Sams Teach Yourself Borland C++ Builder 4 in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself Borland C++ Builder 4 in 24 Hours

Multimedia Set(BOOK AND CD-ROM)

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Revised, updated, and packaged in the successful "24 Hours" format, this book teaches what is needed to get programming with C++Builder. The CD-ROM includes a 60-day trial enterprise version of C++Builder 4, allowing readers to use this as a complete starter kit in earning C++.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780672316265
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 03/26/1999
Series: Sams Teach Yourself Series
Edition description: BOOK AND CD-ROM
Pages: 426
Product dimensions: 7.43(w) x 9.22(h) x 0.96(d)

Table of Contents

Hour 1. Getting Started with C++Builder.
Introducing C++Builder. Launching C++Builder. Writing a Simple Program with C++Builder. Building a Win32 Console Application. C++ Language Primer. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 2. Functions, Arrays, and Strings.
Functions. The main() Function. Arrays. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 3. Conditionals, Loops, and Switches.
Controlling Program Flow with if. Controlling Program Flow with Loops. Controlling Program Flow with switch. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 4. Scope, Structures, and Functions in C++.
Scope of Variables in C++. Structures in C++. Functions in C++. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 5. Pointers, References, and Memory Allocation.
Working with Pointers. Using References. Passing Function Parameters by Reference and by Pointer. The new and delete Operators. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 6. C++ Classes and Object-Oriented Programming, Part I.
What's a Class? Anatomy of a Class. Constructors. Destructors. Class Data Members. Class Member Functions. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 7. C++ Classes and Object-Oriented Programming, Part II.
What's this? An Example Using Classes. Inheritance. Virtual Functions. Multiple Inheritance. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 8. Class Frameworks and the Visual Component Model.
Frameworks Fundamentals. The Visual Component Library. C++Builder and VCL. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 9. Exploring the VCL.
VCL String Classes. Using Sets. VCL Classes and Components. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 10. Exploring the C++Builder IDE.
Projects in C++Builder. The C++Builder Main Menu and Toolbar. Using the Component Palette. Creating a Multiple-Form Application. Compiling, Building, and Linking. The Object Inspector. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 11. C++Builder Forms.
Main Window Forms. Dialog Box Forms. Secondary Windows Versus Dialog Boxes. The Multiple Document Interface Model. Key Properties for Forms. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 12. Writing an MDI Application.
The Master Plan. Step 1: Create the Main Window Form. Step 2: Write Code for the File Open and File Save As Menu Items. Step 3: Write Code for the Window Menu. Step 4: Create the MDI Child Form. Step 5: Create the About Box. Step 6: Add a Toolbar. Tying up Loose Ends. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 13. Working With the Form Designer.
Placing Components. The Form Designer Grid. Selecting Components. Moving Components. Ordering, Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Components. Sizing Components. Aligning Components. Setting the Tab Order. Building a Sample Application. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 14. Working With the Menu Designer.
Creating a Main Menu. Adding a Main Menu to the Form. Writing the Code. Running the Program. Pop-Up Menus (Context Menus). Summary. Workshop.

Hour 15. Working With the Visual Component Library (VCL).
Visual and Nonvisual Components. The Name Property. Important Common Properties. Primary Methods of Components. Common Events. TStrings. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 16. Standard Windows Control Components.
Edit Controls. The ListBox and ComboBox Components. Using Button Controls. The Button Component. The BitBtn Component. The SpeedButton Component. Radio Buttons and Check Boxes. The Label Component. The ScrollBar Component. The Panel Component. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 17. Common Dialogs and the Object Repository.
The Common Dialog Boxes. Introduction to the Object Repository. The Copy, Inherit, and Use Buttons. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 18. Adding Functions, Data Members, and Resources.
Adding Functions and Data Members to Code. Using Component Templates. Using Resource Files. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 19. Managing Projects with C++Builder.
Project Groups. The Project Manager Window. Creating and Using Project Groups. Building Projects or Project Groups. Understanding Project Options. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 20. Using The Code Editor.
Basic Editor Operations. Getting Help. Specialized Editor Features. The Code Editor Context Menu. Changing the Editor Options. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 21. Deploying Applications Using Packages.
Defining a Package. Static Linking Versus Dynamic Linking. Static Linking Your Applications. Linking Your Applications Dynamically. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 22. Printing From C++Builder Applications.
The Common Printing Dialog Boxes. Printing the Easy Way. Printing the Hard Way. Printing a Bitmap. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 23. Using the Debugger.
The Debugging Menu Items. Setting and Clearing Breakpoints. Watching Variables. Stepping Through Your Code. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 24. New Features in C++Builder 4.
Dockable IDE Windows. Docking Support for VCL Components. Code Editor Features. Package Manager. New VCL Components. New VCL Properties. Bitmaps for Menus. C++ Language Features. Project Options Enhancements. Summary. Workshop.

Appendix A. Installing C++Builder 4.
Running C++Builder. Registering Your Copy of C++Builder.


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