Saving Rain: The First Novel in The Rain Trilogy

Saving Rain: The First Novel in The Rain Trilogy

by Karen-Anne Stewart



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ISBN-13: 9781491810866
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/10/2013
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Saving Rain: The First Novel in The Rain Trilogy 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
OldVictorianQuill More than 1 year ago
Little I say in this review will live up to how much I adored and, still now, cherish this book. There was something about it that made it so memorable in comparison to many books that tackle similar issues, and this one is just up there at the top with it’s gorgeous characters, realistic character and story development and beautiful prose which swept me away. Kas and Raina are characters that felt very real to me from the first page. I adored how Karen-Anne Stewart introduced us to these characters after they had already been aquainted, and whose troubles had already started and been a source of worry to the other. At first I thought I had started reading the second book instead of the first, feeling as though I was missing something, but within a few pages I understood the authors intent and absolutely loved entering the book right at the centre of the action. I loved guessing at who the characters were and what they meant to each other, and as little tidbits were given to us whilst we see Kas waiting in the hospital for news on Raina, I felt the added drama and suspense creep into the story because of this clever way of starting the story. The back-story of this book was very much focused on abuse in many different settings, and the struggles that victims have to face to overcome their demons and put their trust in someone else. Raina was a fantastic heroine for this story. She was strong yet vulnerable and it made the burning romance between her and Kas have an almost ill-fated kind of foreshadowing, but one that intrigued and pulled you in, rather than making you feel scared for them. The author did a fantastic job at making their happy ending seem only just out of reach, but making us feel so sure of Kas’ character that we know without a doubt that he would fight to the very end to call Raina his own, and to protect her from her horrific past. I can’t even express how much I loved their relationship, how sweet it was, how loving and how much they both cherished their time together. Whenever I think of Kas and Raina now I always smile as the beauty and utter devotion they showed to each other, even before their relationship became romantic, just blew me away. Although I admit I often swoon at the bad-boys with a heart of gold, Kas was up there on his own level as such a perfect gentleman and being so genuine and supportive without being too much of an alpha-male unless it came to Raina’s safety. Raina’s past was heartbreaking and to see the struggle she faced to put that past behind her really hit home the message of parental abuse. It reminds us that not everything is as it seems, and even the most seemingly loving of parents may hide a dark secret. The ending of this book just made the situation seem more real and showed the harsh reality of how abusers isolate their victims so that they have nowhere and no one to run to. The sex trade storyline was one that had me so angry, which just highlights how brilliantly Karen-Anne Stewart wrote this story. It was heartbreakingly realistic and gave me a real resolve to one day work with victims of sex-trafficking, which is something I wanted to do when I was at university. I always love the nitty gritty psychological issues that are hinted at throughout these kind of stories and the author entwined these so well within the story, pacing the development of Raina’s trust in telling her secrets to Kas just perfectly. I liked that there were some backward steps in her recovery process, and how not everything worked out the second after she began to open up. She had relapses and fell back into old patterns due to her fear, something that we see in the last chapter of this book. It was so well done that I felt Raina’s pain as a real person, rather than her just being a character. I was so glad that her recovery will take a more realistic route, with improvements and lapses, just as any recovery road takes. This was an absolute stunner of a book. I adored every second of it, and was left with a warm feeling inside as I added the next two books in the series to my wish list (hurry up pay-day!). The characters will have to fight to get their happy ending, but I have no doubt that it will be a beautiful and heart-felt fight nonetheless. 5 Stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Received ARC for honest review  This book starts of with drama straight from the beginning, Starting off with Raina as a five year old child that's waiting for her mum to pick her up from school unfortunately she doesn't arrive due to a road traffic accident that takes her away from Raina and her father. Her farther blames Raina for the death and literally and takes it out on her. the story reverts to the past and then the present where you get an insight into Rainas' life and what she has to deal with growing up at sixteen she confides "partly" in Judge (Henry) who helps her out of this hell hole.At nineteen Raina is in Uni and is a whizz with languages and computer software designing, Kas an FBI agent is lecturing there and her professor at the university thinks that she could be a great asset to the team since she is fluent in many different languages and her knowledge of computers are a god send. Unfortunately  she gets involved with Chris he pursues her they start dating nothing heavy, but you get the gist that Chris wants more, they argue and it blows up into a full on fight and that's where Kas comes to her rescue... Oh wow and what a story written with such emotion, sensitivity, twists and plots that are very believable and not far fetched at all with the nature of this book, that is so hard to put into words. Even though it is on the darker-side of life the writing style from this author was just effortless. What amazing characters dynamics and truly a heartfelt romance brewing between Raina and Kas I've just *fangirled* the pair of them! Loved it so much, Hell yeah I need more! off to *one click* the rest in the series. Highly recommended 5 stars from me. And I'll be on the look-out for more books from his author! