Saving Poughkeepsie

Saving Poughkeepsie

by Debra Anastasia

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Beckett Taylor’s quest to be a better man has brought Eve Hartt back into his life, but sometimes it feels like they’re bound together with barbed wire. Though he longs to love her without causing her pain, the wreckage of their past continues to crash down around them. Yet with the help of this brothers—and for his brothers—Beckett won’t stop trying. He’s determined to make them all a family, to make a life they want to live, and to make Poughkeepsie a place that’s safe to live that life. He can feel their futures balanced precariously on his shoulders: Blake and Livia and their children, Cole and Kyle and the new baby they’ve just brought home, and Eve…always Eve. He wants their dreams to be real. But murderers don’t just get Happily Ever After handed to them. They have to wrench it away from Satan himself. Good thing Beckett is prepared to do just that. After all, saving Poughkeepsie is the only way his story ends. Prepare your heart and your head for a wild ride in this final installment of the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series. Debra Anastasia does not disappoint as she weaves the last chapter of a story that blends true love, turbulent emotions, and life’s harsh realities into an uplifting tale that calls to the good in each of us.

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ISBN-13: 9781623421717
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Publication date: 11/22/2014
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 782,404
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Saving Poughkeepsie 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
jennisnowfl More than 1 year ago
FLOVE this series! This is the third book in this trilogy and there is a prequel available for those who are interested in how it all started, but the three books that comprise this incredible tail filled with amazing characters remains at the top of my all-time favorites. The first book, aptly titled Poughkeepsie remains one of my favorites to this day. A heartwarming story which will stay with you forever, you get a clear idea of how this writer rolls, and it works. This final story to the trilogy wraps things up in a neat bow and gives the reader the HEA they crave while keeping them on the edge of their seat. Just when you think you have these characters figured out, the writer changes things up on you, and it’s terrific. You even begin to bond with several of the douche bags in Beckett’s circle and by the time you’re done, you will become a full fledged believer in all things redemption. Great job by a phenomenal writer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this series ! !
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was worth the wait. Beckett and Eve were so badass...that they were so good together, and you couldn't help to fall in love with them.. Which I did.. Great ending to book 3 and the "brothers". LOVETOREAD
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
As a fan of the first two books in this series, it goes without saying I was waiting not so patiently for this installment of the series. It was well worth the wait! If you’ve never read this series, you’re really missing out. If you’ve read the first two, then read on because Oh. Em. Gee. Beckett has struggled in the first two books to really find a place, I think. In this one, he wants he and Eve and his brothers with their families to all be happy and safe and most importantly, together. But others will not let that be an easy task. Can they all make it to the end together? I have to say that, hands down, Beckett is my favorite character in this series. I mean, Blake will always have a place in my heart because he’s Blake! But Beckett is one of my favorite types of characters because you should not like him. He should not dig out a little place in your heart. You should not want him to get what he wants because he’s not, really, been a bastion of good decisions or even treated others well. But Beckett loves, and he loves fiercely, and that really topples your defenses after a while and makes you just LOVE him, and want him to get everything he wants. Of the 3 brothers, I think Beckett is the one who did all the dirty work. He’s not a bad person, but his life has led him to make some morally ambiguous choices. I don’t really think that’s his fault. He’s the best. And while I wasn’t really sure how things were going to turn out for him and Eve, Debra really makes it work and I was so happy with where they ended up. It worked. I just think this is a very well-written and well thought out series. It’s gritty, but also heartwarming and touching in a way that few books are. I had a lot of hopes riding on this book and I was not unhappy with the results. It’s a rollercoaster of a book, and I was biting my nails and reading as fast as I could. Such a great conclusion to a series that will definitely always remain one of my faves. 5 stars. Reviewed by Sara Squared for Crystal’s Many Reviewers *Copy Provided for review*
Mali64 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book, highly recommend it. I actually recommend that you first read books one and two of the series, you won't regret it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I usually read strong romance with alpha males. This series really got to me. I read all three books in 3days. You might think its a tad slow. But its introducing you to the charactors. Its an loving,violent , n heartwarming series. This is one writer who should have if not received an award. This story hooked me til the end. Great writing.Strnegth a lot in it about faith, love, the badness in this world n the good that can come from it.
