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Saint Germaine: Tales of an Immortal by Gary Reed, Guy Davis, Vince Locke, James Lyle

A compelling saga of a man who lives forever, Saint Germaine is creator and writer Gary Reed's insightful journey that sweeps through the ages of historical and mythological views. Germaine pulls the memories of those about to die and binds them into his own. He is a man who can claim immortality.yet has died a thousand deaths.
In this graphic novel, following the introductory volume of Saint Germaine: Shadows Fall, Reed is joined by some noteworthy artists in providing stand alone stories that explore more of the legendary figure of Reed's imagination in Saint Germaine. In The Man in the Iron Mask , Reed is joined by artists Guy Davis and Andy Bennett as Germaine ventures into the dungeons to confront the un-named prisoner who was forced to conceal his identity for life. The secret of what lay behind the iron mask is revealed. Bennett joins up with Sandman artist, Vincent Locke in an exploration of evil though history and Reed gives his spin on the mysterious and avenging figure known as Kilroy. Giovanni Casanova, the world's greatest lover was so much more than just his amorous affairs. Reed teams up with James E. Lyle as Germaine and Casanova reflect back on their life together. Tom Biondolillio and Larry Shuput team up as Germaine looks up an old friend and finds that she has turned her back on eternity and instead is mired in the communion of the ancient Sioux ritual, the Ghost Dance. Even if you haven't read the initial storyline, the graphic novel does a great job of bringing readers in to the story without missing any skipping a beat.

Saint Germaine is history and the metaphysical blended into one, a cosmos of its own legend and fact woven into the fabric of a new reality. Eclectic, dense with meaning, and by no means a quick or easy read, the comic takes its pleasure in not explaining the alpha and omega of its main character. The result is a character we do not completely understand with a history we cannot penetrate---in short, the most intriguing immortal in comics since Neil Gaiman's Hob Gadling. Those willing to do more than just flip through a story will find much gold to mine here. If you want a comic book that will entertain you, there are plenty of them out there. If you want a comic that will entertain you and make you think, pick up Saint Germaine. --BARRY LYGA, DIAMOND COMICS DISTRIBUTORS

In this great graphic novel, you will see the friendship that the legendary Count Saint Germaine had with another legend, that of Giovanni Casanova! Gary goes through a lot of research to make this fictional story fall within the foundation of truth about both of these colorful characters. So, besides getting an entertaining story, you also get a history lesson!! You will learn about the courtesans, who manipulated the king and his consorts, like Casanova. There is an intriguing web that will lead you to the Illuminati, the Vatican, the Spanish Inquisition, the Man in the Iron Mask and more!! Saint Germaine is a churning thriller, electrifying, fast paced, compelling and a gripping page turner! Gary Reed builds suspense to almost unbearable extremes, the kind of mysterious noir setting that readers will love! --PAUL DALE ROBERTS, JAZMA ONLINE

Whoa. Who would've expected literature in comics? Neil Gaiman does it, but most of the time attempts by others sound over indulgent or pretentious. Saint Germaine doesn't. It works and it works well. Better than well, this is one absorbing and fantastic story. It is literate and entertaining at the same time. It has elements of horror mixed in with philosophy and yet somehow it all blends together into one great package. The story is one of the most engaging I've ever read in comics and the art is top notch. This is more than a winner, Saint Germaine is a stunning example of the power of the medium. It should be exalted. --JOHN L. KRUZE, COMIC REVIEW

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780941613071
Publisher: Caliber Comics
Publication date: 03/01/2008
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.38(d)
Age Range: 14 Years

About the Author

Gary Reed balances his time between writing and teaching Biology courses at colleges in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. As a writer, Gary is best known for his insightful and diverse stories in graphic novel format including such acclaimed titles as Baker Street, Renfield, Red Diaries, and Saint Germaine. Utilizing a sensibility structured around literary and historical figures, Gary is known for providing thought provoking stories that avoid the typical skim of sequential novels. His popular tale of a supernatural holocaust, Deadworld, is one of the longest running independent comics and is signed to be a major motion picture. In addition to graphic novels, Gary has also written screenplays, young adult novels, role playing and video games, and is currently working on two novels. In his early career, Gary was the founder and publisher of Caliber Press, one of the seminal publishers of the 1990's. Caliber helped to launch the careers of dozens on today's top creators. Gary's writing and publishing have been nominated and awarded numerous industry awards. Gary was also Vice President of McFarlane Toys, a company that revolutionized the industry. As an adjunct professor, Gary teaches a variety of Biology classes including General Biology, Evolution, Anatomy and Physiology, etc. Gary was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and still remains in the area with his wife, Jennifer. They have four daughters: Stephanie, Jessica, Alison, and Erica.

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