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow, this book is quite a story, quite a journey. I was hooked from the beginning. Since it deals with such horrific issues it was a little difficult to read some parts but they were vital to the story and written with as much sensitivity as they could be while staying true to the story and the characters. I would recommend this story to anyone who is over 18. The story is about Raina and the abuse that she has overcome while growing into a remarkable young woman, even though she is unable to see herself as such. She meets and becomes close to Kas, an FBI agent, through the university she is enrolled at and ends up working with his unit. However she is to ashamed and therefore unwilling to divulge her past to Kas. Unfortunately Raina is involved with Chris when she meets Kas. She has tried to back away from Chris several times but he continues to convince her to give him another chance. Chris gets very jealous and once again Raina finds herself in an abusive situation but deals with it well and ends up getting away from Chris. This brings Raina and Kas even closer and through all of the ups and downs they grow into a relationship. Kas begins to unravel her mysterious history and wants nothing more that to help her heal and protect her and be with her. This story was beautifully written with well developed characters and plot. I found myself wanting to begin the next book immediately to find out what happened but knew I need to write a review to let others know what an amazing book this is. Please remember that it is a difficult subject matter intended for a mature reader but it is written with great sensitivity and only details that are necessary to the plot. I didn't feel that it was overly graphic or insensitive at any point.
Misscrazi93 More than 1 year ago
WOW. I was looking forward to reading this book as the description was great, and i immediately fell in love with Kas and Raina. The writing was relaxed and easy to follow and the descriptive writing made me feel like i was there right along side them!  Meet Raina A College student who works part time with the FBI. After trying to forget her brutal and painful past, she has to face it again with the appearance of an ex-boyfriend. Enter Kas  FBI agent, colleague and friend, who, despite her protests, helps Raina to recover from her recent ordeal with her ex, Chris. Together they are working a case to stop people trafficking rings, working together and both living under Kas’ roof, they become closer, with Raina’s defences slipping- could love be in the air? Together they are determined to stop the trafficking of innocent, young girls from all over the world. This book was fast paced, keeping you on the end of your seat.  I think that the author had to face a very hard job, Portraying Raina’s Character as a strong and independent person despite the obvious scar’s of her long history of abuse - with a realistic and solid outcome! A great book -- 5*****!
heartjess More than 1 year ago
This review can be found at Such A Novel Idea. This book took me by surprise, and really grabbed at my heart. It is probably best to understand that this book is dealing with human trafficking from an outside looking in perspective. The major focus of the book is not on this subject, but on the growth of Raina, a girl who was abused as a child who must come to terms with all that is happened to her. After her ex boyfriend attacks and almost kills her, she is forced to deal with all the emotions she has pushed down for so long. And then there is Kas. Oh Kas. He’s the epitome of the good, Southern gentlemen. I picture him with dimples and a lopsided smile that lights up a room. He and Raina already have established feelings for one another. At first it was hard, because by 20% into the book, Raina knows she loves Kas. So for me, it was a bit hard to get on the “aww” bandwagon. We don’t get to ‘see’ the meeting, and falling for each other, persay. It is already established that they have feelings for each other. So when she realizes she loves him, it wasn’t instalove, but I still didn’t quite connect with it the way I have in other books. However, it doesn’t take long for me to get giddy about the two and by 40%, I was team Raina/Kas. Kas is sweet, but demanding. He does tells her what to do, especially when it comes to her safety. I know he is trying to protect her, but wants her to make her own choices, away from her abusers. And in fact, he is taking away some of her control of the situation — this is a trend in this type of writing that bugs me personally. It didn’t take anything away from the story, but it makes me roll my eyes at guys in general. The beginning is an experiment in creative writing. We start the book on the climatic scene: Raina is fighting her (ex) boyfriend; we then shift to the recent past. It is a bit confusing, but it was a bold move and puts you right in the action. We then slowly learn about Raina’s past and Kas/Raina. I actually really enjoyed this. It was different, and like I said, it threw me off, but once I caught on to everything, I appreciated the unique style that Karen-Anne put on her book. The writing is straight-forward and it really helped when it came to dealing with the darker issues. However, one