Saturday the Day Consecrated to Mary: or Meditations on the Greatness, the Virtues, the Glories of the Most Holy Virgin

Saturday the Day Consecrated to Mary: or Meditations on the Greatness, the Virtues, the Glories of the Most Holy Virgin


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We have already very many books treating of the most holy Virgin,-books, too, which are most estimable in every regard. Some persons, in view of this fact, will perhaps say: Is not a new book on our Blessed Lady at best useless. A great blessing to the world were it, if freethinkers acted on this principle; for then they would cease to multiply every day the number of those impious and corrupting books which are so baneful at once to religion and to society. Llut to the great misfortune of mankind, freethinkers take not this view of the matter; and consequently we sec published nearly every day a countless multitude of books, which ruin the mind and corrupt the heart of those who touch them.
Many families are aware of this, who, with tears of blood, deplore the foolish waywardness with which children betake themselves to reading of such books. And even should the streets and the houses teem with those publications, neither their authors, nor their distributors, nor their readers, ever say, "We have enough of them." Yea! even every trouble is taken to maintain in constant fruitfulness the impure vein which produces them, and no expense is spared to facilitate their circulation. And when a new book appears, having for aim to promote that which is good, should well-meaning persons look upon the publication as superfluous for the mere reason that there are already extant a multitude of such books. Oh, how true is it that "The children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light." Luke, xvi. 8 v.
Because of the difference in the tastes and constitutions of individuals, variety of food is of very great utility, for that which is agreeable to some is not palatable to all; and so in like manner, variety of books is very profitable by reason of the different tastes and of the different necessities of souls. This person prefers to use one book, that another: one finds more consolation in this, another in that. Hence the saying of St. Augustine: "To the end that one and the same thing may be communicated to very many persons, to some in this way, to others in that, many books written hy many authors, in different styles, but not in different faith, are useful, even though such books treat of the same subjects." (Book 1st, ch. 3rd, on the Trinity.)
There are here fifty-two meditations, as many as there are Saturdays in the weeks of the year; not that those meditations are not appropriate for all the days of the week,-since the Virgin Mary should be every day honored ;but because Saturday is consecrated to her by the Church, and pious souls arc accustomed to distinguish this day by performing special works of devotion in honor of their Mistress. Since, furthermore, the honoring of the Virgin,-to advance which is the aim of this little work,-comprises in it, as so many parts, high esteem of her, imitation of her, and confident recourse to her goodness; so in the order of those meditations, I have followed to some extent this division which appears advantageous,as well according to the natural course of the life of the Most holy Virgin Mary, as in regard to those moral considerations which, deduced from the truths meditated, are applied to the necessities of the soul. For this reason I set forth in the first place her principal dignities; then her virtues; and lastly, the benefactions which her hands pour forth uyon us in abundance.

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