Saving Mercy

Saving Mercy

by Abbie Roads

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He found her at last...only to lose her to a nightmare.

Cain Killion knows himself to be a damaged man, his only saving grace the extrasensory connection to blood that he uses to catch murderers. His latest case takes a macabre turn when he discovers a familiar and haunting symbol linking the crime to his own horrific past—and only one woman could know what it means.

Mercy Ledger is brave, resilient, beautiful—and in terrible danger. The moment he sees Mercy, Cain knows he's the one who can save her. He also knows he's beyond redemption. But the lines between good and evil blur and the only thing clear to Cain and Mercy is that they belong together. Love is the antidote for blood—but is their bond strong enough to overcome the evil that stalks them?

Praise for Race the Darkness (Fatal Dreams #1):
"Spine-tingling..." —RT Book Reviews
"Roads blends high-action romantic suspense with the paranormal to tell a love story." —Booklist

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ISBN-13: 9781492639244
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 04/04/2017
Series: Fatal Truth , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 335,376
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Abbie Roads is a Miss Brightside mental health counselor by day, but a lover of dark and dangerous things at night. She writes paranormal romantic suspense, always giving her characters the happy ending she wishes for all her clients. Her novels have been finalists in numerous RWA contests, including the Golden Heart. Race the Darkness was named a Publishers Weekly Top 10 Fall Romance for 2016. Abbie lives in Columbus, OH.

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Saving Mercy 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
krissysbookshelf More than 1 year ago
A toast to Abbie Roads... Here's to your seriously twisted but admittedly phenomenal book. Abbie Roads where have you been all my life? I couldn't get enough of Saving Mercy. The second I opened the first page I was sucked into a savory drink that blended a mix of equal parts psycho with equal parts intensity with a dash of passion just to soothe the burn. I couldn't believe how crazy took center stage from page one and completely ensnared me into following along the dark trail until even I had a hard time separating good guy from bad guy and how the good guy also came with a pinch of darkness himself. Not sure I bought into the whole instant love connection but you could definitely sense that the broken bits in both Mercy and Cain drew them to eachother from the get go. I applaud Roads for twisting up her readers and plot until you're questioning what you think you know about Cain and Mercy and whether you can trust in what you thought about them. Its fantastic. The writing is beautiful, its descriptive and it leaps off the pages with so much life that I am running out of the house to buy this series in print. I am so excited!
KristieK More than 1 year ago
Saving Mercy By: Abbie Roads 5 Star Review by Kristie K A stunning, edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller where two unlikely victims find love and search for redemption… Holy hell, Abbie Roads has delivered one massive mind-f**k with with Saving Mercy, the first installment of her new series Fatal Truth. I literally couldn’t put this book down. It kept me on the edge of my seat from the first page, to the last. Cain Killion and Mercy Ledger are two damaged, broken souls looking for solace from the nightmares that haunt them from their pasts. The story twists, turns, and weaves through the mind of a killer, the eyes of his victims, and the hearts of those hunting him. Danger lurks around every curve, and you never know where the psychotic killer will lead you next. An unexpected, and unlikely love grows from the horrors of the past, grabbing you by the heartstrings and leading you toward an uncertain outcome…will they find their redemption, or die trying? This book was amazing…from the gorgeous cover, to the captivating synopsis, it held me in its grip. The storyline and plot were masterfully created, bewitching, and flawlessly executed. The characters leapt off the page, grabbed ahold of your heart, mind, and soul, and made you feel every emotion, every horror, every pain. Abbie Roads is an outstanding writer, bringing imagination, creativity, intelligence, and stunning realism to her books. A definite new favorite to add to my bookshelf. Kristie K
Brinda_Berry More than 1 year ago
Abbie Roads delivers a bone-chilling love story centered on two individuals who should be mortal enemies—Cain Killion and Mercy Ledger. Cain, son of a serial killer, investigates murders as a form of redemption for his father’s crimes. His internal war of good versus evil is enough to make him a complicated character. The plot thickens when he rescues Mercy Ledger from a dangerous situation. Cain’s greatest misfortune is being attracted to her, the lone survivor of a massacre. How strong are the blood ties that bind Cain to his past? And can Mercy truly leave her own past behind? The chemistry between Cain and Mercy sizzles. It’s also as dangerous and combustible as a firecracker near a gas pump. The twists and turns in this one will keep you guessing.