adventure, but also nervous about what lie ahead.

Molock had oppressed the fairies since the great rift tore the human world and the fairy world apart, trapping Molock on the fairy side. For centuries it was believed Molock was a spiritual being with powers beyond comprehension and it had taken over an entire realm. Nothing survived there. The realm was desolate and lifeless, filled with swamps and bogs and dead forests that stood like leafless skeletons against the constant gloom.

Bubbling pools of black, stinking muck littered its realm and jagged black rock stuck out of the ground everywhere. Obsidian was a powerful black stone with an unnatural ability to control. It was an evil influence on anyone that wore it against their heart. Molock used the stone and had somehow fashioned pendants for its servants. For what seemed an eternity, Molock dwelt in the Cimmerian realm in a cave of a dead mountain. It used its servants to capture and torture for its pleasure and had recruited one of the fairies to carry out its dastardly deeds.

Her name was Violet, a beautiful blonde with cold violet eyes who had once been a nursemaid for Prince Valian after he was injured in battle. She had greedy eyes for the prince and his power and stature and longed to become part of the royal family. She went so far as to use a witch's love potion to trick him into falling for her, but her attempt backfired, her beauty faded and she sprouted tentacles from her forehead for a time. Somehow she was inducted into Molock's circle and it sent her on a special mission; to kidnap a human and hold him hostage. Its only ransom demand was to be told the location of the gateway to the human side, a gateway that had been shrouded, hidden by the fairies and forgotten in time. No one knew where the gateway was any more.

The fairies were given until the new moon to disclose its location otherwise the human would be killed. That human was Ike Seers Jr. Ike Sr. and Judy were desperate to save their son and didn't hesitate to join the crew.

Also on board, much to Haley's dismay was Prince Sorcerer, Maximillion and his right hand woman, Tilly. Queen Lilia had insisted the witches get involved as allies in the quest to rid the fairy world from Molock's powerful grip.

Maximillion had been a thorn in Haley's side as he had taken an interest in her romantically, even going as far as fighting Valian for her affection. He had a dark and mysterious aurora that had been difficult for Haley to resist, for he was a very handsome man, well practiced in the art of seduction, but in the end Haley broke through his attempts to possess her and stuck by her true love, Prince Valian.

Even though the two princes's struck a truce and seemed to have forgotten about their rivalry, Haley still didn't trust Maximillion and his being aboard ship made her leery of his real intentions.

It would take weeks to reach their destination and she hoped upon hope they hadn't made a mistake allowing him and his crew to come along.

* * *

They came out of the fog thirty minutes later with nothing ahead of them but blue water.

Valian took the helm while Haley sat at the front of the ship. There was contentment about the prince, standing at the wheel, staring out at the sea.

The view ahead took Haley's breath away. The waves sparkled like billions of shining diamonds. She looked over at Valian. He wore a grin as he watched her, he read her so well.

The sound of sea gulls drew her eyes to the sky.

"Ahoy!" called Lonato, one of the guardians sitting in the crow's nest. He was pointing ahead toward the right.

Haley looked and saw their first island, covered in palm trees with sandy white beaches, littered with old, petrified logs and covered in sea shells. She wanted so much to go exploring.

She glanced at Henry and Sersha leaning over the side of the ship to get a better look. Henry had a wild, excited expression on his face and he looked over at her and grinned. She knew he also longed to get on the island. She and her brother were like two peas in a pod.

Haley spotted a tree full of what she was sure were parrots, big, beautiful birds in dazzling bright colors of red, blue and green. She watched in awe as they passed by.

Henry began to whistle and startled them. They spread their wings and took flight over the trees. Haley's heart was light and she began to feel the stress melt away. "It's going to be all right," she thought to herself.

Maximillion and Tilly came up the steps from below. They both looked relaxed and confident. Though Haley had doubts about their intentions, she couldn't help but think maybe she was wrong as Maximillion joined Valian at the wheel. They looked comfortable with each other as they talked quietly.

Tilly walked over and stood next to Haley. Her long, black hair blew gently in the cool breeze. She smiled and breathed deeply. "I've always loved the sea," she stated looking ahead.

Haley had never been this close to Tilly before. Her emerald green eyes shone brightly and she looked right at home. Clearly she was older than Haley, but she didn't look it. Her face was soft and supple, without wrinkle. Haley couldn't resist asking, "How old are you?"

"Two thousand twenty-one," Tilly replied without hesitation.

"Well you don't look it."

"Thank you," Tilly answered looking at her with a pleased expression. "I wish I was your age again. I used to be beautiful and full of vigor, now I don't have the energy I used to."

"Are you kidding me?" Haley exclaimed, "You're gorgeous!"

