Salvation Hoodlums: WSIN News

Salvation Hoodlums: WSIN News

by Bobbie J. Gulley


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With more and more citizens waking up to the truth that the government that they now have has no intent in restoring their common freedoms, more and more loyal citizens are growing restless. Not only is there a bombing of a southern town, there's the willful and secret destruction of an urban subdivision, both committed by government police personnel. With the addition of curfews for selected individuals and communities, a Senator proposes a bill to close the borders of the State of Mississippi. In addition to the increase in the rewards for known collaborators of the government's Most Wanted, there's the capture of one of the most loved member of the Salvation Hoodlums. The government is also hunting for five men that read passages from the outlawed Text and caused a community to stop excessive drinking, beating up their family members and gambling. The five now are accused of inciting riots against the government because of the Text. Teenagers in possession of illegal indoctrinating materials become in involved in a shootout with government police in a city Park. An Apostle of one of the government churches and her congregation has posted a million dollars reward for the capture of three members of the Salvation Hoodlums. This and more are chronicled in the Third book, Salvation Hoodlums: WSIN News, of The Chronicles of the Salvation Hoodlums.

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ISBN-13: 9781507641880
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/27/2015
Pages: 44
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