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Saving Mercy was by far the most gruesome romantic suspense book that I have ever read. To say that there was a lot of blood would be an understatement. There was blood everywhere. Blood was literally the main theme of the book. Blood relations, painting in blood, and to make things even more disturbing, the hero Cain Killion is able to get into the mind of any killer by covering his body in victims’ blood. It was beyond disgusting and just plain old nasty. Cain Killion is an FBI consultant who uses his unique ability for good in order to make up for the heinous crimes committed by his biological father Adam Killion, who is in prison for killing the Ledger Family 20 years ago when Cain was only ten. The twist in all of this is that Adam left the youngest of the Ledger family alive although he did attempt to slash her throat. Her name is Mercy and for the past two years, she has been wrongfully imprisoned in a mental institution. When symbols from a current murder scene point Cain in Mercy’s direction for answers, he ends up breaking her out of the institution and discovering that he and Mercy have an attraction to each other that can’t be denied. In addition, Mercy has been mentally and physically abused by her doctor all of this time. In fact, the doctor is so obsessed with her that he goes looking for her and Cain. But that’s not all of it. As the FBI’s investigation into a possible disciple of Adam Killion continues, Cain puts the pieces together and what he finds out will shake him to the core and bring him to the breaking point. The psychological implications of Saving Mercy are disturbing. The level of violence and bloodletting will make your skin crawl. I don’t even see how it was possible to weave a romance into all of this brutality. It was very difficult to enjoy the parts of the book that were clearly intended to be hot and steamy when all I could think about was when was the next blood scene going to occur. Honestly, I don’t know if I could stomach another book like this one. **Received a copy of the book for Sourcebooks Casablanca and voluntarily reviewed.**
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
Review For: Saving Mercy 'Saving Mercy' by Abbie Roads is book One in the "Fatal Truth" series. This is the story of Cain and Mercy. This is a bloody, exciting, drama filled its a little more than just a romance story. Mercy was one of Cain's father victims that actually survived..but barley. After some time she did end up in a mental hospital that one Dr pretty much torture her. Until Nurse Liz gets her out and into Cain's safe handling. Cain was subjected to the murders of his father and now has issue with closeness even those who are trying to show they care like Mac the FBI agent who took him in when he was young. Even Liz has tried to be a mother to him but he can't get close to anyone until Mercy. Cain has been keeping tabs on Mercy but at first didn't want to take her in doe to his issue with emotion. In addition, he has a love/hate with blood and crime scene. But they slowly start to help each other get through their past. But they also have to get through the danger that they are now in. *A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection*
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
Hoooo boy! I’m not sure how Ms. Roads does it, but I’m still amazed by her capacity to write the most heartfelt, innocent and beautiful love stories woven into the darkest, most twisted, disturbingly gory plot lines. I’m not entirely sure how to classify Saving Mercy. It is definitely a paranormal suspense and has some dark aspects. The amount of blood and gore almost makes me want to say horror too. Cain and Mercy share a traumatic past, while not exactly the same, the horrors they’ve survived have one link in common. One that not only has been haunting them ever since, but that resulted in them developing some type of psychic abilities. Cain reminded me a bit of Dexter Morgan, he has a love/hate relationship with blood and how his ability works. He is convinced he’s a monster who’s going to be pushed into snapping someday. Even when using his ability to help the FBI solve murders takes a great toll on him, not only physically but emotionally and psychically too, he can’t see any good in himself. Cain was a broken man, that he survived his childhood and still maintained the capacity to feel was just plain amazing. He was incredibly caring in spite of the many issues he had, and the way he fought against what he feared was his nature was awe inspiring. My heart went to him time and again, I just wanted to hug him. Mercy was also an incredibly strong character. The fact that she was alive was a testament to her force of will, and how she battled against the external forces threatening her sanity was incredible. That she could still love, forgive and function was a small miracle. I really connected to both her and Cain. I felt their pain, their struggles and their love for each other. This also means my heart was broken time and again when the issues they had to overcome seemed to be too much for them to handle. With the suspense and mystery that will keep you turning the pages, the connection and chemistry between Cain and Mercy and that perfect balance between horrifically disturbing stuff and the loveliest of love stories, Saving Mercy is a very engaging read. Though I’m still thinking that I wouldn’t want to be in Ms. Roads mind’s world… like, ever. *I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book*
DinaS2 More than 1 year ago
Paranormal Romantic Suspense is one of my favorite genres and Saving Mercy (Fatal Truth, Book 1) was AWESOME! Saving Mercy reminds me of a True Crime show or a Psychological Suspense movie. It does have some graphic violence, alot of blood, and murder. Good and evil battling against each other. The way Abbie tells her story and the words she has chosen gave me goosebumps, but in a good way. You can feel the pain Cain and Mercy are going through and just want them to be happy and together. This is my first book by the author Abbie Roads, but she is now one author I will keep looking for her next books to be released!
