Sanctuary, Vermont

Sanctuary, Vermont

by Laura Budofsky Wisniewski
Sanctuary, Vermont

Sanctuary, Vermont

by Laura Budofsky Wisniewski


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Selected as the winner of The 2020 Orison Poetry Prize by Katie Ford, Sanctuary, Vermont gives voice to present, past, and future residents of a richly imagined Vermont town. Laura Budofsky Wisniewski joins the lineage of Edgar Lee Masters, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Louise Glück in inhabiting and valorizing the extraordinary inner lives of everyday people. Sanctuary's townspeople endure hardships and loneliness, suffer injustice and racism, but still find moments of solace, beauty, and communion.

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ISBN-13: 9781949039337
Publisher: Orison Books
Publication date: 04/05/2022
Pages: 72
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Laura Budofsky Wisniewski is the author of the chapbook How to Prepare Bear (Redbird Chapbooks, 2019). Her work has appeared in Image, Hunger Mountain, Passager, Poetry International, Ruminate, The American Journal of Poetry, Confrontation, and other journals. She is winner of The 2020 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize, The 2019 Poetry International Prize, and The 2014 Passager Poetry Prize. She lives and writes in a small town in Vermont.

Table of Contents

About Main Street. 450,000,000 B.C.E. 2


Our Year Without Summer. 1816 4

The War of the Rebellion. 1864 5

The Hanging of Daniel Farrow. 1871 6

On my Marriage Prospects. 1888 7

My Murder. Isaac Luhkman, Peddler. 1865-1893 8

Coffee at the Tears & Fears Café. 1919 10

Peonies. 1924 11

The Great Flood. 1927 12

The Forced Sterilization of the-Abenaki People. 1931 13

Mark on a Tree. 1936 14

A Talk by Margaret Beech, Retired Army Nurse 15

For Grades One Through Three, Hawk Hill Schoolhouse. 1952 16

Susan Rowen Comes to Elsewhere Farm. 1966 18

The Veteran's Wife. 1974 19

Bob Brown Recalls. 1982 20

After the Hostile Takeover. 1990 21

On September Eleventh, 2001 22

Margaret Gadreau's Mike. 2007 23

Pond Brook. 2011 24


Dawn. Sanctuary, Vermont 27

Behind the Green Hedge 28

To November Gods 29

Midnight Till Four 30

Amanda Rowe's Dream 31

At the Assisted Living Facility 32

Max's Cure 33

In April 34

ICE 35

Song of the Cash Register Associate 36

M. "Rif" Williams Plays the Tears & Fears Café 37

From a Map of the Region 41

Elle Itoua Dreams 42

At the Assisted Living Facility (2) 43

My Husband Doesn't Talk About the War 44

Splitting Wood. Veterans Day 45

I Imagine You in the Workshop 46

After Watching That Show on DNA and Race 47

After the Divorce 48

Her Story 50

Diary. November 2016 51

What Ramona Knows 52

Ventilator Policy at Plum Lake Clinic. 2020 53

The Difference Between a Year and a Lifetime 54

Our Love is as Old 55

The Tears & Fears Cafe Offers Curbside Pick-up 57

Plum Lake Rural Clinic #10.2061 59

Acknowledgments 61

About the Author 63

About Orison Books 64

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