asgoodrich More than 1 year ago
Abso-freaking-lutely perfect! I have spent the last three days with the brothers of Poughkeepsie and as I finished each book I couldn’t imagine how Ms. Anastasia could make their story any better and outdo herself. Yet she did with each book. And Saving Poughkeepsie is the perfect ending to a series I really don’t want to see end.  With all of the action that happened in Return to Poughkeepsie, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the “truce” between Beckett and Vitullo but I REALLY didn’t expect to find out that Mary Ellen wasn’t the only loon in that family. Seriously, the apple didn’t fall far from that tree. I was utterly astounded by the plays Vitullo made in order to insure his legacy. Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe it. Unfortunately his machinations meant that Eve was forced to experience even more loss and my heart broke for her. But Eve and Beckett proved once again that love conquers all – albeit in some odd yet effective ways. And in Beckett Taylor’s signature style, Poughkeepsie was saved with a boom.  In Saving Poughkeepsie, Ms. Anastasia gives us the chance to see how life goes on for everyone in spite of the mayhem that Vitullo’s actions inflict upon the city. We get to see Livia and Blake’s family continue to grow and how strong their love is. Kyle and Cole also saw their family grow with the arrival of Chery’s baby; my heart hurt with happiness when Kyle finally got to experience motherhood. As for Beckett and Eve, their relationship underwent sooooo many changes as they faced challenge after challenge in this book that I’m actually glad I can’t mention them due to spoiler issues because I’m not even sure where I’d start. But the author definitely kept me on the edge of my seat as I watched them face the challenges together – whether it was physically or emotionally, they stood by one another and forged an even deeper bond than they had. While Saving Poughkeepsie is intended to be the final book in the series, I can only hope that Ms. Anastasia’s Poughkeepsie muses start haunting her and demand their stories to be told now that the Poughkeepsie Brother’s Legacy is open. In the meantime, I can comfort myself with the knowledge that I can visit Poughkeepsie anytime I want and look forward to the release of the prequel, Poughkeepsie Begins.  I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers! P.S. – I also purchased a copy of this book for my Kindle library. Yep, that’s how good it was.
TracyG-1 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Beware of possible spoilers. I loved "Saving Poughkeepsie".  I found it to be the best book of the three.  It didn't seem to drag on and on like the previous books.   Beckett was back in top form to protect his brothers and their families.  He frustrated me in the previous books with his self-hatred, believing he's bad for his family and needs to stay away from them.  I loved that he finally got together with Eve permanently.  Blake and Cole were awesome standing by Beckett.  They were family no matter what.   Eve was so strong in this book.  While I did hate the way she seemed to push away Beckett, I think she handled everything that was thrown at her wonderfully.  I was ecstatic that she got her babies, and Beckett as a daddy, swoon.   I really hated Livia and Kyle's dad in this book.  He seemed too stuck in his hatred of Beckett.  I couldn't really understand why he wouldn't give him a chance to turn his life around.   I loved the way the whole community came together to save Poughkeepsie from Vitullo and his insanity.  He was totally crazy.  Especially his baby-making scheme.  I was overjoyed when that fell apart.   One thing that did seem a little out there in this book was the amount of cash available to Beckett.  I know Mouse set him up for life but the stuff Beckett was buying, he must have had billions.  It just seems a little farfetched to me.   One of my favorite things about this book was seeing where each couple was years down the road.  I loved seeing Blake and Livia and Cole and Kyle's happily ever after.  Again, Beckett as a daddy was so swoonworthy.  The big bad thug pushing a double stroller gave me a great big smile. Overall, this is a great conclusion to the storyline. 4.5-Bombs Reviewed by Tracy
BlushingReader More than 1 year ago
Saving Poughkeepsie absolutely cannot be read as a stand alone.  I insist that you read the series as it was intended, as a series.  All the books build off one another over a span of years starting with Poughkeepsie, the heartbreakingly wonderful story of Blake, and turns into this epic saga that gives you depth, heart, brotherhood and hope.  This is a tough review to write, so I am going to try my best to talk about the power of Debra Anastasia's writing, not the content that could spoil those who have yet to meet Blake on the train platform in Poughkeepsie. Debra Anastasia writes stories that push your boundaries, her words move you and the characters become a part of the reader.  I read Poughkeepsie last year and not a day goes by that I don't think about Blake when I see someone smile.  This series is not your typical series where every book, a specific character gets there story told.  The Poughkeepsie series spans the lives of three men (brothers by choice) as they find their way in the world and reach out for the things they have always craved; family, love and loyalty.   Saving Poughkeepsie was a book I was not expecting.  First, I was surprised we were getting more to this series, I thought Return to Poughkeepsie was the final book.  