Sales Talk: How to Power Up Sales Through Verbal Mastery

Sales Talk: How to Power Up Sales Through Verbal Mastery

by Len Serafino



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ISBN-13: 9781580628518
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 06/01/2003
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.43(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Becoming an Effective Communicator1
First, Assess Your Communication Skills1
Read, Read, Read3
Build a Powerful Vocabulary6
Join Toastmasters8
Watch Other People Communicate9
Chapter 2Getting Ready to Tell Your Story13
How Well Do You Know Your Product?13
How Is Your Product Positioned?15
Develop an Organized Presentation16
Brevity (Less Can Be More)19
Tape Your Presentation20
Pre-Call Communication Planning21
Scheduling an Appointment22
Your Place or Mine?25
Chapter 3Your Presentation Tools29
Watch That Tone of Voice30
Speech Rate31
The Refreshing Pause33
How to Use Your Marketing Literature34
Visual Aids36
What's Your Energy Level?40
Chapter 4The Sales Call43
Get There on Time43
That First Moment44
The Business Card Ritual45
The Warm-Up46
Tell Me Something about Your Company47
Features and Benefits50
Asking Questions52
Answering Questions57
Overcoming Objections58
Price Objections63
Asking for the Business68
When the Meeting Is Over70
Follow Through71
Chapter 5Listening73
Your Number One Sales Communication Tool73
Are They Listening to You?75
Chapter 6Nonverbal Communication77
Selling Is More Than Words Alone77
Body Language77
Look Them in the Eye!81
That Personal Touch82
Dress for Success82
Twitches, Quirks, and Fidgets83
Office Surroundings85
Chapter 7Written Communication87
A Few Writing Basics87
When to Write a Letter89
Letters People Will Read91
Responding to a Request for Proposal93
Business Reports94
Literacy Rates96
Chapter 8The Medium Affects the Message99
The Telephone99
Voice Mail103
Cell Phones107
Conference Calls108
Video Conferencing110
The World Wide Web114
Chapter 9A Short Course on Public Speaking117
A Communication Skill You Must Have117
Five Keys to a Winning Performance122
Chapter 10Advanced Sales Communication125
Words Matter125
How Many People Are You Meeting With?127
How to Make an Introduction130
The Art of Storytelling132
Staying in Touch134
A Few Phrases You Can Eliminate from Your Repertoire137
Are You Speaking the Same Language?138
Handling Mistakes140
When the Customer Says No141
When You Must Say No143
Don't Knock the Competition145
When the Customer Steps Out of Line147
Old Tapes149
Cold Calls150
Team Selling152
Making the Most of Trade Shows154
Sales Talk in Your Office162
Selling Technology163
Breaking Bread166
Chapter 11A Few Final Thoughts173
Recommended Reading175
About the Author190

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