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Saw 2

There were a few licensed songs on the original Saw's soundtrack, but it consisted mostly of Charlie Clouser's clanking and inky proto-industrial score. The remixer and occasional NIN member's music was overdone, mysterious, tense, and capably chilling, just like the horror-camp of the film itself. The film was a surprise hit. That means a quickie sequel, and unfortunately a quickie soundtrack to go with it. Clouser's contributions are reduced to one song (the suspenseful "Don't Forget the Rules") and a remix of Marilyn Manson's "Irresponsible Hate Anthem." Otherwise, Saw II takes the usual Hollywood soundtrack tack, rounding up a rogue's gallery of one-offs and B-sides from bands that fit the thematic bill. That means tired alt-metal from Mudvayne ("Forget to Remember"), Sevendust ("Pieces"), and the Used ("Sound Effects and Overdramatics"), as well as veterans of previous horror entry soundtracks like Bloodsimple (they were on House of Wax) and the Tool side project Puscifer (see Underworld). Instead of the creepy Rabies original listeners get a seven-year-old remix of Skinny Puppy's "Rodent" that takes the generic power saw guitar route; meanwhile, Bay Area up-and-comers Band of Pain have promise, but their "Holy" inevitably inserts Soundgarden's "Spoonman" into your head. Saw II does have a few unique inclusions. Revolting Cocks are always trashy fun, and "Caliente (Dark Entries)" delivers the goods. UNKLE max the levels in Queens of the Stone Age's "Burn the Witch," but the song retains its morbid slink. To bring it back to Clouser, his remix of Manson's "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" is strong too, a sticky, raw update of the Antichrist Superstar original. It's too bad Saw II doesn't have more of that risk-taking mentality. [The soundtrack was also released in a clean version.]

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Release Date: 10/25/2005
Label: Image Entertainment
UPC: 0014381300222
catalogNumber: 3002

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chas Smith   Bowed Metal
Wes Borland   Guitar

Technical Credits

Peter Murphy   Composer
Skinny Puppy   Composer
Daniel Ash   Composer
Marilyn Manson   Composer
Chris Lord-Alge   Remixing
Buckethead   Composer
Charles Clouser   Composer,Remixing
Peter Freeman   Sound Design
Kevin Haskins   Composer
Gregg Hoffman   Executive Producer
Josh Homme   Composer
David Jay   Composer
Maynard James Keenan   Composer,Remixing
Madonna Wayne Gacy   Composer
Twiggy Ramirez   Composer
Sevendust   Composer
Danny Lohner   Composer,Remixing
Jay Faires   Music Executive
John Travis   Composer
Legion of Doom   Composer
Ramirez Berkowitz   Composer
Saul Williams   Composer
Troy Van Leeuwen   Composer
Joey Castillo   Composer
Wes Borland   Remixing
Jerry Horton   Composer
Dave Buckner   Composer
Tobin Esperance   Composer
Joshua Eustis   Remixing
Kyle Sanders   Composer
Bert McCracken   Composer
Branden Steineckert   Composer
Quinn Allman   Composer
Jacoby Shaddix   Composer
Dan Monti   Composer
Mark Burg   Executive Producer
Ryan Martinie   Composer
Matt McDonough   Composer
Greg Tribbett   Composer
Jim Kaufman   Composer
Chad Gray   Composer
Nick Rowe   Composer
Ron Underwood   Composer
Chris Holmes   Engineer
Jeph Howard   Composer

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