Satan's a Waitin'

Satan's a Waitin'

by Sonny Burns


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Satan's a Waitin'

Sonny Burns was a fine, solid, overlooked performer of the kind bridging the hillbilly and honky tonk eras. You'll find barely any clues to the sources of the 23 tracks on this anthology in the skimpy packaging, but this draws heavily and perhaps exclusively from the material he recorded for the Starday label. The majority of the tracks appeared on 1953-1956 Starday singles, including a couple on which he performed duets with George Jones. Burns isn't nearly as well known as Jones or a number of other good singers in this niche from the era, but the reason for his obscurity isn't evident from the high quality of the selections on this CD. He sings with an appealingly sorrow-tinged voice, and the songs are tautly written and performed. There's a tilt toward the gloomy in matters of both romance and mortality, as the title track and "Six Feet of Earth" indicate. But it's not all that more pronounced than it is in much country music, and Burns also offers some capable uptempo, upbeat numbers like "Too Hot to Handle." Sadly, the four-paragraph liner notes are frankly deficient, with no information as to when the tracks were recorded and released other than a mention of his career starting in the early '50s, with most of the booklet devoted to promoting other items from the Righteous catalog.

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Release Date: 04/20/2010
Label: Righteous
UPC: 5013929983427
catalogNumber: 2998342


  1. I'm Not Long For This World
  2. Wrong About You
  3. Six Feet Of Earth
  4. A Place For Girls Like You
  5. Girl Of The Streets
  6. Powder And Paint
  7. It's Easier Said Than Done
  8. Satan's A Waitin'
  9. If You See My Baby
  10. Think Again
  11. Blue Blue Rain
  12. Waltzing With Sin
  13. Tell Her
  14. Heartbroken Me
  15. A Real Cool Cat
  16. You'll Look A Long Time
  17. Let's Change Sweethearts
  18. Frown On The Moon
  19. Invitations (To Your Friends)
  20. Tho' You're In My Arms
  21. Heart Like A Dollar Sign
  22. Too Hot To Handle
  23. Another Woman Looking For A Man

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