I am glad that I was wrong and Debra Anastasia proved with Saving Poughkeepsie she had more (a LOT more) story to share with us.  These characters go through such transformations during this series and the most surprising change was in Beckett.  I tolerated Beckett in book one, I really liked him in book two, but I fell in a little bit of love with Beckett in this final book.  Beckett was the character you never want to like, but you put up with because he is entertaining and valuable to other characters in this series.  However, watching him grow and become the man that he was always meant to be was a fantastic journey that will make you want to go all the back to book one and see if you missed his true self all along.   Debra Anastasia broke me a few times in this series, the strength of emotions she can pull from her readers is a talent I am in awe of.  I cried tears of helplessness, heartache, joy and of hope while reading Saving Poughkeepsie.  I was taken on a journey I did not expect, it that was full of love, violence, hope and salvation.  This story will stick with me for a long time and I will never look at a piano, a train platform or knitting without thinking of this fabulous series If you have been reading the Poughkeepsie series then this is a book you are going to want to read, even though you think these characters have told their story, there is still so much more you are going to learn.  If you have never read this series, I am jealous.  You will get to meet and discover this trio of men that change what brotherhood truly means.  You MUST read Poughkeepsie... and then in turn Saving Poughkeepsie.  Give yourself the gift of this fabulous series by 1-clicking! Debra Anastasia you blew my mind (again).  I can't wait to see what your mind/heart/creative genius comes up with next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in her trilogy, and it is a must read!! You will not be dissapointed. If you haven't read the first two, do!
LJ111970 More than 1 year ago
This series is my favorite and if I could, I would force you to read it, but since I can’t (and I’m not Beckett) I just hope something inspires you and you grab the first book. If you do, I know you’ll grab the next and then this one and you’re hooked. When I received this book it was so bittersweet. I even asked for the last word on a separate page so I didn't have to finish it – ever,  but yet at the same time I got the story. You may think I’m crazy but if you’ve read that book or series that grabbed you so deep and held on to you like never before, then you know what I’m feeling or talking about…if not then wait because it will come one day. I love Debra Anastasia and will go to any book she writes. Her style is incredible. Soft, loving and romantic and sweet, yet hot, sexy and hard. Dramatic, exciting and deep, and funny as hell. Her characters are brilliant and easy to connect to. They pull at your heart with the way she creates them and their pasts and the way they intertwine with each other. I do have to laugh though because when the book talks about Rodolfo I see the old man on the Simpsons. Montgomery Burns. The book starts off sweet and loving and la dee da then holy hell…flip a page and all hell breaks lose! Beckett and Eve are together again in this book and go through some pretty incredible things to get to the end of the story. Eve’s past comes to light and a huge secret her father held from her all these years. My god she is one kick ass bitch but it is so nice to see her gentle side and be reminded she is just another woman. Becket is his same tough self but when it comes to Eve he is simply a teddy bear – until you mess with his woman! Blake and Liv are settled in their lives and seem to be at peace. Kyle and Cole are dealing with the changes in their lives and adapting to them. They all have their issues but this time it’s more bout Beckett and Eve and the interaction that brings them together as family. This family suffers another big loss and they come together to deal with it. I like the way it is so dramatic and serious but the sarcasm and come backs are priceless. Rude, crude and brilliant LOL! Later in the book we are introduced to a young man and he is so troubled and messed but yet in one line Debra shows us how beautiful this messed up boy truly is. I kind of wish there was a story about him coming. ----- “Come with me.” He led her to the beach again, but during dinner a few people had been busy. It was now lined with an aisle of candles, and a man stood close to the breaking surf, hands crossed, waiting. Someone had used the surrounding sand as a canvas, creating a swirling pattern. Their names were part of the art.  What? She asked without a sound. “I want you to marry me. Here. Now.” Beckett let go of her hand and strode away. When he turned around, close to the water at the end of the aisle, he hoped to hell she wasn't running in the other direction. ------ The ending was MESSED lol – omg seriously. I was at about 75% and I had to put the book down for a minute. The feeling in my gut was sickening. I had this feeling Deb was standing behind me waiting to break my heart with her words. Seriously I was so afraid of what she had written but at the same time I HAD to finish. It was dramatic, touching, sad and so sweet. I kind of saw it coming but not the way it played out and again that gut feeling completely threw me off. The story line was different than anything I have ever read and that’s why i think I like this series. It isn't the rich hot business man and the stupid naive girl or the typical bad boy and good girl. It’s so much more and has so much twisted into it.