Sarah's Orphans (Plain and Simple Miracles Series #3)

Sarah's Orphans (Plain and Simple Miracles Series #3)

by Vannetta Chapman


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ISBN-13: 9780736956079
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 09/01/2016
Series: Plain and Simple Miracles Series , #3
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 539,507
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Vannetta Chapman writes inspirational fiction full of grace. She has published over one hundred articles in Christian family magazines, receiving more than two dozen awards from Romance Writers of America chapter groups. She discovered her love for the Amish while researching her grandfather’s birthplace of Albion, Pennsylvania. Her novel Falling to Pieces was a 2012 ACFW Carol Award finalist. A Promise for Miriam earned a spot on the June 2012 Christian Retailing Top Ten Fiction list. Chapman was a teacher for 15 years and currently writes full time. She lives in the Texas Hill Country with her husband. For more information, visit her at

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Sarah's Orphans 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
SARAH'S ORPHANS is the third and final book in Ms. Chapman's Plain and Simple Miracles collection but readers do not need to read the first two to enjoy and understand this book. This is a love-comes-softly type book in that the two main characters weren't even attracted to each other, like each other or anything before Sarah became a foster parent to two orphans and Paul moved in next door. A quiet romance, a good one for reading when you need to de-stress and relax before heading off to bed. I liked Sarah, I liked her Mammi, and I felt so badly for her with her parents, but I loved how she fought for her family and the two abandoned children. Paul is a quiet sort, thoughtful, but about ten years older than Sarah, and he is industrious and kind-hearted even if his generosity is not always appreciated by Sarah. If you like Amish romances you will love SARAH'S ORPHANS. I enjoyed this book. It is set in a town in Oklahoma that uses tractors for transportation so it is a little different than most Amish books in that respect. I really enjoyed this series by Ms. Chapman. I was provided a copy free. All opinions are my own.
RobinWillson More than 1 year ago
A book unique yet universal. This is a story about a large and dysfunctional family. They have had little help from their parents, and have learned how to take care of themselves and come together to survive – yet just barely. And yet they are able to add two more small children, alone and abandoned by their own dysfunctional parents. What is universal is that we all need love, and it becomes so very important in our lives. Even when we aren’t looking for it, and can’t possibly take on anything more in our lives, there is always room for love – and we are all made more whole by it. We think that we are independent, but once you realize that you aren’t doing a thing yourself, that God is truly the one in control (and we let Him) things become so much easier. He lifts our burdens and provides. Another important lesson to learn is that one strand can be weak, but when woven together with other strands we have a much stronger thread. The same can be said with love and relationships that God leads us to. This is a wonderful story of love – of a family and its members as well as others in the community. Oh yes, and there’s romance here as well. An enriching and beautiful book you’ll be the better for having read. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Harvest House Publishers and the Netgalley book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”.
JustCommonly More than 1 year ago
I loved every one of the Plain and Simple Miracles books I've read by Vannetta Chapman. This latest one, Sarah's Orphans held a special place. Maybe it's because of the children in the story, maybe it's about the struggling of one family or how a community came together, but it's the difference this specific book touched on that clutched my heart. The message of embracing the difference in each of us, loving it, and how that difference doesn't matter, just the love between. A beautiful message of love beyond any type of borders, physical or whatsoever. As tough topics like depression, abandonment, alcoholism, anorexia and poverty filtered in Sarah's Orphans, the author shared not only what was just a story, but what society still encounters today. Will this inspire you? Will this allow us to open our eyes to those in need? The story of Sarah, her family's financial troubles, her compassion for others, trusting God as the coordinator of her life, yet, still struggling with accepting help by others jumps out at you. The many facets of Sarah and her resilience throughout the story was admirable. My heart ached for those children, and I'm not even Sarah (and yes, I know they're fictional), but they came to life for me in Sarah's Orphans. Even the romance, though it wasn't a strong aspect, was unassuming, yet pleasant. Paul's quiet strength was a pillar of support for Sarah and the kids. Throughout this story, we witness God's way and plan, inspiring and discerning for every character. I love the following quote to end with, which I believe ties in Sarah's Orphans really well. "...Gotte put you all in the right place at the right time, but you chose to do the right thing..." (300) In all, a story that holds and withstands time. Vannetta Chapman sure knows how to write them! This review first appeared in Just Commonly blog. NOTE: I received a complimentary digital ARC of this book from the publisher for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.
beloved569 More than 1 year ago
This was a hard to put down, kept me up reading past my bedtime kind of book. Occasionally I feel a little worn out with the traditional Amish setting of some books. This one left the norm. Quite often it took different turns than I was expecting and never was I disappointing in the direction the story went.