babraann More than 1 year ago
Saving Mercy is another amazing story written by Abbie Roads. This story has a way of pulling you in and holding you captive from the very first page. It will have you gasping, sitting on the edge of your chair with every twist that unfolds. It is a paranormal, romantic suspense story like no other! Mercy and Cain are trying to heal and deal with troubled, gruesome, tragic childhoods. I found myself getting so caught up in this story that everything else around me disappeared. Even though it is a darker story, Abbie Roads finds a way to add a touching romantic side as well. Her writing style is so good that as she describes each scene and character, you can see them, cry with them, feel their heartache, smell the stench of certain characters and feel like you are actually in the room with them. Your heart breaks for what they went through and you cheer them on hoping for a happy ending. When I closed the book at the end, I found myself sitting quietly and thinking wow.... I received this book as a gift.
Suze-Lavender More than 1 year ago
Cain has a special gift, he can find murderers through a connection with the victim's blood. He isn't proud of what he can do and thinks he is a predator, a monster. He helps the FBI to solve cases, but he doesn't believe in his own goodness. Cain is a product of his father's grooming when he was a child. When a recent crime is being linked to the murders that made Cain's life change forever, Cain knows where to find more information, with Mercy, the only survivor of this crazy deed. Cain thinks he's the last person she wants to see, but he's the only one who can save her life. Mercy has been a victim countless times, but she knows that as long as the people who are after her won't be able to touch her spirit she will heal. Someone who wants to harm her has locked her up and Cain is the only one who can get her out. Instead of recognizing him as the evil creature he thinks he is, Mercy thinks Cain belongs to her, they are bound by something powerful. While they're being chased they find each other. Do they have a chance together or will the awfulness that keeps following them win after all? Mercy is strong, determined, selfless and incredibly brave. She's been through a lot, but as long as she's in control of her own mind nobody can break her. When she meets Cain she feels a connection and she can see his core. Both Mercy and Cain have a special gift and they understand one another. I love books about soul mates and Mercy and Cain are fabulous together. Cain is a kind and caring man, but he thinks he's something horrible on the inside. Mercy makes him aware of who he really is and I admired her for that. She protects Cain as much as he protects her and their bond is beautiful. It's been formed in terrible circumstances and Saving Mercy is a clear example of the idea that sometimes the greatest evil can also create something good and wonderful. Saving Mercy is an incredibly creepy and compelling book. Abbie Roads writes about serial killers in a fantastic frightening way and she keeps playing with the boundaries between good and evil. I loved that about her story. She has a gripping writing style that always keeps me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Her main characters are unique and I love her detailed and creative descriptions of their personalities. Saving Mercy is dark, interesting, twisted and captivating. I read the story in one sitting, because I couldn't put it down. The story has many surprising twists and turns and some shocking scenes that genuinely spooked me. It has a terrific scary ending that's both fitting and mind-blowing. Saving Mercy is a very promising start of a new series, I highly recommend it and can't wait to read more.
