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A Sanskrit Reader: Text and Vocabulary and Notes / Edition 1

A Sanskrit Reader: Text and Vocabulary and Notes / Edition 1

by Charles Lanman
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ISBN-13: 9780674789005
Publisher: Harvard
Publication date: 01/01/1984
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 426
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Charles Lanman was a Professor at Harvard University during the nineteenth century. He was also Honorary Fellow of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, of France, of England, and of Germany and Corresponding Member of the Society of Sciences at Göttingen, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres of the Institute of France.

Table of Contents

Introductory suggestions

Brief list of books for students of Sanskrit


A. From the Maha-bharata

1. The story of Nala and Damayanti

B. From the Hitopadeça

2. Preface and introduction

3. The old tiger and the traveller

4. The deer and the crow, and the jackal

5. The blind vulture, the birdlings, and the cat

6. The ass, the dog, and the thief

7. The lion, the mouse, and the cat

8. The crows and the serpent

9. The lion, the old hare, and the well

10. The birds and the apes

11. The ass in the tiger-skin

12. The elephant, the hares, and the moon

13. The blue jackal

14. The two geese and the tortoise

15. The three fishes

16. The herons, the serpent, and the ichneumons

17. The hermit, and the mouse that was changed to a tiger

18. The heron, the fishes, and the crab

19. The Brahman and his jar

20. The Brahman with the goat, and the three rogues

21. The Brahman and his faithful ichneumon

C. From the Katha-sarit-sagara

22. King Putraka and the seven-league boots

23. Story of Mousey, the thrifty merchant

24. King Çibi, the falcon, and the dove

25. Story of Ahalya

26. The king who didn't know his Sanskrit grammar

27. The pathetic history of the stories

D. From the Manava-dharmaçastra

a. The creation

b. The four ages of the world

c. The Brahman's life, etc.

d. The transmigration of souls

28. Riddle

29. Riddle

E. From the Rigveda

30. Hymn to Agni, the Fire-god

31. Indra slays the dragon

32. To Surya, the Sun-god

33. To Agni

34. Indra and the Maruts

35. To Savitar

36. Indra contests the supremacy of Varuna

37. To Ushas, the Dawn-goddess

38. To Agni

39. Indra and Atri, and the Sun eclipsed by the demon

40. Magic spells to produce sleep

41. To the Maruts or gods of the storm-winds

42. To Varuna

43. To Varuna

44. To Varuna

45. To Indra.—Indra and Namuchi

46. Indra and the Maruts, and Vritra

47. To Agni

48. To the Waters

49. Funeral-hymn

50. Funeral-hymn

51. Funeral-hymn

52. Funeral-hymn

53. The aged priest to the young prince

54. Wedding-stanza

55. The gods install Agni as oblation-bearer

56. Burial and wedding-stanzas

57. The wedding-hymn

58. Exorcism for a sick person

59. To Yama.—Funeral-hymn

60. Burial-stanza

F. From the Maitrayani

61. Hiranya-garbha. The god Ka or Who

62. Legend of Yama and Yami.—The creation of night

63. Legend of the winged mountains

64. The potency of the sacrifice

G. Other Brahmana-pieces

65. Legend of Agni the oblation-bearer, and of the fish

66. Legend of Indra and the Maruts, and Vritra

67. Legend of Indra and the god Ka or Who

68. The two kinds of deities, the gods and the Brahmans

69. Truth, untruth, and silence

70. How the gods got immortality and how Death got his share

71. Legend of Indra and Namuchi

72. Nirukta on RV. i.32.1O, selection xxxii

H. From the Grihya-sutras

73. Wedding-customs and the wedding-service

74. The customs and ritual of cremation and burial



Explanations and abbreviations

List of abbreviations



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