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Sales Training Handbook

Sales Training Handbook

by Jeff Magee, Jeffrey L. Magee


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Includes downloadable, customizable handouts

A Time-and-Money Saving Program Designed to Turn Every Sales Manager Into a Skilled Sales Trainer

Experience may be a wonderful teacher...but it is only through ongoing sales training and coaching that most sales professionals will reach their full potential. The Sales Training Handbook filled with interactive exercises, participant handouts, coaching scripts, and more provides the educational and motivational tools you need to conduct performance-based training sessions with your sales force.

Designed to help busy sales managers quickly and easily introduce proven methods to their sales teams, this time-and-money saving coursebook:

  • Covers all major aspects of selling and dealing with customers
  • Focuses on selling skills for basic, intermediate, and advanced level sales professionals
  • Provides sales managers and trainers with an effective, turnkey sales training curriculum

Developing training programs is often a full time job in itself, while hiring outside consultants can be costly, inconvenient, and worst of all ineffective. From beginner techniques through advanced strategies, let The Sales Training Handbook furnish you with the proven training materials you need to train your sales team yourself saving time and money while creating a controlled, effective, self-contained sales training program.

"It is critical that sales professionals and customer service representatives at the front line have the tools of their craft continually sharpened. The Sales Training Handbook allows your sales professionals to compete head-to-head with sales professionals that have had the luxury of attending a structured sales course for weeks and attain greater results. The 52 mini-seminars will give you the format necessary to guide and lead your team to success."
 From the Preface

The Sales Training Handbook contains everything a sales manager or trainer needs to establish a successful, fundamentally sound sales team. Each mini-seminar is a focused, concise, hands-on tutorial on the finer points of sales and selling challenging enough to involve participants without leaving them frustrated or overwhelmed, yet straightforward enough to be completed in just 15-30 minutes.

Getting the commitment and the order ... Dealing with objections ... Cross-selling, up-selling, and even down-selling to better serve the client ... Effectively using technology to complement sales efforts ... The Sales Training Handbook provides 52 ready-to-use, results-based training sessions complete with customizable trainer scripts and participant handouts that can be easily downloaded from the Internet that provide in-depth information and innovative strategies for all major aspects of selling and dealing with customers. Whether you use them to provide a quick training component to a weekly training meeting, or combine selected seminars to create a customized training workshop focused on specific selling skills, the end result will be the same measurable, bottom-line, and immediate sales improvements.

By combining the best of today's innovative sales skills and technologies with strategies proven on the front lines, Jeff Magee has become one of today's most respected, in-demand sales trainers. Use each of the 52 no-nonsense, technique-filled mini-seminars in his results-based The Sales Training Handbook to noticeably improve your skills as a sales trainer and dramatically impact the confidence and success of your sales force.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780071375160
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 05/31/2001
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 8.70(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Jeff Magee, Ph.D., is a popular presenter of keynote and sales training seminars, the author of eight popular sales books and over 200 magazine articles, and the producer of three success oriented audiotape series. A certified management consultant, certified speaking professional, and certified professional direct marketer, Dr. Magee founded the residential training and publishing organization Jeff Magee International and is the publisher of Performance© magazine.

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