Savoir Flair!: 211 Tips for Enjoying France and the French

Savoir Flair!: 211 Tips for Enjoying France and the French


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ISBN-13: 9780964668416
Publisher: Culture Crossings Limited
Publication date: 06/28/2000
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.43(w) x 8.23(h) x 0.61(d)

Table of Contents

Part I: The Savoir-Flair of Enjoying Your First 24 Hours in Paris

Chapter 1: Enjoying your Arrival
  • emergency assistance at Orly Sud Airport
  • at Charles de Gaulle Airport: ATMs, phone cards
  • which transportation to Paris? Bus, train, shuttle, taxi?

Chapter 2: Enjoying Your Hotel
  • where is it? how is it? what is its name?
  • my adventure in Toulouse

Chaper 3: Enjoying French Bathrooms
  • in hotels and cafés
  • in other public and private places

Chapter 4: Enjoying Paris on Foot
  • helpfulness of Parisians
  • crossing streets, a stroll through 1,000 years

Chapter 5: Enjoying Speaking French
  • the all-important expressions and shortcuts (bluffs)
  • street expressions to avoid, deceptive French words (faux amis)

Chapter 6: Enjoying Paris on Wheels
  • in taxis and buses, on the Métro, the RER, the Seine, in buses
  • driving, cycling, rollerblading
Part II. The Savoir-Flair of Enjoying Daily Life
Chapter 7: Enjoying French Dogs
  • dogs are different in France
  • City Hall's dog poop wars

Chapter 8: Enjoying getting Information
  • French logic

Chapter 9: Enjoying French Customer Service
  • French and American expectations
  • travelers who got it and travelers who didn't

Chapter 10: Enjoying the Local Scene
  • the Post Office, open markets
  • the barber/hairdresser, the movies, the pharmacie
  • department stores, going to church

Chapter 11: Enjoying Finding Something You've Lost
Chapter 12: Enjoying being Young in Paris: teens and early twenties
  • in French families: hot water, long meals, etc.
  • flirting, la bise, where to meet a young man/young woman
  • early teens

Chapter 13: Enjoying being a Woman or a Man in Paris
  • la séduction
  • fidelité or not fidelité?
Part III. The Savoir-Flair of Enjoying Cafés and Restaurants in Paris
Chapter 14: Enjoying Cafés
  • the corner café, café geos, literary cafés, café philos
  • café customs

Chapter 15: Enjoying French Food
  • the great French delicacies
  • the great chefs: what they say and write

Chapter 16: Enjoying French Restaurants
  • French waiters are special: their language and prestige
  • travelers' tales
  • the celestial 3-stars

Chapter 17: Enjoying Business (and pleasure) meals
  • suggestions of where to go, with whom and when
  • restaurant manners
  • hosting a business lunch: seating, eating, drinking
Part IV: The Savoir-Flair of Circulating in France
Chapter 18: Enjoying the SNCF (the French railroad)
  • why the TGV (the bullet train) is wonderful
  • six foreign-passenger SNCF adventures

Chapter 19: Enjoying Motoring in France
  • expressway habits, road regulations
  • handling a rented car and road maps

Chapter 20: Enjoying Bicycle Tours
  • your own tour, a group tour
  • following the Tour de France

Chapter 21: Enjoying Life in the Countryside
  • renting: why, where and who from
  • dealing with local trades people
  • the Dordogne: the new (old) English colony


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