Sands of Nezza (Adventurers Wanted Series #4)

Sands of Nezza (Adventurers Wanted Series #4)

by M. L. Forman


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A call for help draws wizard Alexander Taylor into an adventure that he knows nothing about. To save a friend, Alex must travel to the land of Nezza, a land where war is part of daily life, where adventurers are imprisoned, and where all magic is believed to be black. Chance brings Alex into contact with young Rallian, a prince who might just be the true king of Nezza, and Alex's desire to do good sets loose a spell that could drive the land into war.

Alex must find a way for Rallian to be crowned king while also bringing peace to the land, but his magic and wizardry alone cannot make peace happen. Join Alex and some familiar friends in their search to unite the land of Nezza in this new adventure that will test their courage to the very core.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781609073299
Publisher: Shadow Mountain Publishing
Publication date: 11/05/2013
Series: Adventurers Wanted Series , #4
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 1,217,082
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.30(d)
Lexile: 810L (what's this?)
Age Range: 10 - 13 Years

About the Author

M. L. Forman was born and raised in Utah and now resides in the foothills of the western Rockies. Besides writing, his many other hobbies include fishing, camping, hiking, and almost anything that will allow him to enjoy the magic of nature.

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Not far from the bottom of the dune, Rallian stood as if he'd been turned into a statue. In front of Rallian was a huge snake, its head raised slightly off the sand. It almost looked like the snake was talking to Rallian, but Alex could see that Rallian was too terrified to speak or even to run away.

"Hold!" Alex yelled, rushing down the dune, his staff held out in front of him.

Alex was concentrating on the snake, but Virgil and the others must have thought he was yelling at them because they stopped at the top of the dune and did not follow.

Half running, half sliding through the sand, Alex prepared to freeze the giant snake if it moved to attack Rallian. The snake turned its head to look at Alex, and at that moment, Alex stumbled in the sand. He tried to get his feet under him, but discovered that there was nothing there. The sand dune had been hollowed out, and as Alex fell into the empty space, he realized it was a trap.

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