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Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress

Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress

by D. Brian Lee
Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress

Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress

by D. Brian Lee


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If you are a singer or voice teacher looking for training options, you will soon discover that there are multitudes of people, products, and ideas out there claiming to be able to help you. How do you sort it out? How can you advocate for yourself in an increasingly crowded and confusing marketplace? How can you determine whether the training you are getting is upping your game?

Sane Singing will help you to: 

  • evaluate voice training options
  • select a qualified teacher
  • build a team to support you
  • measure your own vocal progress  
  • ask better questions 
  • identify priorities in your vocal development
  • take care of your vocal, mental, and physical health

Sane Singing is here to help you apply calm, rational principles to the process of becoming a better singer. The way to your vocal potential is as unique as you are. Now is the time to go deeper into learning more about your path.

Sane Singing includes downloadable content and access to online media files that will help you to track your progress and take control of your vocal education.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999777404
Publisher: Better Baggage Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 202
File size: 615 KB

Table of Contents

The Motive  3
Modi Operandi  4
My Peculiar Path  5
The Two Big Questions  19

Why Bother?  23
Your Team  25
Teacher or Coach?  26
Finding a Qualified Teacher  28
Dealing with a Bad Fit  31
Cults  33
Teacher, Not Therapist  35
Authenticity and Uniqueness  37
Talent Shmalent  40
Corporate Singing  41
Schools  44
Not Schools  47
Roll Your Own?  49
A Degree in Something  51
Video Instruction  54
Distance Learning  55
Trademarked Methods Aplenty  56
How Long?  58

Paradoxes  63
Eclecticism or a Hot Mess?  65
Breathing  67
Support!  70
The Sad Lesson  74
Squabbling Teachers  76
The Black Box  79
Is the Voice an Instrument?  82
New Teacher, New Concepts  84
Melting Mysteries  87
Something to Hang on to  89
Imagery and Mirages  91
Mechanistic Directives: of the Devil?  97
Sensation and Sound  99
Fighting Words  101
Verbs and Bad Teaching  104
You Can't Cover Everybody  106
Health versus Your Sound  107
Voice Science, Academic Religion  108

4. WHERE AM I?  113
Self-Assessment Is Crucial  116
Contents of the SAPS  118
Daily Technical Check-In  123
The Advice of Other Humans  127
Feedback from the Arena  129

Practicing Better  133
A New Voice Every Day  136
When to Cancel  137
Consistency  138
Pre-Performance Performance  140
Age  142
Health  145
Retooling  148
Money  150
Midlife and the Artist's Soul  153
Action > Attitude  156
Big Questions Again  158
Openness  160
Remember Fun?  161
Love Yourself, Love Your Voice  162


Potential in Every Note  170
Lamperti and the Evolution of Appoggio (Support!)  172
Authors Who Pushed Me  181
Downloads  185
Recommended Reading and Media  186

INDEX  189



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