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Saunders Veterinary Anatomy Flash Cards

Saunders Veterinary Anatomy Flash Cards


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ISBN-13: 9781437714401
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 12/16/2009
Pages: 720
Product dimensions: 4.50(w) x 6.70(h) x 4.10(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: How to Use This Book

Part 1: The Head and Ventral Neck

Canine Anatomy

1-1 Tympanic Bullae and Petrous Temporal Bones

1-2 Lymph Nodes and Lymphatic Vessels

1-3 Skull (lateral view)

1-4 Skull (dorsal view)

1-5 Skull (ventral view)

1-6 Skull (lateral view)

1-7 Mandible

1-8 Hyoid Apparatus and Larynx

1-9 Hard and Soft Palate

1-10 Salivary Glands

1-11 Simple Tooth

1-12 Esophagus

1-13 Head at the Level of P2

1-14 Head at the Level of the Eyeball

1-15 Thyroid Gland

1-16 Arteries of the Head

1-17 Closure of the Neural Plate

1-18 Gray Substance of Spinal Cord and Medulla Oblongata

1-19 Spinal Cord

1-20 Brain (ventral view)

1-21 Cerebral Hemispheres

1-22 Brain (lateral view)

1-23 Cortical Lobes of the Brain

1-24 Visceral and Somatic Nervous System

1-25 Meninges of the Brain

1-26 Production and Circulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid

1-27 Trigeminal Nerve

1-28 Autonomic Innervation of Structures of the Head

1-29 Parasympathetic Nervous System

1-30 Sympathetic Nervous System

1-31 Three Tunics of the Eye

1-32 Retina

1-33 Stumps of Ocular Muscles

1-34 Principal Arteries Supplying the Eye

1-35 Tympanic Bullae and Petrous Temporal Bones

1-36 Left Auricular Cartilage

1-37 Paramedian Section of the Head

1-38 Head, Rostral Part of the Orbit

1-39 Salivary Glands

1-40 Disarticulated Puppy Skull

1-41 CT Image of Caudal Nasal Cavity

1-42 Superficial Branches of Facial and Trigeminal Nerves

1-43 Branches of the Common Carotid Artery

1-44 Muscles, Nerves, and Salivary Glands

1-45 Cranial Nerves Leaving the Skull

1-46 Meninges and Ventricles of Brain, Median Plane

1-47 Sulci of Brain

1-48 Gyri of Brain

1-49 Brain, Cranial Nerves, and Brain Stem

Feline Anatomy

1-50 Tomogram of the Nasal Cavity

1-51 Ear Canal and Middle Ear

Equine Anatomy

1-52 Superficial Muscles of the Head

1-53 Permanent Dentition

1-54 Paramedian Section of the Head

1-55 Head at the Level of P4

1-56 Laryngeal Cartilages

1-57 Intrinsic Muscles of the Larynx

1-58 Hypophysis

1-59 Superficial Dissection of the Head

1-60 Deeper Dissection of the Head

1-61 Head at the Level of the Rostral Maxillary

1-62 CT Scan (Bone Window) of Head at Level of the Rostral Maxillary

1-63 Median Section of the Head

1-64 Topography of Conchofrontal and Maxillary Sinuses

1-65 Brain and Frontal and Maxillary Sinuses

1-66 Tongue and Pharynx

1-67 Root Convergence of Permanent Lower Incisors

1-68 Nasopharynx and Larynx

1-69 Deep Dissection of the Head

1-70 Dissection of the Orbit

1-71 Principal Arteries of the Head

1-72 Lymphatic Structures of the Head and Neck

Ruminant Anatomy

1-73 Superficial Dissection of the Head

1-74 Skull

1-75 Skin Innervation of the Head

1-76 Paranasal Sinuses

1-77 Neck

1-78 Lymph Drainage of Head and Neck

Porcine Anatomy

1-79 Head of a 9-month-old

1-80 Lymph Centers of the Head and Neck

1-81 Dissection of the Neck to Show Lymph Nodes

Avian Anatomy

1-82 Skull of a Chicken

Part 2: The Neck, Back, and Vertebral Column

Canine Anatomy

2-1 Structure of a Lymph Node

2-2 Cervical Vertebrae

2-3 Thoracic Vertebrae

2-4 Sacrum and Caudal Vertebrae

2-5 Trunk Muscles, Deeper Layers

2-6 Trunk Muscles, Deepest Layers

2-7 Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae

2-8 Epaxial Muscles

2-9 Epaxial Muscles

2-10 Superficial Nerves of the Neck

2-11 Veins of the Neck

2-12 Peripheral Distribution of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Divisions