Myra Espino More than 1 year ago
Oh my gosh!!!! Fantastic book!!!! Loved it!!! I read the first book in the series and I loved it.. and this book also freaking nailed it!!! Beautifully written and the story was amazing!!!! I love the mystery, the suspense and the romance all thrown out in this wonderfully written book! The characters are easy to like. And also I love how I was easily got carried away on all the scenes on this book. Really amazing read!! Loved it!! Ms. Abbie did it again! #musread #bookhangoveralert
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
First in a chilling new paranormal romantic suspense series from award-winning author Abbie Roads He's found her at last Cain Killion knows himself to be a damaged man, his only saving grace the extrasensory connection to blood that he uses to catch murderers. His latest case takes a macabre turn when he discovers a familiar and haunting symbol linking the crime to his own horrific past-and only one woman could know what it means. Only to lose her to a nightmare Mercy Ledger is brave, resilient, beautiful-and in terrible danger. The moment he sees Mercy, Cain knows he's the one who can save her. He also knows he's beyond redemption. But the lines between good and evil blur and the only thing clear to Cain and Mercy is that they belong together. Love is the antidote for blood-but is their bond strong enough to overcome the evil that stalks them? Review: A truly unique and inventive story! I was originally drawn in by the blurb and interesting cover, but the story was so well written and exciting that it kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. It felt like an episode of Criminal Minds on steroids. In this story Cain and Mercy have been so affected by Cain's serial killer father, him being groomed to kill and Mercy his victim he let live. I thought having Cain and Mercy actually getting powers of a sort from their experiences with Killion. Mercy and Cain are such tortured characters, but so strong and fighters, I really like that about them. Of course, there are bad guys galore in this story, that keep Mercy and Cain in danger and watching over each other and me guessing who is behind the killings. The romance between the two is sweet and touching. Great romantic suspense! 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
SAVING MERCY is the first instalment in Abbie Roads’s contemporary, adult FATAL TRUTH paranormal, romantic suspense series. This is FBI profiler Cain Killion, and Mercy Ledger’s story line. NOTE: SAVING MERCY contains scenes of graphic violence, blood shed and murder, and may not be appropriate for all readers. Told from several third person points of view including Cain and Mercy SAVING MERCY focuses on Cain Killion, the son of a serial killer, and Mercy Ledger-one of Cain’s father’s victims -a woman who survived but finds herself victimized over and over again. Twenty years earlier Mercy’s entire family was brutally slaughtered by Adam Killion and in the ensuing years, Mercy has struggled to find her place in society until the day she found herself locked in a mental institution against her will. Enter Cain Killion, Adam Killion’s son, and the man who will fall in love with one of his father’s victims. What ensues are Cain’s attempts to save Mercy from a potential copy –cat killer; a stalker who uses Mercy for his own perverted pleasure; and the fall out from a killer’s need for power and control. Cain Killion has the ability to ‘read’ blood-a killer’s thought and ideas whenever he touches the blood of one of the victims. His psychic abilities leave our hero in a world of hurt and pain, and not without some difficult side effects he’d rather not endure but as an FBI profiler Cain’s ‘powers’ can be used as a positive when on the hunt for the criminally responsible, making amends for his father’s past. His connection to Mercy Ledger comes on the twentieth anniversary of her family’s murders, and a string of killings linking directly back to Mercy and Cain find our couple on the run, not knowing whom to trust or where next to turn. The overwhelming darkness and demons continue to ride Cain Killion-a man whose own father destroyed everything he touched. Mercy is not without some psychic abilities of her own, and together they will form a powerful team but not before Mercy is targeted by someone from her past. SAVING MERCY is an intense, tragic and alarming look at one man’s ability to destroy everything in his path. There are moments of passion and romance, atrocious violence and abhorrent acts, betrayal, redemption and vindication. The premise is suspenseful and disturbing; the characters are broken, destructive and tormented; the romance is fated, profound and heartbreaking. SAVING MERCY is a dark, deadly, fiery and tense story; a well written psychological thriller about a tortured hero, and the woman with whom he will fall in love.
S_Leca More than 1 year ago
5 Stars Absolutely loved this book! It will tear your heart out the whole way, it will make you cry tears of joy, pain, sorrow and disbelief all at the same time. And it will make you never want to put the book down or even look up (which I didn't for the whole 2.5 hour car ride). There is gore, action, sex, romance, suspense, and mystery in this one story. Cain Killion is the son of a vicious killer and he happens to look just like him. Now wherever he goes people look at him like he will snap and kill someone, even though he hasn't seen his father in 20 years. Cain has been trying to give back to society to the point that he does some absolutely disgusting things in order to use his special gift to find killers. He has done this for years, working with the FBI and finding criminals. But when his most recent case leads him to Mercy he is stupefied. She is the one victim his father let go, and she is a women he always keeps up to date on. He as always wanted to meet her face to face but fears the revulsion he know that he will see on her face if she actually see's him. Mercy Ledger is a victim to the public, but a survivor in her own right. After surviving the brutal murder of her family and having her throat slashed by a vicious murderer 20 years ago she is now in hell. She is in a facility for the mentally incapacitated with a man who wants her body, mind and soul all to himself. She refuses to give in and he refuses to make it easy. Now she is in big trouble with an escape plan being put into affect without her knowledge. And when she wakes up she will be in a new version of hell, the only question is if it will burn her up or make her even stronger than she already is. This was a read of epic proportions I loved the characters. I do have to admit that I flinched and threw up in my mouth in a few scenes towards the beginning but it was a great tale. It was an addictive, amazing, fast paced, action packed, mystery shrouded romance that you will not want to pass up on. This is a HEA with no cliffhanger to the romance but there is a small one about some secondary characters. ~A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection.
