Sated in Ink

Sated in Ink

by Carrie Ann Ryan

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The Montgomery Ink saga continues in a seductive romance where a runaway bride and two best friends might just take the chance of a lifetime.

Ethan Montgomery thought he had his life figured out until the moment he and his best friend met a woman in a wedding dress drinking wine out of a paper bag. He might work too many hours and always seems to put his family and friends first. Still, when he finally opens up to Holland and Lincoln, he may just get everything he's ever wanted.

Holland Yeaton made a horrible mistake, and running out on her wedding seemed like the only thing to do at the time. Taking the next step of her life on her own won't be easy, but now she has two sexy and bearded strangers to help her figure out exactly what she desires.

Lincoln McClard has loved his best friend for as long as he can remember. Only he's never dared to do anything about it. Instead, he puts all of his sexual frustration into his art. As soon as he meets Holland, he realizes exactly why he waited for Ethan and what has been missing all along.

However, it's not only the three of them in this tangled and steamy relationship. And if they aren't careful, it won't only be their feelings that get hurt...and broken.

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BN ID: 2940161230053
Publisher: Carrie Ann Ryan
Publication date: 02/11/2020
Series: Montgomery Ink: Boulder , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 414
File size: 566 KB

About the Author

Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary, paranormal, and, young adult romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Fractured Connections, and Elements of Five series, which have sold over 3.0 million books worldwide. She started writing in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn't stopped since.