faithsnana More than 1 year ago
This third book in the Plain and Simple Miracles series takes us back to Cody’s Creek, Ok. We visit again with our friends Becca, Joshua, and, of course, Sarah. Sarah Yoder’s life was not easy in Cody’s Creek. Her father was bi-polar and mentally abusive causing her eating disorder. Her mother, depressed. After her father died, things didn’t become any easier. Sarah’s mother mentally slipped farther away until, one day, she physically left Sarah & her brothers. Sarah & her oldest brother Andy took over the role of caring for the family. Not only were they orphans themselves but, when they found Mateo & Mia, two young children abandoned by their mother, living in an old abandoned trailer in the cold of winter they took them in. In Sarah’s Orphans, Vannetta Chapman gives us a page turning story of love, hope, learning to trust others and trusting in God for all things. Disclaimer: I was given this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
Dawncatlady More than 1 year ago
Sarah's family seems to be coming apart at the seams with her father dying, her mother leaving first in spirit then in person and then the threat to the farm. She is tasked with keeping her brothers together and well along with more children found living on an abandoned place. Paul comes into their lives becoming a strength and eventually her love that remains through the trials and storms. This is the third book in the Plain and Simple Miracles series. Enjoyed the family interactions and progression of this well written story. Ebook from Netgalley and publishers with thanks
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book description of this story fits it perfectly! Sarah's Orphans is an Amish story. The main character is Sarah and she is taking care of her younger brothers. She finds 2 abandon children and goes out of her way to welcome them into her home. I give this book 3.5 stars but am rounding it up to 4 stars. This story is good and the writing is strong. There's nothing inappropriate, so a teen could read this story too. I personally lost interest in some of the day to day and cultural things. I found myself skimming some parts. Some parts were interesting and held my attention too, though. I got this book for free from Net galley.
ConR More than 1 year ago
It's no secret that I love Vannetta Chapman's writing. I can be sure if I pick up one of her books, that I am in for an enjoyable story. And the best part is that there is always something encouraging that I can glean from her words, something that sticks with me for a while after I read the book, like the sweet aftertaste of a chewy caramel or juicy apple. Sarah's Orphans seems to me to resonate mercy and grace in a time of great trial. The main character, Sarah Yoder, is left to pick up the pieces of her family's life after the death of her father and abandonment by her mother. Hardly the usual Amish story, yet those strong values are what allows the siblings to move forward together. I was struck in this book by the way forgiveness is able to heal a person's heart, and to allow God's provision to be accepted. I loved this book, and look forward to the next.
ScotsLass More than 1 year ago
Sarah’s Orphans (Plain and Simple Miracles #3) by Vanetta Chapman is a contemporary romance about the importance of family, taking care of orphans, and forgiveness. Sarah Yoder is trying to take care of what’s left of her family following the death of her father and the abandonment of the family by her mother. Her father suffered from mental illness, and had almost gambled their farm away. After his death, Sarah’s mother suffers from depression and suddenly leaves the family to go to Florida. Sarah tries to become the mother to her 4 brothers although it is a difficult task. The 2 oldest brothers find jobs to help with the family also. The Yoder family is portrayed as an Amish family suffering with the same problems as an “English” family. One brother enjoys video games with a friend, not an Amish pastime, Sarah has suffered with an eating disorder in the past and one brother is anxious to leave school. The family is not the stereotypical Amish family. As Sarah struggles to keep her family together, she nearly runs over a small Hispanic boy, Mateo. After a hunt through a deserted barn, she finds Mateo and his sister Mia who have also been deserted by their mother. She feels that Gott has called her to take care of these orphans also. With the help of the Amish community, the Bishop and his wife, Sarah’s paternal Grandmother and her neighbor Paul Byles, she learns what is need to provide for her family, but will she ever have a husband to add to her family? Will the missing mothers return? Will she be able to forgive her own mother for deserting the family when they needed her most? Will Mateo and Mia’s mother return and break the family apart? One of the things I liked about this book was that the family was portrayed as having the same kind of problems that everyday families have. I enjoyed how the whole community came together to help the family and I really enjoyed how well developed the characters were especially the character of Paul Byler and how the storyline unfolded. I look forward to reading the other books in the series and other books written by the author, Vanetta Chapman. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Harvest House Publishers in exchange for a fair and honest review.