BriAnn17 More than 1 year ago
This book has given me a major dilemma because now I just can't figure out which Abbie Roads book is my favorite! Saving Mercy absolutely blew my mind with it's twisted story of murder, obsession, and tortured characters. It's a story that will mess with your mind more than you can even prepare for, and you'll love the whole entire experience. Cain Killion, son of serial killer Adam Killion, now works with the FBI using his ability to relive crime scenes to help solve cases. When a case hits way too close to home near the 20th anniversary of his fathers killings, he's sucked back into the Killer Killion world. And he needs Mercy Ledger's, the only surviving victim of his fathers and current resident of a psychiatric hospital, help to solve the most recent murders. "A girl could get used to having a big, strong man carrying her around." "A guy could get used to having a beautiful lady to carry around." The telling of this story is something I would compare to reading Stephen King or watching Criminal Minds. It was that intense and thrilling to read, and I didn't put it down once I started. When you think you know everything, and have it all figured out, Ms. Roads is right there to prove you wrong and blow your mind yet again. Honestly, this book should come with a warning for those with heart issues because I felt like I was going to have a heart attack from all of the suspense being thrown at me. Cain was a character that I wish was real just so I could find him and comfort him. Life had thrown so much his way and he was barely holding on to his sanity. Then Mercy was brought to his life and with her an evident change to his character. The development between these two character was something you don't read about everyday and it had me tearing up for them both. I fell for them both and they now have a special place in my heart. The bottom line is if you don't read this book I'm not sure I can be your friend anymore. Saving Mercy now has the spot of my 2017 favorite read and I really don't think anything else is going to be able to take that titled away from it. Saving Mercy Playlist: The Kill - Thirty Seconds to Mars The Sound of Silence - Disturbed Bury Me Alive - We Are The Fallen Wrong Side of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch Psycho - Muse Sorrow - Flyleaf Rot - Lacey Sturm
13835877 More than 1 year ago
I voluntarily received an ARC of Saving Mercy by Abbie Roads in exchange for an honest review. Holy crap! That is all I could think for several minutes after finishing Saving Mercy. Abbie Roads is a magnificent artist and story teller and she has blown my mind once again. I am constantly amazed at how she manages to combine so much pain and darkness with immense amounts of love to form her books. Mercy and Cain are both so damaged and have been dealt a hand in life that no one should ever have to deal with and their pasts have intertwined to connect them in unimaginable ways. Seeing them struggle to deal with their tragic childhoods while facing new horrors kept me from putting this book down until I had read every last word. Saving Mercy left me with the worst book-hangover I've had in a long time. I tried to start another book the next morning, but it just wasn't an Abbie Roads book.
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! The cover is perfect, but you may not notice things until you read the book! This is the first book in a new series! It is definitely a adult book with the violence and steamy scenes. Abbie is a fantastic author that has introduced me to a new style that is both gruesome and beautiful. Her books amaze me because it is so life like and scary at times. She has quickly found her way to my favorites list! My heart broke for everything Cain and Mercy have endured. I don’t know that I would have survived everything they have. Cain scared me a little at the start with his gift, but it makes sense once you understand his gift and what his father put him through. I’m not sure who has endured more Cain or Mercy, but this dark tale grabs hold and you become entrenched in the characters. This was an emotional rollercoaster that was like an accident scene you couldn’t look away from. I highly recommend to anyone who loves Fatal Dreams, crime solving and a thrilling mystery with the perfect amount of romance! I can’t wait to see what Abbie comes up with next!