thing that bothered me some was that the narrator was omnipresent, seeing and hearing EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. It is very confusing to quickly move from Raina’s thoughts to Kas’ without getting whiplash. I’m all for shifting POV’s, but this was entirely too confusing. I was never in someone’s head long enough to truly grasp on to what they are saying before I was swept away by another character. It’s like they were vying it out for my attention and I kept shaking my head back and forth trying to keep up. Learning more about Raina’s abuse is actually the most heartbreaking. Once I connected with her, I felt deep in my soul when she would have flashbacks. It was hard to read at times, because I found myself wanting to give her a hug (And I realize I say this a LOT in these types of books – but it’s true). Karen-Anne really captured the mind of an abuse victim and that was something I appreciated. It wasn’t trite or overdone to hijack the reader’s emotions. Overall, this is a really sweet book that takes these really deep, dark issues, and brings them into light in a safe way. I enjoyed the book and cannot wait to read more of the adorable couple.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Karen-Anne Stewart’s Saving Rain is the story of the aftermath of child abuse and the brutal stains it left behind on the soul of its victim. Raina spent most of her childhood being the powerless victim of the one person who should have been her safe harbor. At the mercy of powerful adults with twisted minds, she grows up broken and unable to completely break free of her past. Part of her is determined to be a survivor, part of her is still the victim, but when Kas comes into her world she experiences something she has never felt before, protected and cared for as a person. But her damage runs so deep, she is afraid to believe her eyes, or her heart. Is his patience and caring a façade? Can she truly believe she is worthy of what so many take for granted? Is real love, no strings attached possible? Is it safe to let her walls down? More importantly, can she survive without him? Saving Rain is a novel about a dark topic that should never exist, but Karen-Anne Stewart has done a remarkable job of presenting a horrific story in a such a way as to give both the reader and the characters hope for the future. Her writing is sensitive, yet does not hide the turmoil Raina feels as she struggles to rebuild herself into a strong “survivor.” Ms. Stewart focuses on the healing power of love and compassion, while acknowledging the long journey ahead. Her characters are filled with depth, down to the last detail and often I was seeing them as Rain would, not as a bystander to the story. Some had honor, some obviously had none, but each was vital to Rain’s story and ultimately her acknowledgment of her own inner strength. This is powerful writing and Karen-Anne Stewart is a powerful author with a presence far beyond what her published works would suggest. Keep your eye on her! I received a review copy as part of the Saving Rain Virtual Tour stopping at Tome Tender November 8, 2013.
srfeike More than 1 year ago
Saving Rain is such a great story. Raina was abused as a child and now as a young adult, despite careful choices and the determination not to be a victim ever again, has fallen into the same pattern with the same type of guy as her father. Through one of her college classes, Raina has the opportunity to work with the FBI, where she meets Kas, the first guy in her life who does not try to hurt her. Kas will do anything to help Raina, but he quickly realizes he is way out of his league. He does his best, but it is not always enough. I think one of the things I loved most about this book was Raina and Kas' relationship. They felt an instant attraction to one another, but there was no insta-love (I actually hate that term, but I see it used a lot). Their relationship was given time to simmer and develop slowly. Raina does not fall immediately in love with Kas and trust him with everything she has. If it had happened that way, the story would have been ruined. Raina was abused and, as such, she has a hard time trusting anyone, including herself. She is not weak or a victim, though she has been made to see herself in that way, and it is going to take more than one man, no matter how patient and caring he is, to change that. While there are dark issues in the story, it is well written and the violent scenes/topics are handled carefully. The issues of abuse, rape, and human trafficking are very real, and the author does not pretty them up, nor does she give explicit descriptions that would be a turn off to many people. I have read many books where the characters were abused, and I believe (in my humble opinion) that this is one of my favorites, just because of the way the characters dealt with their issues. Rather than turning to drugs, alcohol, or aimless sex, Raina tried to make herself a better person, someone worthy of love. My only issue with this book was the narrative the author chose to use. I am not a huge fan of third-person narrative anyway, but if done well it is usually not an issue. However, there were many times in Saving Rain where the thoughts would switch from one person to another without any transition or warning, and it was very confusing. I found myself re-reading sentences or paragraphs after realizing the POV had changed suddenly. Overall, though, I really enjoyed the story and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of her book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Started off really good...well sad, but suspensful. The story line was good...You'll love the main characters "Kas" (FBI agent) & Raina (super smart 19 year old). I just got kind of bored w/ most of the book except I liked the Love story & the way it developed. Not sure if I'll read the sequel.
