Sanguis City Prequels

Sanguis City Prequels

by Morgan Jane Mitchell


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The Education of Lilanoir Rue is the first story in the Sanguis City Series. Lilanoir Rue, a side effect of The End of the world, has never had a say in her future until now. A rift between two factions of the Human Reservation is growing and she is offered a life with the man she loves. But nothing is ever normal for Lily, even something as simple as love. Used to being called a monster, Lily meets a real one at the worst possible moment but finds out that he isn't the only one she needs to fear.

Lilanoir's world has been turned upside down, again, in My Name is Noir, making her flee to the city that she has been avoiding for six long months, the city of blood. Join Lilanoir on her first day in Sanguis City in the second prequel of this Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy series. Life is certainly different than where she grew up on the Human Reservation. Lily knows that the city is ruled by the Vampires that took over the world but she doesn't know where she fits in, she isn't exactly a vampire. She soon discovers that her fangs are the ticket to the good life. It seems all she has to do is change her name and she can have it all. That is if only Tombs, the University's researcher, would leave her alone.

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ISBN-13: 9781490475981
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Publication date: 07/11/2013
Pages: 130
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