Feline Anatomy

2-13 Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae

Equine Anatomy

2-14 Nuchal Ligament and Associated Bursae

Ruminant Anatomy

2-15 Lumbar Intervertebral Disc

2-16 Vertebral Canal

Avian Anatomy

2-17 Oropharynx Opened by the Reflection of the Lower Jaw

Part 3: The Thorax

Canine Anatomy

3-1 Left Rib

3-2 Sternum and Costal Cartilages

3-3 Pleura and Pericardium

3-4 Thoracic Organs (left side)

3-5 Thoracic Organs (right side)

3-6 Lungs and Partial Aorta

3-7 Transformation of the Aortic Arches

3-8 Pericardium

3-9 Right Ventricle

3-10 Cardiac Nerves and Related Ganglia

3-11 Developing Heart

3-12 Vasa Vasorum

3-13 Branching of the Aortic Arch

3-14 Arteries of the Female Pelvis

3-15 Lymph Node

3-16 Palpable Lymph Nodes

3-17 Thoracic Lymph Nodes

3-18 Trunk

3-19 Vessels on the Floor of the Thorax

3-20 Heart and Lungs (left surface projection)

3-21 Heart and Lungs (right surface projection)

3-22 Right lung (lateral bronchogram)

3-23 Right lung (ventrodorsal bronchogram)

3-24 Trunk

3-25 Thoracic Cavity (left lateral view)

3-26 Thoracic Cavity (right lateral view)

3-27 Trunk (tranverse section at 7th thoracic vertebra)

3-28 Heart (lateral view)

3-29 Heart (ventrodorsal view)

3-30 Arteries of Thorax

Feline Anatomy

3-31 Thoracic, Abdominal, and Pelvic Cavities

3-32 Palpable Lymph Nodes

Equine Anatomy

3-33 Structures within the Mediastinum

3-34 Thorax at the Level of T5

3-35 Thorax at the Level of the Atrioventricular Valves

Ruminant Anatomy

3-36 Heart (left view)

3-37 Heart (right view)

3-38 Trunk at the Eighth Thoracic Vertebra

3-39 Lymph Drainage, Thoracic Wall and Mediastinum

Porcine Anatomy

3-40 Adult Lung

3-41 Seven- to Eight-Somite Embryo

3-42 Lungs

Avian Anatomy

3-43 Skeleton of a Chicken

3-44 Opened Syrinx

Part 4: The Abdomen

Canine Anatomy

4-1 Abdomen

4-2 Abdominal Cavity

4-3 Interior of the Stomach

4-4 Celiac Artery

4-5 Male Perineal Region

4-6 Cranial and Caudal Mesenteric Arteries

4-7 Formation of the Portal Vein

4-8 Bile Drainage System

4-9 Developing Simple Stomach

4-10 Development of the Pancreas

4-11 Growth and Rotation of the Midgut (stage one, lateral view)

4-12 Growth and Rotation of the Midgut (stage two, lateral view)

4-13 Growth and Rotation of the Midgut (stage three, lateral view)

4-14 Termination of the Abdominal Aorta

4-15 Abdominal Viscera

4-16 Abdominal Walls

4-17 Abdomen (lateral view)

4-18 Abdomen (ventrodorsal view)

4-19 Blood Supply of Stomach and Spleen

4-20 Abdomen after Administration of Barium Suspension (lateral view)

4-21 Abdomen after Administration of Barium Suspension (ventrodorsal view)

4-22 Abdomen at the Level of the First Lumbar Vertebra

4-23 Abdomen at Level of the First Lumbar Vertebra

4-24 Abdomen After Administration of a Barium Suspension (ventrodorsal view)

4-25 Trunk (dorsal section at level of the kidneys)

4-26 Abdomen at the Level of the Seventh Lumbar Vertebra

4-27 CT Image of Abdomen at the Level of the Seventh Lumbar Vertebra

4-28 Rectus Sheath

4-29 Peritoneal Reflections, Sagittal Section

4-30 Peritoneal Schema, Transverse Section through the Epiploic Foramen

Feline Anatomy

4-31 Abdomen After Administration of a Barium Suspension (lateral view)

4-32 Abdomen After Administration of a Barium Suspension (ventrodorsal view)

