Scanners And Secret Frequencies

Scanners And Secret Frequencies

by Henry Eisenson
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Paladin Press

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Scanners And Secret Frequencies

This cynical and immensely entertaining book describes the scanner world, the people in it, the equipment they use, and how they acquire and tune in to the "secret" frequencies.

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ISBN-13: 9781581600728
Publisher: Paladin Press
Publication date: 01/01/1994
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.46(h) x 0.77(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Microphysics: Limited to the basics-simple and fairly painless.
Chapter 2 - Radio Principles: They way we think radios work, though no one is certain.
Chapter 3 - The Antenna: Another mystery, but we've developed reasonably accurate mathematical models to define antennas.
Chapter 4 - Scanners: The bases for finding the right scanner and how to operate it. Brad-by-brand specifications, features, and a very few recommendations.
Chapter 5 - Modifying Scanners: There exists a long list of possible changes, and this chapter is merely a small hole in the modification fence. Look through and decide whether this is for you.
Chapter 6 - The Underpaid, overworked managers of the spectrum.
Chapter 7 - The Spectrum: With a listing of who is out there and what they use it for.
Chapter 8 - Amateur Radio: The self-policed and professionally managed segments of the spectrum used by the ham radio community.
Chapter 9 - Military Radio: Frequency, usage, where to go and what to expect. With VIP data and air show frequencies (Thunderbirds, Blue Angels).
Chapter 10 - Scanning Uncle Sam: Most federal government agencies, with specific frequencies allocated by the FCC.
Chapter 11 - Citizens Band: If you saw the Smoky and the Bandit movies, you already what to expect in this unpoliced area of the spectrum. Not possible on all scanners, but fun when you can tune in. Includes a completely separate Glossary on CB lingo.
Chapter 12 - Industrial Radio: It's a cross section of our economy, including forestry, manufacturing, and more. With frequency allocations.
Chapter 13 - National Transportation Agencies: Trucking, maritime, and aviation licenses, including what you can expect to hear. Includes private airline frequencies used for administration, security, etc.
Chapter 14 - More Scanning: Evangelists, sports events, hospitals, security services, more.
Chapter 15 - Telephones: Air-ground, cordless, cellular, and more. Includes DTMF and a definition of the Ultimate Phone Call Monitor.
Chapter 16 - Public Safety: Law enforcement, trunked communication, voice codes, etc.
Chapter 17 - Finding Frequencies: The frequency list, search services, going "direct" with a counter, and how to find a frequency using a barometer.
Chapter 18 - The Law: The ECPA, Omnibus Act, Communications Act, and more. Specific legislation Quoted.
Chapter 19 - Advanced Scanning: For the dedicated. Satellites, fast food, recorders, decoders, bulletin board systems, computer support, more.
Chapter 20 - Crime and Wireless Telephones: Credit card scams, industrial espionage, precautions.
Chapter 21 - Clubs & Associations: The RCMA, Bearcat Radio Club, local organizations.
Chapter 22 - Dialogs: The expressed attitudes of retailers, modification services, list vendors, law enforcement. Taken from actual interviews.
Chapter 23 - The Future of Scanning: Educated but probably wrong guesses about scanning's future, including likely technologies and possible features.
Glossary Terms used by the scannist and by the objects of his attention, including aviation, law enforcement, etc.
Appendix 1 Voice codes (Ten-Codes, Phonetic Alphabets)
Appendix 2 Scanner/SWL Clubs & Organizations
Bibliography Magazines, books, authors, frequency lists, and publishers.

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