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Sated in Ink 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Gewizz 5 hours ago
This was a great story right from the beginning. I really loved Ethan and Lincoln and their feelings for each other. Throw Holland into the mix and the chemistry was perfect. Trying to maneuver this new friendship/relationship was interesting to read especially when they are all driven career people, throw in a little insecurity, intrigue, and a curve ball and this book rocked it! Loved, loved the bonus scene offered at the end, sort of was the icing in the HEA cake!
Khrista1029 18 hours ago
We are back in Boulder, Colorado with the Montgomery 's. Sated in Ink is a steamy ménage. Three people come together fighting through their insecurities to make this relationship work. Ethan Montgomery is a computational chemist not a very exciting job but he loves it. He has known his best friend Lincoln almost all of his life. They have been through everything together, he is like an honorary Montgomery so the fact that Ethan has a crush on Lincoln not only complicates things but it's not something he can explore, he can't lose his best friend. Lincoln is a successful artist who is dealing with a creative block for some reason he is to in his head, over thinking everything, it doesn't help that he has wanted his best friend for years and can't do anything about it! Ethan and the Montgomery 's are his family, he can't do anything to jeopardize that. Holland owns her own shop that mainly sells local artisan stuff. She ran out on her wedding when she walked in on her younger sister in a compromising position with her fiancee! From the looks of things it wasn't the first time either. Holland already has a difficult relationship with her parents so leaving the church didn't do her any favors in their eyes no matter the reason. Ethan and Lincoln meet Holland while out on a jog, seeing a beautiful woman in a park bench in a wedding dress drinking liquor from a paper bag, they felt compelled to help her. These three struggle with some self doubt the reasons are different for each but what happens when they come together is beautiful!
Jenn2018 23 hours ago
I've been waiting for this one and Carrie did not disappoint!!! Lincoln and Ethan have been best friends for years, neither willing to cross a line and admit how deep their feelings truly are. Holland's wedding day is ruined when she finds her sister and her fiance"together" at the church! She is hurt even more when her mother basically tells her to get over it! She does a runaway bride and ends up in a park, that the guys happen to be running past. They can't help but spy the beautiful woman in the wedding dress drinking from a paper bag and both are instantly taken with her. There is chemistry, but considering her current condition they decide the need to help friends. The more time they all spend together it becomes clear they have feelings for each other...all of them. Their story is filled with guilt, pain, desire, passion and's such a fabulous story...I loved it!!!
Lexee9 1 days ago
I’ve absolutely loved this story!! It was a fantastic read and pulled me in from beginning to end. It’s a ménage and m/m/f so all are involved and intimate with each other. I really loved the way that Carrie Ann Ryan brought the characters together and built it between each of them. It was really well written and the story flowed very smoothly. I loved the intimacy between the characters and how they built a relationship between all of them equally. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Cali-Jewel 3 days ago
Loved this emotionally intense, sexy, thrilling and action packed romantic adventure filled with unforgettable and engaging charters, witty banter, heart racing passion and exciting twists. Adore the Montgomery clan and this new branch. Looking forward to the next heartwarming journey!
Rainn2978 4 days ago
This is book 2 in the Montgomery Ink: Boulder series and it can absolutely be read as a stand alone although I do recommend reading the 1st book because it introduces these characters in that book. In this one we get Ethan, Lincoln, and Holland's story. Ethan and Lincoln have been best friend's since they were kids although they both have feelings for each other that they don't think are reciprocated. Neither expected to meet Holland in a wedding dress drinking wine out of a paper bag. Or figuring out over time that this is the one woman who can bring them all together. But can they figure out what they need and keep each other safe at the same time? I really liked this one! Ethan and Lincoln are both extremely lovable people that you can't help but root for a happy ending between all of them. They are both strong, funny, and sweet. Especially to the people that they care about. Holland has this horrible family that has crushed her down. My only problem with her is that she tends to think the very worst when one thing goes wrong. I get that she was beat down but at some point you just have to realize that it's not you that is the problem. On a whole, I really liked it. And I even liked the little bit of suspense towards the end! Can't wait for the next one!
AMeyer17 4 days ago
Ethan and Lincoln have been best friends since they were kids and secretly in love with another. Holland is a runaway bride after finding her groom and sister in a comprising position. While sitting on a park bench in her wedding gown and drinking wine, she catches the attention of Ethan and Lincoln. Once they convince her to have coffee with them, both are instantly attracted to her. One drunken night as things begin to heat up between the three of them, Ethan and Lincoln let their feelings show for one another. Once they realize Holland is the missing link in their lives, they just need to convince her to take a chance.
Homehair 5 days ago
Awesome. Very well written. Can the three find love after Holland ran out on her wedding. A must read. Can't wait for the next one.
KathTX 5 days ago
A great read that will have you laughing crying and loving all of it
Tam 7 days ago
What a Delight to see Lincoln & Ethan get their lives complete with Holland! They meet Holland after she walked out of her wedding (for a very very good reason!!) and Montgomery'd the situation perfectly. Luckily the characters you want to get a comeuppance do - maybe not as you expect but there may be cheering when things happen! Great add to Montgomery Ink: Boulder, can't wait for the next book!
Pebbles92 7 days ago
Sated in Ink is Book 2 in the Montgomery Ink: Boulder series. These stories stand perfectly fine on their own so you can read them as standalones but I do not know why anyone would want to. They are all amazing and this one is no exception! Ethan and Lincoln have been friends forever. Then they stumble upon a woman sitting in a park wearing a wedding dress and drinking wine from a paper bag. Holland is the missing piece to their relationship. This book was funny, steamy and just a hint of drama. Very enjoyable and great addition to the series!
Rinsky13 7 days ago
We’re in the world of the Montgomery’s, and it’s Ethan’s story. He has silently loved his best friend Lincoln for years, but is too afraid to say anything, destined to keep their relationship no matter what. Unbeknownst to Ethan, Lincoln silently feels the same way, secretly in love and too afraid to ruin the friendship. While jogging, they come across a woman sitting in the park, in a wedding dress, looking a little lost. Being the caring amazing men that they are, they stop to check on her, and take her for coffee. Holland, wedding dress wearer, is having a rough day, but opens up just a tad to the two very handsome, sweet and amazing men who stopped to check on her. What started out as a moment of kindness turns into a new friendship, that turns into so much more. There are many ups and downs, but you can’t help but see the love from everyone
