Save Him

Save Him

by William M. Hayes

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Rydel Scott, a brilliant scientist working at a secret military lab, accidentally discovers a form of time travel while working on a project designed to save wounded soldiers in the field. Rydel's sister, a woman of faith, tells Rydel on her deathbed that she has received a message from God. The message—save Jesus Christ from the cross.

And Rydel Scott travels back in time to do just that.

It is believed even the smallest change to the past can cause catastrophic repercussions for future generations. An elite military unit is sent back in time to hunt Rydel down before he can alter history and possibly kill millions in the process.

The unit and its commanding officers, Colonel John Adams and Unit Commander Ray Catlin, become divided. Catlin, a devout Catholic, claims he witnessed a miracle by Jesus upon arrival in Jerusalem and fervently believes in Rydel’s mission. Adams hasn't believed in God since he was a boy and his only concern is the safety of the people in the present. They must now choose between the fate of Christ and the fate of present-day mankind.

They must decide if they will Save Him.

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BN ID: 2940156032556
Publisher: William M. Hayes
Publication date: 09/19/2019
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 298,007
File size: 302 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

William M. Hayes resides on Long Island in New York with his wife, son, and two dogs. He writes his stories long into the night, gets in five hours sleep, works his Full-Time "day job", and starts all over again.

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Save Him 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
TeamGolfwellcom 28 days ago
I enjoyed reading, “Save Him” by William M. Hayes, who in my opinion, is a brilliant writer who has designed a unique and exciting plot of scientist Rydel Scott going back in time to save Christ. I enjoy the way the author used short chapters to magnify the intense action, suspense, twists and turns, unexpected events, which increased in intensity as I read on. I enjoyed the way the author described the time travel journey and seeing Christ in this scene, “The faithful entered the arched gateway into the Holy City of Jerusalem all crammed together, barely having room to lift their arms from their sides. Behind the flow of humanity entering the city, a man on a donkey approached and waited to enter, His followers flanking Him. Men and women of all ages seemed to notice the man on the small animal at the same time without anyone saying a word to one another. The people inside the bustling stone city made a path as best as they could so that the man could enter. Then, as one, the crowd screamed in heightened joy at the sight of the man—the Holy Man unlike any other before—slowly entering the city of Jerusalem.” I thought the author very creatively depicted many unimaginable events showing other evil forces involved. It made me wonder what he was going to think up next in what I believe is an amazing book. I felt the ending was extremely exciting. In my opinion, the author’s writing style is excellent, and I thought he described each scene extremely well bringing out ever-increasing tension, unexpected events, suspense, bravery, and selflessness. The story, in my view, is thought-provoking and intriguing. I felt this author is highly creative, gifted and very extraordinary and, in my view, as more people read his work his fan base will grow. Very well done and I give this book five stars plus and highly recommend it!
ReadersFavorite4 29 days ago
Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite Author William M. Hayes blends a lethal fusion of science fiction and faith in this gritty, military, science fiction novel, Save Him. It shows us an accidental means of time travel; its original intent is to save wounded soldiers in battle. We are introduced to a brilliant scientist by the name of Rydel Scott, who takes on a mission to save Christ as his sister’s dying wish indicates. But tinkering with the past presents ramifications for the present--even the most infinitesimal detail altered can change the course of human destiny. The US military has deployed an elite unit to track down Rydel in Jerusalem during the time of the Messiah’s active ministry. The men hunting Rydel are on the top of their game but are divided by their beliefs. Humanity’s fate then hangs in the balance with this cat and mouse game. Other than the futuristic military element, Save Him is also an examination of the moral philosophy that justifies the individual motives of every character. The reader may not be interested in the faith versus reason undertones that Hayes lays out here, but there isn’t much proselytizing; rather more solidification of conflicts that the author is trying to establish and settle at the end. Hayes is fast-paced in narrating his story but he is very engaging. And this presents a danger. He has a style of clinching his scenes per chapter and it could make you tense with anticipation. This is the kind of story that you wouldn’t mind reading again because you want to recall how it made you feel.
