The Sales Manager's Success Manual

The Sales Manager's Success Manual

by Wayne M. Thomas
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The Sales Manager's Success Manual

Today’s sales managers face a tough challenge. They must be more productive than ever while relying more on partners and technology with reduced resources in the field. And with fewer, larger customers, every decision becomes more important—and riskier. The Sales Manager’s Success Manual provides the critical information sales managers need to succeed in this increasingly difficult job.

Covering fundamental sales management topics including compensation, forecasting, and motivation, along with more advanced topics such as dealing with internal politics, understanding generational issues, managing up, and developing intuition, the book shows readers how to:

• hire the best sales force

• foresee potential surprises

• help reps make better decisions

• save time and resources

• target accurately for better results

• work with the CEO and the rest of the company

Packed with savvy advice, enlightening case studies, and no-nonsense know-how, The Sales Manager’s Success Manual is a one-of-a-kind book no sales manager should be without.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780814480502
Publisher: AMACOM
Publication date: 09/26/2007
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents


Preface ix

Acknowledgments xii


Chapter 1 Going to Market: Leadership

and Responsibility 3

“The Ultimately Accountable Job…” 4

It Takes a Leader—and Sometimes a Lucky Break 4

Realities 5

Going to Market 6

The Path of Least Resistance 12

Chapter 2 The Sales Force 15

How to Assess Your New Team 16

Sales Channel Sizing and Company Profitability 21

In Pursuit of Rewards: Chocolate, Sex, and Money 24

Chapter 3 Sales Environment 29

Type 1 or Type 2 Situations 30

Why Good Salespeople Make Bad Decisions 34

Chapter 4 Sales Control and Policies 45

Sales Controls 45

The “Art” of Forecasting 48

Thin-Slicing, a Productivity Tool 54

How a Super Salesman Avoided Common Decision Traps 63

Chapter 5 Channels 67

Role of Partners 68

Alliances Can Position You 69

Thin-Slicing in a Sales Channel 69

The 80/20 Rule 73

Chapter 6 Product/Market Match 75

Role of Sales 75

Unwrinkling Southern California 77

Chapter 7 Competition 83

Learning from the Fosbury Flop 83

History Repeats Competitive Ebbs and Flows 87

Chapter 8 The Customer 93

Loyalty Costs More Now 94

How to Avoid Being the Designated Loser 95

Chapter 9 The Market 103

Sales Is Only the Messenger 103

The Great Market Shift in 100 CE 105


Chapter 10 Facts-in-the-Future™ 111

Consider the Odds, Charlie Brown 111

Predictable Surprises 111

Change Accelerates 113

Anticipating the Future 114

Chapter 11 The Truth About Statistics, or Why You

Need a BS (Bad Statistics) Filter 117

A Short History of Bad Numbers 118

Champagne Secret 120

The Illusory Link 121

Chapter 12 The Gullibility Factor 127

“How Gullible Are We?” 128

What Are Best Practices? 129

Dotcom Euphoria 131

Caution: No Silver Bullets for Sales! 132

IBM’s Success Environment 132

Examine the Evidence 133

Application to a Forecasting Gap 134

Exponential Sales Growth 135

Additional Insights 136

Chapter 13 Intuition 141

Intuition Is Experience, Not Magic 142

Experience in Action 143

Intuition Is Mainstream 143

Improve Your Intuition 146

“Rounds” for Team Intuition 146

CSI: Seeing the Invisible 147

Intuition Is Knowing What Will Happen 148

Test Your Intuition 148

Chapter 14 How Much Information Is Enough? 151

Spam Slicing 152

Information: Less Is Often More 152

A Lesson Learned from Betting on Horses 153

Chapter 15 Mind Games 155

The Availability Heuristic 156

Processing Biases 157

Lonely at the Top 158

A CEO’s Advice 159

Public Stress 159

Drowning by Hanging onto an Anchor 160

You Take It, You Own It 161

Overconfidence 162

Chapter 16 Walk a Mile in the CFO’s Shoes 165

Where Does the CEO Stand? 166

The CFO’s Viewpoint 166

Sales Takes No Action 168

Classic Goof 168

Chapter 17 The Brain of a Sales Manager 171

Brain Science 172

We Have Dog Brains!?! 172

Mr. Spock as Role Model? 173

Mental Imaging 174

As We Thinketh 174

Why Goals Work 175

There Are No Limits 176

Chapter 18 Evolution in Sales Management 179

Making Your Age Work for You 180

CIA Advice for Continuing Career Success 184

Superwoman and Other Dysfunctional Models 184

Chapter 19 The CEO and Sales Force Success 189

Evolved and Unevolved CEOs: Hurd vs. Fiorina at HP 190

Predictability 192

Predictable Failure 193

Chapter 20 Perception Sticks Like Glue 195

Iceberg Perceptions 196

Perceiving the Risks 197

Flexibility and Success 198

Know the Truth 199

Chapter 21 FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 203

Hiring 203

Overconfidence 204

Changing Territories 206

CEO 206

Learning 208

Loss Reviews 209

Earnings and Tenure 210

Decision Making 210

Best Wishes for Success 212

Notes 213

Bibliography 219

Index 221

About the Author 227

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RolfDobelli More than 1 year ago
Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) have shorter tenures - averaging one year - than other corporate executives and that's no surprise. With unflinching candor and formidable insight, Wayne M. Thomas explains that sales managers always walk a tightrope between intoxicating success and crushing failure. Thomas, who has a doctorate in business administration, has written a terrific must-read book for sales managers and executives, and anyone crazy - or ambitious - enough to want the job. Based on his depth of experience, the author offers excellent advice, solutions and sharp psychological insight. Thomas clearly has "been there, done that." If you want to be a sales executive, getAbstract encourages you to turn to him for the lowdown.