katrina mcmurtry 7 days ago
Wow Loved this book I always love when best friends fall in love add in a surprise and it was perfect! The Dynamics between these characters was amazing from the very start. Ethan and Lincoln have been best friends for years , holland has just ran from her wedding . When they see her sitting alone something tells them both there life’s just changed ! This book was amazing Carrie Ann Ryan never disappoints !!
DarGee 7 days ago
Running, it’s what we are trained to do from the very beginning. Whether running for health in gym classes throughout school, playing tag as a child, any number of sports. Toddlers try to run before they can walk. We are told to turn the other cheek when confronted, stepping back to re-group, or flat out avoidance, as humans, when faced with fight or flight, we instinctively take flight. When our story starts with a runaway bride, and our two best friends out for a run, finding and friending her, it didn’t seem wrong. This is what Holland, Lincoln, and Ethan do, what all of us do, try to stay in shape, run from our troubles, make life work, and don’t rock the boat. Luckily for us, and them, one night of fun and alcohol, lowered their inhibitions enough to act. They were all still running, denying, from their feelings, and then later, each other, but it was enough to make them try to stop in the moment. They had their fun, they had the sweetness, the sexiness, the overflow of emotions, but they were still quivering in their starting blocks, not realizing they were already in the race. They almost lost it all, before someone (it’s Ethan) goes against his natural instinct and stands and fights. That alone, makes all the pain and heartache, all the doubts and fears, worth it. They all can still run, but they will be running TO each other, not away, for all the good, the bad, the sweet, and the saucy, that life will bring their way
cyndiv 7 days ago
Take two friends, add a runaway bride and you have another GREAT Montgomery Ink read. Ethan and Lincoln have been friends since childhood. Each afraid to act on their feelings not wanting to lose their friendship. Then they come across Holland, a runaway bride. Holland is whats missing in their lives, but she thinks they just want a fling. The book has ups and downs, laughter and heartache, and yes Love and steamy romance. Once again Carrie Ann Ryan has hit it out of the park!!!
Ana94 7 days ago
When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Carrie Ann Ryan is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book
ACody89 7 days ago
Oh how I missed the Montgomery clan!!! I didn't remember much about Ethan, but I think that made this story even better. I learned loving about him, Lincoln and Holland! One of my favorite parts of Carrie Ann's writing is how she brings us into her characters lives. She always makes so we know JUST enough about a character until it's their turn, and then we get to see them bloom to life. When we are first introduced to Ethan and Lincoln, I really liked how Carrie Ann put us in their heads. At the same time, it's always frustrating to know that two characters are thinking the same thing and never act on it!! Then we see Holland and I loved how their "knight in shining armor" complex came about. They were so sweet to her and basically just let her know she was there for them. From this moment on I was so beyond hooked!! I was completely obsessed and picking this up every second I got. From the spicy parts, to the sad parts, to the plot twist we got, it was so perfect! This book took us through the perfect amount of twists and turns and was the perfect roller coaster. I was so emotionally invested in these three and I couldn't wait to see where it lead. My favorite part of this was that everything was so real. They had the most real insecurities and you can 100% relate! I can't wait to see where Carrie Ann leads us next with the Montgomery clan!
moonfox1234 7 days ago
Wow, this was such an incredible read. I was totally captivated by this complex romance. One thing is for sure, you can expect to experience plenty of feels as Holland, Lincoln and Ethan's story unfolds. I loved each of these characters individually and together I thought they were perfection. These are all complicated characters, so you can't really expect their relationship to be any different. I thought that the author did an amazing job of balancing out the angst, anxiety and unspoken feelings between the two male characters with that instant flare of attraction and spark of chemistry between all three of them. Along with the boatload of emotions and tons of heat, there is also plenty of drama, tension, turmoil and danger added into the mix. This is my independent, impartial review.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA 7 days ago
Sated in Ink is a steamy friends to lovers/runaway bride tale that will have you reaching for a cold drink and a fan. The chemistry between Ethan and Lincoln is combustible add in Holland and its explosive. This book kept me smiling and rooting for their happiness.
NadineBookaholic 7 days ago
Ethan, Lincoln, and Holland's story is one of best friends finding their way to one another with a little help from the perfect person to complete them. I always enjoy a good friends to lovers romance, throw in the fact they the friends are both male and that bumps it up for me, and then add in a woman that get the two friends to admit their feelings towards one another and I am all over it. It's like I'm a little kid in a candy store and I have grabby hands because I can't get enough of it. Ethan and Lincoln have been best friends for most of their lives and Ethan's family, The Montgomery's, consider Lincoln family. At some point they each started to develop feelings for the other but never let on for fear of harming or loosing their friendship. If you read the first book in the series maybe you picked up on the glances and lingering looks they gave one another, I know I did and couldn't wait to see what Carrie Ann Ryan had in store for them. Holland had a terrible day, she was dressed and ready to walk down the isle to marry a man she thought she loved, loved enough to marry anyway, but then she ran out of the church in her wedding dress after calling the wedding off. I soooo want to tell you why she did that but I don't do spoilers so I won't, you'll just have to read the book to find out. Ethan and Lincoln ran into Holland at the park while she was drinking wine wrapped in a paper bag while still in her wedding gown. The attraction was instantaneous on all of their parts but lets be real the men were gentlemen and weren't going to do anything about it since she was wearing a wedding gown. Lets just say this was the start of a beautiful friendship between the three of them. There was some major angst in this story, and it lingered for a bit but you know if you have read any of Carrie Ann's books before we are always gifted with a HFN or HEA ending and not a cliffhanger so read with the knowledge that things will workout. This is an easy book to recommend especially to those that enjoy the friends-to-lovers trope, menage romances, even to those that enjoy MM reads and don't mind a Female being with them, because the love is plentiful and it's given and taken all ways. But please remember this is for anyone 17 and over due to content. Happy Reading!!! **I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**
EllenH 7 days ago
4.5 Stars Another good installment in the Montgomery series. Ethan and Lincoln are so great together and Holland balances them out perfectly, not to mention how good they are for her.