Equine Anatomy

4-33 Structures of the Abdominal Floor

4-34 Visceral Projections: Left Abdominal Wall

4-35 Visceral Projections: Right Abdominal Wall

4-36 Cecum and Related Organs

4-37 Visceral Projections: Ventral Abdominal Wall

4-38 Major Arteries of the GI Tract

4-39 Abdominal Autonomic Nerves and Branches of Abdominal Aorta

Ruminant Anatomy

4-40 Nerves to the Flank and Udder

4-41 Stomach

4-42 Greater and Lesser Omenta

4-43 Trunk at 13th Thoracic Vertebra

4-44 Disposition of the Greater Omentum

4-45 Abdominal Viscera of a Newborn Calf

4-46 Abdominal Viscera of a 5-Year-Old Cow

4-47 Abdominal Viscera of a6-Year-Old Pregnant Cow

4-48 Visceral Surface of the Liver

4-49 Reticulum of the Goat

4-50 Rumen of the Goat

Porcine Anatomy

4-51 Liver

4-52 Large Intestine

4-53 Visceral Surface of the Liver

4-54 Major Abdominal Arteries and Lymph Nodes

4-55 Lymph Nodes of the Sublumbar Area

Avian Anatomy

4-56 Stomach and Duodenum Loop

Part 5: The Pelvis and Reproductive Organs

Canine Anatomy

5-1 Embryos Showing Lateral Mesoderm and Celom

5-2 Intermediate Mesoderm

5-3 Development of the Testis

5-4 Urogenital Sinus

5-5 Development of the Ovary

5-6 Formation of the Vagina

5-7 Peritoneal Disposition

5-8 Testis and Epididymis

5-9 Canine Testis

5-10 Corrosion Cast of the Deferent Duct

5-11 Accessory Reproductive Glands

5-12 Functional Changes in the Female Tract

5-13 Ovary and the Ovarian Bursa

5-14 Formation of Extraembryonic Membranes

5-15 Topography of Adrenal Glands

5-16 Development of the Skin

5-17 Pelvis (transverse section at the level of the hip joint)

5-18 Reproductive Organs of the Bitch

5-19 Bladder, Urethra, and Penis

5-20 Quiescent and Erect Penis

Feline Anatomy

5-21 Bladder

Equine Anatomy

5-22 Bony Pelvis and Sacrosciatie Ligament

5-23 Pelvis of the Mare

5-24 Disposition of the Periotneum in the Pelvis

5-25 Sections of Equine Ovaries in Various Functional States

5-26 31-Day Twin Embryos

5-27 Pelvic Urethra and Accessory Reproductive Glands

5-28 Abdominal Pelvic Cavities

Ruminant Anatomy

5-29 Paraxial Mesoderm in an Embryo

5-30 Bony Pelvis

5-31 Bovine Pelvis at the Hip Joint

5-32 Blood Supply to the Reproductive Tract

5-33 Pelvis and Related Urogenital Organs of a Bull

5-34 Udder, Abdominal Floor and Cranial Quarters

5-35 Udder, Pelvic Floor and Caudal Quarters

Porcine Anatomy

5-36 Principal Arteries, Left Side of Female Reproductive Tract

5-37 Reproductive Organs of the Boar

Avian Anatomy

5-38 Male Reproductive Organs

5-39 Reproductive Organs of a Female Chicken

5-40 Fertilized Egg

Part 6: The Forelimb

Canine Anatomy

6-1 Synovial Joints

6-2 Transection of a Skeletal Muscle

6-3 Architecture of Skeletal Muscles

6-4 Ventral Muscles of the Neck and Thorax

6-5 Left Scapula

6-6 Left Humerus

6-7 Left Ulna and Radius

6-8 Carpal Skeleton

6-9 Right Manus

6-10 Superficial Muscles of the Shoulder and Arm

6-11 Intrinsic Muscles of the Left Shoulder and Arm

6-12 Muscles of the Left Forearm

6-13 Arteries of the Forelimb

6-14 Footpads of Fore- and Hindlimbs

6-15 Left Forelimb (transverse section at the level of the scapula)

6-16 Shoulder Joints (lateral and craniocaudal views)

6-17 Left Forelimb (transverse section distal to the elbow joint)

6-18 Arteries of the Right Forelimb

6-19 Elbow Joint (lateral view)

6-20 Elbow Joint (craniocaudal view)

6-21 Autonomous Zones of the Cutaneous Innervation of the Forelimb

6-22 Left Forelimb and Flexor Surfaces of the Joints

6-23 Left Forelimb

6-24 Capsule of the Left Shoulder Joint

6-25 Distribution of Musculocutaneous and Median Nerves, Right Forelimb

6-26 Distribution of Radial Nerve, Right Forelimb

6-27 Distribution of Ulnar Nerve: Right Forelimb

6-28 Veins of the Neck, Thoracic Inlet, and Proximal Forelimb

6-29 Blood Supply and Innervation Digits

Feline Anatomy

6-30 Claw

6-31 Autonomous Zones of the Cutaneous Innervation of the Forelimb

Equine Anatomy

6-32 Carpal Skeleton

6-33 Synovial Joint

6-34 Joints: Flexion, Extension, and Overextension

6-35 Muscles: Ventral Surface of the Thorax

6-36 Deep Muscles Attaching Forelimb to the Trunk

6-37 Left Forelimb

6-38 Shoulder Joint

6-39 Muscles: Medial Surface of Right Shoulder and Arm

6-40 Elbow Joint (lateral view)

