Saving on a Shoestring

Saving on a Shoestring

by B. Oneill


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Saving on a Shoestring by B. Oneill

With easy access to credit cards and ATMs, and tempted by the media to buy this year's version of everything from clothing to electronic equipment, it's easier than ever to spend money -- and harder to save it. But no matter how little you make, or how much debt you're in, you can begin to turn your financial life around. Saving on a Shoestring is a clear, practical guide to personal finance that offers simple plans and savvy solutions to your money problems. Now fully updated and revised, this timely book is filled with scores of tips on how to cut spending, reduce your debt, increase your current net worth, lower your income taxes, and save more money! Easy-to-use worksheets help you identify your financial goals, track cash flow, and maximize the value of your money. Most important, you'll learn to overcome procrastination -- one of the most common financial errors -- and take the first steps in your financial action plan today. Saving on a Shoestring shows you how to save money without feeling deprived. You'll learn how to put off small, insignificant pleasures today in order to experience greater, more important ones in the future. And by taking positive action, you'll begin to nurture a positive attitude about your finances, making it easier to act quickly in your own best interest. If your debts are growing while your savings are shrinking, if you work hard at your job, but don't know where the money goes, this inspiring guide can change your financial life. With the right attitude, proper planning, and a bit of discipline, even you can achieve financial independence and retire in comfort.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781567315714
Publisher: MJF Books
Publication date: 12/01/2002
Pages: 238
Product dimensions: 5.96(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.85(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.Why We Should Save Money and Why We Don't1
Chapter 2.First Things First--Defining Your Values and Goals11
Chapter 3.Determining Your Financial X33
Chapter 4.Now You See It, Now You Don't--How To Track Your Cash Flow47
Chapter 5.Stash Some Cash--25 Ways To Save More Money61
Chapter 6.Spend Less, Save More 60 Ways To Cut Expenses75
Chapter 7.Your Financial Blueprint--Developing a Spending Plan That Works89
Chapter 8.Earlybirds Get the Worm--Maximizing the Time Value of Money101
Chapter 9.In Debt or Over Your Head? How To Avoid a Credit Crunch115
Chapter 10.Am I Covered? How To Get the Best Insurance at the Lowest Cost131
Chapter 11.Enough Is Enough--50 Ways To Reduce Your Income Tax143
Chapter 12.While There's Still Time Saving for a Comfortable Retirement155
Chapter 13.Your House as a Bank--Leveraging Your Savings Through Real Estate167
Chapter 14.You Can't Take It with You--Estate-Planning Basics179
Chapter 15.Beyond the Cookie Jar--Women's Changing Financial Needs191
Chapter 16.He Works, She Works--Financial Planning for Two-Paycheck Families203
Chapter 17.Help--I Need Somebody! How To Choose Financial Advisers213

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