by Sonny Rios


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God loves to be praised. Scenes of praise of the Almighty are found throughout Scripture. But this praise is always with reverence.

Reverence is something that is lacking in our worship of God. Our services are so meshed with worldly ideas that edification and regeneration are hard to come by. Satan, who is a musician, makes sure that our worship is full of worldly musical elements: highly dissonant harmonies, over-salient rhythm, a heavy beat, and a message that is not in accord with God's Word.

The Laws of the Harvest as pertain to soul winning will be discussed. We will see how music plays an important part in preparing the hearts of men to receive the word of God or how it can hinder in this process.

Music is a "mystical entity." Thus, it has the ability to reach the tripartite (three-part man) with melody appealing to the spirit, harmony to the soul, and rhythm to the body (the flesh). The effects of music on the tripartite is so complex that this could be the reason why it's the less understood and less talked about subject in Christendom today. With God's help, we will shed light on it, so that all will clearly understand it.

Entertainment rules most people's lives today. So we must make certain that it doesn't creep into our church services as music for God's worship. For music that possesses "worldly symbolisms is poor music for the worship" of a thrice Holy God.

In this work, we will discover what the Lord expects of us in our worship, what kind of music is fit for His worship, and what form of entertainment a Christian should employ in the church.

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