Saving Anna

Saving Anna

by Toni Allen


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Detective Inspector Jake Talbot's sister, Anna, is threatened by a sinister cult's beliefs. Ordered by the Ministry of Defence to observe their activities, he travels to Dorset with his friend Frankie.

Observation becomes investigation when they discover a woman's body. Shortly after, a dangerous piece of evidence lands in Talbot's hands, its disappearance the catalyst for murder.

Talbot suspects that an old enemy is involved with the cult, and at the heart of a plot that links psychic manipulation, drugs, and death. The investigation leads them into deeper shadows, where Talbot's enemy waits to wreak a revenge that is as shocking as it is painful.

It will take all of Talbot's detective skills, and Frankie's exceptional computer programming expertise, if they are to bring down the criminal conspiracy and defeat his enemy. Set on the beautiful Dorset coast, this gritty psychological thriller races to a chilling conclusion in which Frankie and Talbot must face the cost of saving Anna.

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ISBN-13: 9781365131035
Publication date: 05/23/2016
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)

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Saving Anna 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Having thoroughly enjoyed Visiting Lilly, I've been looking forward to Toni Allen's second story with Detective Jake Talbot. Sequels can be challenging & the author has succeeded on every level with this follow up, & the backgrounds to the characters' lives unfold naturally as the tale progresses. The opening chapter is compelling, hooking the reader, & the book's hard to put down. It's intelligently & well written with credible characters among the townsfolk, & the police, MOD & psychiatric fraternities. The plot is original & unusual, thoroughly researched, with a few dead bodies & clever clues. The intricate interwoven story is mainly set in a Dorset coastal town where the mysterious threatening people of the Purple Light organisation are against anyone taking drugs to survive, one of their targets being Jake's comatose sister Anna. Talbot's imperfect damaged character & behaviour make him all too real & human, & of course likeable. The story develops alongside his growing friendship & interaction with Frankie Hayward, an entirely plausible character on the autistic spectrum, accurately portrayed, plus possible future relationships with one of two women, Kate & Helen. Saving Anna is a fascinating read, one to get your teeth into & activate your brain cells, with some surprises, & a satisfying outcome.
ElizaLeone3 More than 1 year ago
Two brilliant characters, one epic adventure! 5 Stars! Series: Book 2: Jake Talbot Investigates Characters: Jake Talbot & Frankie Hayward Setting: Surry Mature Themes: Drugs, Alcohol, & Violence Recommendation: If you've read Visiting Lilly, hold onto your seats, you'll love this book even more! If you're new to the series and are thinking of picking it up, I'd recommend it to lovers of mystery, cop dramas, and those who enjoy rich characters and deep character connections. Talbot and Frankie are back! This time all odds are against Talbot when an old friend looks to settle a score. Frankie is unwillingly drug into the situation by Weissman and his meddling, but with the help of Talbots friendship and patience, he ends up a real partner. Saving Anna takes place barely a year after Visiting Lilly and starts off on a solemn note. Frankie and albot retain much of their charm from the first book while easily expanding both their relationship with each other and how they interact with the outside world. Frankie's idiosyncratic habits and Talbots heroistic fault have both of them metaphorically tripping over each other endlessly and much to great humor and other emotions. Watching their interactions was the highlight of the book and the most enjoyable. While the characters were amazing, they were brought to life with a deep and rich story full of twists and turns, ah ha moments, and a mystery that even on the last page, kept you guessing. The villain in Saving Anna was dastardly, worrying of being written against such strong heroes and brought a tension and anger to the story that left no room for questioning Talbot or Frankie's motives. As you can tell I really enjoyed Saving Lily. When I finished Visiting Anna and was asked to read and review Saving Lilly I said yes, not knowing I would ultimately fall wholly in love with Frankie and Talbot the way I did. I liked the first one, loved the second. Saving Anna was a fantastic and logical progression for both Talbot and Frankie to take and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to take their adventure with them.