Bookworm84NJ More than 1 year ago
I Loved Saving Rain. It was different then most of the love stories I read where the main male character is an abusive jerk. Kas and Rain have a fire and heat that is wonderful and sweet. Rain has dealt with a lot of abuse in her life and has come out the other side to be a strong, intelligent survivor that I think a lot of other women could look to for strength. This book had me from start to finish. Now I can't wait to read Healing Rain I'm sure it will be fantastic. There were several misplaced words in the book...but they were well worth looking over to read this wonderful story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was given a copy of Saving Rain in exchange for an honest review. Well, I can honestly say I loved this book. It had me from the first few pages; even though they were a bit dark, due to the sensitive nature of subject. However, things turn around for Rain, after she is rescued by Kas. This story will keep you on the edge, with lots of emotion from beginning to end. Rain is a very lucky to have someone like Kas in her life. It is a great read and I would recommend to anyone. :) I am very much looking forward to the second book in this trilogy.
navywife001 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of Saving Rain in exchange for an honest review. Wow...just WOW!!!! I am thoroughly impressed with Saving Rain! I love the cover and the synopsis and was really looking forward to the story and Karen-Anne Stewart did not let me down. What an amazing character Raina is. She is strong and brave and so determined to rise above the seriously messed up crap she has been through in her life. So many times people arent strong enough to rise above the hand they're dealt and abuse comes full circle and the abused becomes the abuser or the abused continuously finds themselves in abusive relationships. Raina becomes a private but determined person and overcomes the obstacles. She meets Kas and learns to love and trust. Kas is an amazing and patient guy who loves Raina enough to give her time and space to work through her demons. Watching the two grow and love was amazing and I was DEVASTATED when I ran out of pages! I can not wait to read Healing Rain book two in the trilogy! Karen-Anne Stewart has become an author on my watch list :) Thank you for the awesomesauce read!!!
Jovon More than 1 year ago
From the very beginning Stewart almost has me in tears when the book opens up to six year old Raina learning that her mother has died and she will never again see her. Just even thinking about losing my mother has me in tears and to lose her at six years old would be absolutely devastating like it was for Raina. "I want to go passed away and go with mommy to the better place, too." I am sure that whatever is in this review will just not do it justice! Saving Rain is in my top books of all time and has got to definitely be my favorite book of 2013 for sure! When Kas and Raina start working together within the FBI to take down the growing number of sex trafficking rings within the United States, they immediately take to each  other and thier feelings quickly blossom. Because Kas is afraid Rain isn't ready, and Raina's self esteem is so low she doesn't think she is even on Kas's radar, they both try to deny their feelings for one another. They are so good together though!  Kas takes care of Rain while she is recovering from a beating of a lifetime from her wannabe boyfriend, Chris. Gah, he treats her like a princess...opening doors for her, assuring she wants for nothing, and helping her cook breakfast every morning. With a little help from Kas's friend, Chase, and Kas himself, Raina begins to bloom like a rose in spring time! She starts to see that not every many hits, that a guy can get angry (because Kas and Rain do get into some doosies) and NOT hurt her physicall, emotionally, or sexually. Something, unfortunately, Raina has discovered isn't true with every man. Even those close to her. Kas, at first, let's Raina try and work through things on her own but when she doesn't open up to him so that he can protect her, things heat up. He isn't naturally overbearing but can be sometimes...all in good intentions of course! Raina, because she is really coming into her own and learning to think for herself, she doesn't take Kas's practically ordering to not do something laying down. When their tempers collide so do their desires for one another, and they are both tempted to throw their morals away and become one! Betrayal pretty much forces Raina to tells her story. About the abuse, the loneliness, and despair. Stewart had me crying my eyes out! I cannot believe what Rain has experienced and she is still standing! Not only that, but she still has this lovable innocence that you wouldn't expect from someone from her situation! The climax of Saving Rain had me speechless! I literally put the book down and had to prepare myself for what was about to happen!  I cannot wait to read the second book in the series! Saving Rain is a MUST READ!  Raina is the strongest female character I have ever come across!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Saving Rain had me in an emotional death grip!  I HAVE to get the second book when it comes out!    
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I will have to say I am not much of a reader. Most of the time I can't sit still, I would rather be up doing something. Recently, I happened to pick up Saving Rain and read the back. My first thoughts were skeptical. I opened the book, read the first page, before I knew it i was through the first chapter. I got so wrapped in this book, my husband had to tell me to put the book down one night to go to bed. I absolutely loved this book and without a question I will be purchasing the 2nd and 3rd when they become available.