ReadersFavorite3 29 days ago
Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite Save Him is a powerful work of thriller fiction, written for adults by author William M Hayes. Combining time travel fiction with thriller and religious themes, this intense dramatic work centers around an amazing discovery by military scientist Rydel Scott. When Rydel unleashes the power of time travel, his sister’s final wishes ring in his ears: he must go back and save Jesus from the cross. But even as he tries to embark on his mission, a team of special soldiers is sent out to prevent him from doing so, in case the change in the course of history is too catastrophic. But amongst the team itself, faith and belief in what is right are also in question. Author William M Hayes has created a fascinating conceptual combination of faith-based discussion, action-adventure and time travel mayhem with all its complexities and implications for the future. The clash of ideas between characters is well achieved through realistic and thought-provoking dialogue, as well as close narration that allows us into some of the characters' heads a little deeper. Colonel John Adams comes out a star with some fascinating moments of character development against his perceived rival Commander Catlin. The scenery and atmosphere of Jerusalem and other biblical locations are beautifully described and brought to life with vivid accuracy, making the time travel element all the stronger. Overall, Save Him is an accomplished work of fiction for its psychological and narrative qualities but is also a tense thriller with exciting ideas and a fast-paced plot that rockets to a sharp, surprising ending.
ReadersFavorite1 29 days ago
Reviewed by Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers' Favorite Save Him, by William M. Hayes, is a lot of fun to read. As if Michael Crichton wrote a screenplay for Mission Impossible. Maybe with Q from James Bond thrown in for good measure. Let’s start with him. In this case, Rydel Scott is a most likable, nerdy, quiet mannered genius who invents many plot-related devices guaranteed to make this MI team – here called simply The Unit – as effective a special ops cadre as any SEAL or British MI6 gang comprised of top-notch fighting men and women. Like masks that morph into local features, controlled and altered by someone far away. And instant translators. All well and good. But when a nasty incident during one mission reveals a newly designed salvation chip’s extraordinary ability to transport a person through space and time … well then, all holy fun begins. Literally. Save Him is the totally appropriate if perhaps ironic title of William M. Hayes imaginative thriller, which moves locomotive-like from a secret-government-base-research-facility to a black-ops-foreign-operation to a lone-likable-man’s desperately risky attempt to save the life of Jesus Christ. Of course, he travels back in time to do so. After all, Rydel Scott discovered (or was God-chosen to discover) how to manage that improbable feat. And off he goes. And things get quite weird afterward. A reptilian girl. A rabid man-dog. Stuff like that. One would think perhaps such a tale might become unreadable. Surprise: Mr. Hayes’s writing is mostly very good. Despite an extremely high incredulity factor, the reader’s interest remains fixed by the story’s high-octane momentum. Hayes actually pulls this off. In any event, it’s a whole lot of fun.
ReadersFavorite 29 days ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite Save Him by William M Hayes is a thrilling tale of time travel. Rydel Scott is a genius, a scientist who works at a secret military lab. Completely by accident, while working to save soldiers wounded in the field, he stumbles on a way to travel through time. His sister, Karen, a nun, is dying and on her deathbed, she tells Rydel that she has a message for him, a message from God telling him to save Jesus Christ. Traveling back in time, Rydel aims to do just that but, as everyone knows, one slight change to the past can change the future forever and never in a good way. An elite military unit follows him through time, trying to stop him before he can change history and destroy millions of lives. With a unit divided by their faith, they have a choice to make – the fate of the human race or that of Jesus Christ. Will they choose to save Him or save the world? Save Him by William M Hayes is an original story and one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It’s a thriller packed with action, packed with discovery and one that has a nail-biting finale. The main story took a while to get started but everything you read before it is totally relevant. The characters are a group of very different people, all easy to relate to and likable, and you will find yourself divided – do you root for Rydel or do you get behind those trying to save humankind? The story flowed really well, plenty of detail, plenty of action, no small amount of suspense, all wrapped in one unique package. I can honestly say I have not read a story like this before and I will definitely be reading more from Hayes. Highly recommended for those who want a great story to get stuck into – just don’t expect to put it down until you get to the very last page.