Tilly looked at her in surprise. "Do you really think so?"

"Yes! What is it with you and Sersha? Neither of you act like you have a clue."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you are two of the most beautiful women I've ever met, but it seems you are really lacking in self esteem."

"How do you get that?"

Haley sighed. "All right, this is going to be a long voyage so we'll work on it. All of us females are gonna be so confident and irresistible, by the time we get to where we are going, you'll have all the males on board eating out of your hand."

Tilly smiled, her cheeks turning red. "I only want one eating out of my hand, but he doesn't give me the time of day except to run his errands."

Haley about fell over with surprise. "You mean Max ...!" she began loudly.

"Shh," Tilly interrupted.

"You mean Maximillion?" Haley whispered her hand over her mouth ready to giggle with delight at this news.

Tilly nodded. "It was great in the beginning, I was just happy to be near him, but it didn't take long for me to realize it was all business with him. He was such a young sorcerer; just starting out. I could see his education meant a lot to him. He would spend days locked up in a room studying and didn't have time for romance, so I have just admired and longed for him from afar ever since."

Haley's eyes were wide and merry. She couldn't believe her ears. Then she began thinking about Maximillion's advances toward her and suddenly she felt sad and mad all at the same time. She looked at Tilly with determination.

"Don't worry, Tilly, my dear," she said putting her arm around her shoulder, "he'll notice you when I'm through with you. You'll knock his princely socks right off his feet."

Tilly looked at her with anxious anticipation and hope in her eyes. "When can we start?"

"There's no time like the present," Haley winked. "Come on, let's go get the girls; we've got work to do."

They walked past Valian and Maximillion, grinning like a couple of school girls.

"What are you two grinning at?" Valian asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, nothing," Haley replied tossing her hair back in a flirt.

They descended the stairs into the belly of the ship laughing at the looks on the guys' faces.

Tilly looked at Haley curiously. "How did you do that?" she asked.

"Do what?"

"Get their attention in that way?"

Haley rolled her eyes and smiled. "Honey, you've got a lot to learn about flirting and body language. Meet me in the Captain's cabin. I'll be right there."

She walked into the galley where Henry, Sersha, Ike Sr., and Judy were sitting along with half the crew of guardians and witches.

"Can I borrow Judy and Sersha for awhile?" she asked. "Come on girls, do I have news for you." She steered them away from the group and quickly filled them in on Tilly's plight and her ideas.

Judy was all excited, being the debutant she was, marrying a rich man and coming from a wealthy family, she knew all about fashion and make-up, hair styles and the like.

The three walked through the large den and burst into the Captain's quarters, totally keyed up. They gathered around Tilly examining her eyes, lifting her long black hair, imagining how it would look curled or in a ponytail or braided perhaps.

Tilly sat and listened to their ideas and comments a tad overwhelmed at all the attention.

The girls unpacked their bags and spilled the contents out onto one of the beds and rummaged through the collection of lipsticks, rouge and perfumes.

Haley drew in a quick breath and grabbed the gown her mother bought at one of the shops in Roan. A huge smile came over her face as she held it up to Tilly.

"It's definitely you."

Tilly's eyes were bright. "It is beautiful," she commented and reached over to feel the material.

"You've got to be tired of wearing black all the time," said Haley. "The red will really bring out the beautiful shine and highlights in your hair."

"And a little red lipstick will tie it all together," Judy added.

"Why don't you try it on?" Haley suggested. "While she's doing that let's think of a hair style."

Tilly went into a small changing room next to the bathroom as the three began a debate on what would look best.

"I think it should be curled," said Sersha.

"Oh, but she would look so elegant with her hair up," Haley interjected.

"Why don't we try them both and let Tilly choose the one she likes?" Judy compromised.

"Oh my ..." Sersha gasped as she looked at the changing room door.

The others turned to look.

Haley's mouth dropped open.

Judy began to clap excitedly.

"Tilly, you look absolutely fabulous! Look at that figure," Haley uttered.

"Now that is what I'd definitely call a woman," Sersha added.

Tilly stood before them a vision. She was rather embarrassed being out of her black robes, yet Haley could see the delight in her eyes at their compliments. The gown was exquisite on her.


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Ahoy Mates!....................1
Chapter 2 The Dream....................15
Chapter 3 Castaway....................30
Chapter 4 The Lair of Medusa....................48
Chapter 5 An Agonizing Choice....................60
Chapter 6 Love in the Air....................73
Chapter 7 Decisions, Decisions....................85
Chapter 8 Hail to the King!....................104
Chapter 9 All Rise....................123
Chapter 10 New Recruits....................148
Chapter 11 Setting the Stage....................169
Chapter 12 Wedding Bells....................194

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