Satan Repentant

Satan Repentant

by Michael Aiken




A violent epic leaping from the cosmological to the infinitesimal, Satan Repentant is a modern-day drama of revenge, resentment, and remorse, telling a new myth of what would happen if Satan tried to apologise and atone for all his crimes. Through that story, it explores ideas of power, of authority to judge right and wrong, and the dignity and shame that can be attached to admitting fault or insisting on self-righteous innocence.

To prove his remorse, Satan is compelled to endure a test: become human, and live an entire life without succumbing to evil. The challenges this conceit imposes for human morality, theology, the notions of free will and good versus evil, precipitate a frantic and often violent battle over an individual’s right to their own identity.

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ISBN-13: 9781742589770
Publisher: UWA Publishing
Publication date: 07/20/2018
Series: UWAP Poetry Series
Pages: 100
Product dimensions: (w) x (h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 11

Book I Satan Repentant 13

Satan knows self-regret 15

The Enemy approaches Peter 16

Beelzebub reissues his spy 18

The Enemy re approaches Peter 19

Satan is allowed an audience with God's chamberlain 19

Satan's audience with God 20

Satan makes his apology 21

God responds 23

Beelzebub indignant 24

Satan takes a beating 28

Satan answers God 30

Book II Lucifer reborn 33

Lucifer reborn 35

Beelzebub speaks with God 36

The secret council of Raphael and Michael 38

Raphael orders the corruption of Lucifer 43

Meanwhile in Hell they plot the same 44

Armaros the monster emerges from the sea 45

Angels sent by Raphael seek to sound Satan 51

A friendship for Lucifer 54

Satan is confronted by a possession 55

Furcifer reports to Beelzebub 57

Beelzebub asks the virtuoso of sadism for advice 58

Satan's childhood comes to an end 62

Satan becomes an artist 63

Book III Satan's adulthood 65

Satan tries to escape the visions 67

A group of three demons undertakes to find and punish Satan 67

Beelzebub unleashes the hounds of Hell 68

Lucifer contemplating artistry 69

Three demons go to kill Lucifer, encounter three angels bent on the same 70

Beelzebub casts out three demons 75

Many angels and demons lose their place or way 78

Satan investigates demonology, Catholicism, to rid himself of hauntings 79

Satan-poet ignores God 80

Three angels induce Lucifer to destructive behaviour 82

Lucifer creates false-visionary art while in a state of altered perception 84

Beelzebub pleased Lucifer has become a hedonist 84

Furcifer reports Satan was induced to abusiveness 85

Raphael casts out three angels 86

Growing casts of angels and demons roam Earth 87

Wandering-lost angels massacre a pair of inebriates 89

Beelzebub's weaponsmith creates a blade to amplify Satan's weaknesses 90

Beelzebub courts God; exploits human Lucifer's pride and rage, causes him to murder 91

The grief of Satan; momentary insight to the ethereal 97

Book IV Recovering from his crime 101

Satan despairs for his crime; rejects poesis as artifice, imitation 102

The angels warn God, Satan is regressing 103

Lucifer homeless on the streets, too distracted by guilt and a growing desire to transcend 104

Jesus and Raphael review the troops 105

God visits human Satan as a vision; Lucifer reinterprets that manifestation as expression of his own eternal guilt 106

Lucifer gives up on life 110

Jesus moves to incite Satan to war 110

On his deathbed Satan remembers he sought forgiveness 113

Jesus tells God to give up on reclaiming Satan, or lose the support of Heaven. God returns, having failed to persuade Satan, no longer in command 115

The hosts of heaven decamp to kill Satan 116

A conversation between Jesus & Raphael reviewing the field 117

God offers again to let Lucifer re-enter Heaven 118

Satan expires 122

Book V The final battle 123

A squad of derelict, renegade angels, over-vigilantes, attacks a demonic outpost 124

Lucifer re-emerges in the world, an empyrean in Purgatory; meets a forlost angel-storyteller 125

That same angel goes on to tell that God has purged the Earth 127

An army approaches Satan 128

He meets God but sees the disguise immediately 129

Lucifer defies Jesus 132

Jesus and Lucifer confront one another 133

Jesus strikes Satan again; mocks poesis 134

As the angels question their allegiance, Beelzebub reappears, poor inflated bag 136

Many angels resolve to serve with Hell, prevent Armageddon 137

The last fall on Lucifer and each other, stabbing and beating 138

The end. Jesus unsays the world 139

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