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Sarah’s Orphans by Vannetta Chapman is the third book in Plain and Simple Miracles series. Sarah Yoder is twenty-three years old when her father passes away. In a way it is a relief because life was never easy when he was around. Sarah’s father had bi-polar disorder and frequently went off his medications (when he was feeling good). Three months after his death, Sarah’s mother is still withdrawn and spends most of her time in her bedroom. Sarah is busy taking care of the house (cleaning), the laundry, and the cooking for her three brothers. Andy, the oldest boy, does the work around the farm and tries to keep the younger boys (Henry and Isaac) in line (but little boys tend to be dirty and find mischief). Sarah is trying to keep up with the workload when her mother leaves (feels she needs to get away). One day on her way home from town, Sarah sees a young boy run across the road. Sarah stops the buggy to investigate. She finds Mateo and Mia. They have been hiding out since their mother left them in an old trailer several days prior. They had traveled from Texas up to Cody’s Creek. Little Mia is sick and needs care. Sarah bundles the children up and takes them home. Sarah feels called to take care of these two children. What is Sarah willing to do to keep these two children with her? Can she handle the additional burden of two children? Paul Byler came to Cody’s Creek, Oklahoma to help out his brother after his heart attack. Paul has been working in his brother’s general store. Once his brother recovers, Paul decides to stay in the area and finds the perfect farm next to the Yoder’s. It is in bad shape and needs a lot of work, but Paul feels up for the challenge. Paul ends up spending time at the Yoder’s helping them out (and they reciprocate). Paul speaks Spanish which is a big help in communicating with Mateo and Mia. Paul admires Sarah, but he knows now is not the right time for romance (for either of them). But Paul cannot help his developing feelings for Sarah. Is there a chance of future for Paul and Sarah? Sarah’s Orphans was a lovely story. I liked the characters, the town, and the children (especially little Mateo and Mia). It is a very inspirational story. Sarah was overwhelmed with duties, but she was not going to let that stand in her way of taking in Mateo and Mia. She knew God would work out the details. Sarah’s Orphans is well-written, engaging, and had a good pace. I finished the book in just a few hours. The romance is not the dominate part of the novel. It plays out softly in the background. I give Sarah’s Orphans 4.25 out of 5 stars (I liked it). There was a little too much of Sarah thinking and worrying, but otherwise, I truly enjoyed the book. I liked Sarah and her family. They had experienced adversity, but they did not let it keep them down (we could all learn from them). Love, family, friendship, and faith help them overcome the dark times. That God has a plan for each of us is the important lesson in this book. I look forward to reading more books by Vannetta Chapman in the future. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The comments and opinions expressed are strictly my own.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
Sarah has not had an easy life, her father had problems and when he passes, her mother cannot deal with life, and Sarah along with her brother Andy become parents to their siblings. Fate then places Sarah at the right place at the right time, when Mateo and Mia abandoned children cross her path. I found the children delightful, especially considering the hard life they have endured, and they have abandonment in common with Sarah. On top of everything a new neighbor has bought the rundown farm bordering their land, and Sarah does not have a high opinion of him, boy is she wrong. Sarah’s brothers and Mateo take to Paul, and he is soon a great influence on all. He begins to have feelings for Sarah, but will she open her heart, or will she be able to add to her loved ones. This story will break your heart at times, and I could feel how the little ones felt when they saw their mother, where do their allegiances lie? You will be holding your breath wondering how this story is going to end, and therefore won’t be able to put it down. I received this book through Net Galley and the Author, and was not required to give a positive review.
jacksonmomLV More than 1 year ago
This is the kind of book that will make you rethink your view of Amish fiction! Vannetta Chapman covers new ground as she explores foster care, adoption and ethnicity in Sarah's Orphans. This book is built around the scripture from James 1:27: "Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction." Technically, no one in this book is an orphan, but Sarah and her siblings, as well as young Mia and Mateo, have been abandoned by their mothers. In rescuing these Hispanic children during an Oklahoma snowstorm, Sarah's faith is stretched as she ministers to them AND comes to term with her own feelings of disappointment in her parents' lack of care for her. I loved the family dynamics of the Yoders - Sarah and her brothers are each interesting and lovable as they put their faith in action. They are compassionate and level-headed, despite having to practically raise themselves in a household where their father's mental illness led to his tragic death, and their mother was emotionally - and eventually physically - not there for them. Chapman brings in Sarah's paternal grandmother as a substitute parent, and Mammi is a real gem. Full of common sense proverbs, love, and pockets full of chocolate, she is an anchor for this sensitive, struggling family. The book weaves together Sarah's God-given desire to foster/adopt Mia and Mateo, and her unlikely romance with new neighbor Paul. A lesser author might have hurried each of these storylines along, or smoothed out some of the awkward hurdles, but Chapman patiently takes us through each heartache and answer to prayer. This book pulled on my heartstrings more than most! The author's research and true-to-life style really make it a memorable read. This is the third and final book in Chapman's Plain and Simple Miracles series. You don't need to read the previous books to enjoy this one, but I have to admit to RE-reading Joshua's Mission just a few pages into Sarah's Orphans. I wanted to fully remember Sarah's personality and friendship with Becca, and it also made me appreciate Bishop Levi even more - what a great character! I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review. It is a privilege to give this book my hearty endorsement!