6-41 Synovial Structures of the Left Shoulder and Elbow

6-42 Carpus (dorsopalmar radiograph)

6-43 Carpus (lateral radiograph)

6-44 Synovial Structures of the Left Carpus

6-45 Synovial Structures of the Left Carpus

6-46 Right Forearm

6-47 Structures Supporting the Fetlock Joint

6-48 Fetlock Joint and Digit

6-49 Axial Section of Digit

6-50 Ground Surface of the Hoof

6-51 Section of the Hoof

6-52 Transverse Section of the Hoof

6-53 Enlargement of the Dermal Lamellae

6-54 Dermis Exposed by Removal of Hoof

6-55 Major Arteries of Right Forelimb (medial view)

6-56 Medial Palmar Nerve

Ruminant Anatomy

6-57 Humerus

6-58 Carpal Skeleton

6-59 Muscles of the Forelimb

6-60 Foot (dorsopalmar radiograph)

6-61 Foot (lateromedial radiograph)

6-62 Forefoot (palmar view)

6-63 Right Forefoot (dorsal view)

6-64 Forefoot, Ground Surface of the Hoofs

6-65 Principal Arteries of Right Forelimb

6-66 Principal Veins of the Right Forelimb

6-67 Nerves of the Forelimb

6-68 Principal Nerves of the Right Forefoot

Porcine Anatomy

6-69 Carpal Skeleton

6-70 Phylogenetic Development: Horn Structures Associated with the Distal Phalanx

6-71 Palmar Surface of the Foot

Avian Anatomy

6-72 Skeleton of the Left Wing

6-73 Superficial Dissection of the Laterally Extended Left Wing

Part 7: The Hindlimb

Canine Anatomy

7-1 Hip Bone (lateral view)

7-2 Hip Bone (ventral view)

7-3 Sacrotuberous Ligament

7-4 Left Femur

7-5 Left Tibia and Fibula

7-6 Bones of the Tarsal Skeleton

7-7 Right Pes

7-8 Left Stifle Joint

7-9 Left Stifle Joint Showing Extent of Joint Capsule

7-10 Left Stifle Joint with the Patella Removed

7-11 Muscles of the Hindquarter and Thigh

7-12 Muscles of the Left Leg

7-13 Arteries of the Hindlimb

7-14 Pelvis with Extended and Flexed Hip Joints

7-15 Stifle (lateral view)

7-16 Left leg

7-17 Arteries of the Right Hindlimb

7-18 Hocks and Hindpaws

7-19 Hock

7-20 Cutaneous Innervation of the Hindlimb

7-21 Bones of the Left Pelvic Limb

7-22 Muscle Attachments on the Pelvis and Left Pelvic Limb

7-23 Arteries of Right Pelvic Limb

7-24 Veins of the Right Pelvic Limb

7-25 Distribution of Saphenous, Femoral, and Obturator Nerves of Right Pelvic Limb

7-26 Cranial and Caudal Gluteal Nerves and Sciatic Nerve of Right Pelvic Limb

Feline Anatomy

7-27 Pelvis (ventrodorsal and lateral views)

7-28 Stifle (craniocaudal view)

Equine Anatomy

7-29 Bones of the Tarsal Skeleton

7-30 Muscles of the Croup and Thigh

7-31 Croup Muscles, Resected to Expose the Ischial Tuber

7-32 Left Stifle Joint

7-33 Sagittal Section of Hock Joint

7-34 Stifle and Leg

7-35 Principal Arteries of Right Hindlimb

7-36 Branching of the Aortic Arch

7-37 Nerves of Right Hindfoot

Ruminant Anatomy

7-38 Bones of the Tarsal Skeleton

7-39 Muscles of the Left Hindlimb

7-40 Left Stifle Joint

7-41 Principal Arteries of the Right Hindlimb

7-42 Major Veins of the Hindlimb

7-43 Lymph Nodes of the Pelvis and Hindlimb

7-44 Nerves of the Right Hindlimb

Porcine Anatomy

7-45 Bones of the Tarsal Skeleton

7-46 Lymph Flow of the Hindlimb

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