Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage 2000 in 21 Days

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage 2000 in 21 Days


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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage 2000 in 21 Days by Denise Tyler, Mark Taber

In just 21 days you'll have all the skills you need to design, create, publish, and enhance professional-quality Web sites with Microsoft FrontPage 2000. After completing the first seven days of lessons you'll have a fully functional Web page, complete with images, links, and tables. In the second week of lessons you'll get your fingernails dirty with detailed information on how to enhance your pages with style sheets and eye-catching special effects. And in week three you'll find out how to exploit the full power of FrontPage with forms, custom HTML, and advanced Web technologies.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780672314995
Publisher: Sams
Publication date: 08/09/1999
Series: Sams Teach Yourself Series
Pages: 717
Product dimensions: 7.31(w) x 9.07(h) x 1.71(d)

Table of Contents



Day 1. FrontPage 2000 Basics.
What's New in FrontPage 2000? The FrontPage Interface. The FrontPage Toolbars. Customizing and Creating Toolbars. Previewing Your Pages in Browsers. Configuring Browser Compatibility. Summary. Workshop.

Day 2. Fast-Track to Webs and Pages.
Web Building Basics. The FrontPage Web Templates. The FrontPage Web Wizards. Building Pages the Fast Way. Summary. Workshop.

Day 3. Building Basic Web Pages.
Commonly Used Toolbars. Starting a Web Page from Scratch. Adding Headings to Your Page. Basic Paragraph Types. Inserting Line Breaks. Formatting Your Text. Enhancing Your Page Footer. Inserting and Formatting Horizontal Lines. Inserting the Date and Time. Other Web Page Editing Tips. Summary. Workshop.

Day 4. Using Lists to Organize Information.
Working with Numbered Lists. Working with Bulleted Lists Working with Definition Lists. Using Directory and Menu Lists. Editing Lists. Inserting List Items. Summary. Workshop.

Day 5. Creating and Formatting Tables.
What Makes Up a Table? The Tables Toolbar. Basic Table Parts and Properties. Adding and Formatting Table Captions. Drawing or Adding Tables. More Table Properties. Changing Tables. Other Table Tasks. Deleting Tables and Cells. Summary. Workshop.

Day 6. Adding Images, Sound, and Video.
Images: To Be or Not to Be? Web Page Graphics Formats. Setting General Picture Properties. Setting Image Appearance Properties. Modifying Your Image with FrontPage. Using Auto Thumbnails. Adding Multimedia to Your Page. Summary. Workshop.

Day 7. Adding Links and Bookmarks.
Hyperlinks and Bookmarks Explained. Where You Can Hyperlink. Bookmarks. Using Images as Links. Creating an Imagemap. Changing, Unlinking, and Deleting Hyperlinks. Summary. Workshop.


Day 8. Planning Your Own Web Site.
Creating a Web. Customizing Web Settings. Building Your Web Structure. Adding New or Existing Pages. Opening Existing Pages. Browsing Through Your Web. Summary. Workshop.

Day 9. Changing the Appearance of Your Pages
Dressing Up a Single Page. Adding Themes. Using Multiple Themes in a Web. Notes About Themes. Creating Your Own Themes. Summary. Workshop.

Day 10. Using Style Sheets.
What Are Cascading Style Sheets? How Styles Are Applied. The Style Toolbar. Creating Styles in FrontPage. Modifying Styles. Applying Styles in FrontPage. Using Style Sheets with Your Themes. Summary. Workshop.

Day 11. Designing Navigation Systems.
Navigation Terminology. Using Navigation View. Creating Pages in Navigation View. Using the Navigation Toolbar. Creating a Printout. Deleting Pages from Your Navigation Tree. Using Navigation Bars. Using Shared Borders. Setting Navigation Bar Properties. Modifying a Navigation Bar. Deleting Navigation Bars. Summary. Workshop.

Day 12. Creating and Using Framesets.
Frames Terminology. Reviewing Frameset and Frame Properties. About Target Frames. Other Target Frame Names. Creating the Alternate Content Page. Summary. Workshop.

Day 13. Working with DHTML and Positioning.
DHTML and Positioning Terminology. Adding Page Transitions. The DHTML Effects Toolbar. Animating Text and Images. The Positioning Toolbar. Positioning Text and Images. Layering Text and Images. Summary. Workshop.

Day 14. FrontPage Components.
What Is a FrontPage Component? Using and Reusing Information. Hit Counters. Including Pages Within Pages. Substituting Information—The Substitution Component. Using the Table of Contents. Categorizing a File. Scheduling Information to Be Included. Navigation Bars. Summary. Workshop.


Day 15. Integrating with Office 2000.
Working with Word and Text Files. Working with the Office Web Components. Working with Access. Using Office Macros. Summary. Workshop.

Day 16. Adding Your Own HTML Code.
Why You May Need More Than Just FrontPage 2000. Working in HTML View. Using the HTML Component. Revealing HTML Tags. Floating Frames: An Example of Coding. Summary. Workshop.

Day 17. Adding Advanced Web Technologies.
Adding Advanced Technologies to Your Web Site. Plug-Ins and What They Are. Using Java Applets. Adding ActiveX to Your Pages. Adding Scripts to Your Pages. Using Design Time Controls. Summary. Workshop.

Day 18. Building and Editing Forms.
What Is a Form? Types of Form Fields. Validating Form Fields. Validating Form Fields. Advanced Form Features. Summary. Workshop.

Day 19. Handling Forms with FrontPage Components.
Using FrontPage Form Handlers. Where You Can Store Form Results. Configuring Confirmation Page Options. Choosing the Data to Save. Using Discussion Groups and Discussion Webs. Using the Registration Component. The FrontPage Server Extensions and Components. Summary.

Day 20. Testing and Publishing Your Web.
Hyperlinks. Viewing Hyperlinks. Recalculating Hyperlinks. The Broken Hyperlinks Report. Verifying Hyperlinks. Fixing Component Errors. Fixing Content Errors. Getting Your Web Online. Publicizing Your Web. Summary. Workshop.

Day 21. Tracking and Maintaining Your Webs.
Task Lists. Reports. Checking Pages In and Out of Your Web. Web Maintenance. Adding Security. Summary. Workshop.


Appendix A. HTML 4 Quick Reference.
Appendix B. Cascading Style Sheets Quick Reference.
Appendix C. Installing FrontPage 2000.

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