MelissaGH More than 1 year ago
Once again, Vannetta Chapman has given readers a story that touches the heart, and inspires and encourages. Sarah Yoder has found herself responsible for her younger siblings. Their Mother has left them and Sarah takes the lead in caring for the family. She finds two young children abandoned and she takes them into her home. Trying to care for everyone takes a toll on Sarah. Help comes in various ways and a major decision is made. Will the two young children stay with Sarah and her family? Will neighbor Paul become part of this family? I cried, I laughed, and when I finished this book, I let out a sigh of relief. This is a story that will stick with me forever. I received a copy of this book from the author and Harvest House Publishers. This review is my own personal opinion
Debbie60 More than 1 year ago
Oh what a wonderful story of how even in our darkest circumstances God will always take care of us and give us more than our heart’s desires. “Sarah’s Orphans” is a book about Sarah Yoder who endures grief, heartache, lonliness and sadness and still comes through it all by allowing God to handle everything for His Glory. I could not put this book down until I finished it. Each time I had to do something else I couldn’t wait to get back to it. It shows God’s Love and Mercy throughout the whole book. Love how neighbors help neighbors and they just love each other and take care of each other. The Amish life is a very simple life, yet a most peaceful life even through all of the trials and troubles. And it shows the beautiful blessed gift of foster care and adoption. These have both become very dear to my heart as I have watch some in our family and also some dear friends that have experienced them both. No greater gift can be given to a child who is in the foster system than the gift of LOVE through foster parents and adoption. I am amazed at how “Sarah’s Orphans” have spoken to me in so many different ways! Thank You Vannetta Chapman for another awesome wonderful beautiful story through this journey of yours in writing. God has certainly blessed you with a special gift. So look forward to reading more from you!
annelr More than 1 year ago
Sarah's Orphans by Vannetta Chapman is a wonderfully inspirational story. It is the third book in the Plain and Simple Miracles Series and although there are carry over characters from the previous books each book is easily read as a stand-alone story. The author realistically tells a story of the devastating effects on the families whose loved ones are afflicted with mental illness and involved with substance abuse. Loss, abandonment, fear, sorrow, the pressure of growing up too fast, and having to become responsible at a young age. A key part of this story is that of the foster care system, its value, and its commitment. Sarah, a young Amish woman, takes on the care of her siblings and then feels called to care for two other abandoned children as well. A daunting task that leads to a crisis of faith as she begins to worry about all the 'what ifs' in life. Her grandmother, Mammi, reminds her 'A person can spend their whole life worrying about what might happen, or they can live the life they're given.' Sarah's Orphans is a marvelous journey of living the life one's given and learning to trust God through difficult situations. The characters are evocative and engaging and the story, told in a gentle style, is one of compassion, hope and the work of God in lives to perfect their faith, to give hope, comfort, and strength. You will not want to miss this captivating book! I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and Harvest House in exchange for my honest opinion.
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
I could not put this book down. It has been one of my favorite books this year. Make sure to have Kleenex handy because you will need them. This makes you laugh, cry and really think. This was one of the first books in the Amish genre where it talks about having bad parents and fostering children that are not Amish. I hope there are more books in this series because it is one of my favorite series by Vannetta Chapman. I received this book from the author for a fair and honest opinion.
NanceeMarchinowski More than 1 year ago
Growing up in an unstable family, Sarah has had to accept her father's death and her mother's abandonment, leaving her to raise her younger brothers alone. In addition, Sarah discovers two young Hispanic children living in an old leaky trailer, victims of their mother's desertion. Sarah rescues the children and takes responsibility for them as well as her own family. Her Amish community is supportive and compassionate, working with her as she parents several children on her own until her grandmother moves in to assist. Unexpected help comes from a new neighbor who is very helpful with farming duties. Vannetta Chapman creates unique Amish fiction, not the ordinary Amish romance. She puts her heart and faith into her writing, with grace and compassion. Topics in this book are varied, evoking numerous emotions, heartache, despair, hope, and the beauty of compassion from the Amish community. Social and personal issues are paramount in this compelling novel. I loved this novel as it moved seamlessly through very difficult circumstances to redemption by the grace of God. Words can't quite convey what I'm feeling about this book. I'm still absorbing the issues demonstrated in this very special Amish novel. I highly recommend Sarah's Orphans! Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author and Harvest House in exchange for my honest opinion. All expressed opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.