Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue

by M C Domovitch


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ISBN-13: 9781522914525
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/10/2016
Pages: 394
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.81(d)

About the Author

M C Domovitch is the author of nine books. She writes cozy mystery under the names Carol Ann Martin, humorous mysteries as Monique Domovitch and edge-of-your-seat suspense as MC Domovitch. She lives with her physician husband and their dogs.

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Scar Tissue 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
Scar Tissue is the sort of series starter that tells a complete story while leaving space for many more to follow. The protagonist starts as a beautiful model, on the cusp of being rich and famous. But now she struggles to define a new identity without her career. Lines cut into her skin leave her feeling wounded, inside and out. And her torturer hasn’t been caught. Ciara has friends, but they’re tied up with her old career. She has a boyfriend, but it was hard enough for his family to accept a glamorous model’s presence at his table. They'll never welcome her now. And she has a sister, but the sister wants her to pick herself up and get a job. From hurtful knife-cuts to healing adjustments, from destroying beauty to restoring normality, from modeling’s glory to remodeling’s generosity, Ciara’s life takes some truly intriguing turns before tragedy sends her tumbling back into returning memories of what was forgotten before. Ciara’s story’s convincingly told. The plot is intriguing. And the revelation that will drive the series is created in a slowly satisfying manner, allowing the reader to guess and look forward to more. Scar Tissue is a satisfying novel in itself, and a great start to a series. I certainly enjoyed it. Disclosure: I was given a copy and I offer my honest review.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Thad decided women were more fun before he caught them because then he got bored and wanted a new adventure. Cassie was Thad’s best friend In college Cassie was the one woman Thad had respected too much to sleep with even though he was attracted to her. Cassie's and Thad's friendship had been more important to Thad. Cassie had always been at Thad’s side. Cassie had been hired to be the photographer at a wedding Thad was there with Cassie as her assistant. Cassie had always been ‘girl, his favorite person in the world. Love didn’t frighten Cassie she was a relationship type of girl. Cassie had a crush on Dan and Thad felt Dan felt the same way. The next wedding Cassie is at Dan talks to Cassie and eventually kisses her and Cassie was very excited. Cassie has an exhibit of her photos with a whole wall. Dan was there with Cassie but Thad was also there and meets Dan’s younger sister Bri who is a beauty. Bri told Thad she had a project she needed his help with but Thad wasn’t very happy when he finds out Bri wants him to help her turn Dan’s home into a sex den. Cassie had pulled Thad aside when Bri and Dan went to talk. Cassie told Thad she got to know Bri and warned Thad Bri was like him only she didn’t always lead to a break up . usually just one day she dumped the gut she was seeing no reason, no excuse, she just walked away. Bri had already warned Thad not to fall in love with her. As time goes on Thad thinks of Bri becoming more of a long term relationship even a future with. I liked the story a lot. I loved Thad’s and Cassie’s relationship and how they could depend on each other.i love that Cassie got the man she wanted. This had a good plot and I thought it funny had Thad finally falls for someone just like him if not a little worse. This is a cute story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
She had it all, beauty, a wealthy boyfriend, a successful modeling career and life was nearly perfect, until she lost it all at the end of the Cutter’s blade. Ciara awoke in a hospital bed, only to find she had not only lost weeks of her life to amnesia, but those weeks were as a captive of a twisted serial killer and she was “lucky,” she was the one who got away. Ciara did not get away unscathed, she was broken, battered and her looks had been stolen by the heinous scars that were carved into her body and now she has lost her boyfriend. She did, however, gain something that may serve her well, if she can just grasp the reality of it! With only her sister to lean on, she moves across the country to Seattle to heal, recreate herself and try to move on, knowing the monster is still out there, and he may find her again to finish what he started. Only her sister knew her memory was returning, and the slip she made to the wrong person has put Ciara back into the crosshairs of the Cutter, who is determined to finish what he started. As Ciara’s life once again becomes a terrifying nightmare, she has no one to trust, no one to help and a growing suspicion that the killer was not running the show, but merely a puppet being controlled by someone she may know. Do you like to feel so smart by figuring out who the villains are? Good luck with this one as M.C. Domovitch tosses out clues like breadcrumbs in the woods! SCAR TISSUE is one of those suspense-filled reads that defies to be unraveled until the author is ready! Far from a plastic doll or a shrinking violet, Ciara becomes a woman of grit when the odds are stacked against her. No, she is not an avenging angel now, she is, however internally strong and she may not even truly see it, herself. Her ex-boyfriend’s family could be the poster children for the words dysfunctional, self-centered, conniving, well, you get the picture. Clearly money cannot buy humanity. This is Ciara’s story, her journey, her tale of fear, danger and leaving the woman she was behind for a much better version. Now, if only she could learn to trust and love again. Cover to cover suspense! The shadowed villain, the double-crosses, the lies, they are all here and M.C. Domovitch has woven a dark tale that will keep you guessing the entire time! I changed my mind three times throughout this tale, and yep, I was still wrong! I received this copy from Lansen Publishing \ M.C. Domovitch in exchange for my honest review.
booklover- More than 1 year ago
Ciara Kelly, a successful model, is abducted, held for weeks while being tortured by a man the media now calls The Cutter. He likes using a knife and carving words into womens' flesh. Ciara is not his first victim ... nor will she be the last. Somehow Ciara escapes and she wakes up in a hospital. She remembers nothing of her lost time. In order to protect her, the police and her doctor give a press conference stating that she has no memory and the loss is permanent. Ciera returns to her home town and moves in with her sister. When her sister tells someone that maybe Ciara's memory is returning, the Cutter comes after her again. Ciara finds herself running from the killer, running from the police. Fast-paced action. Very suspenseful situations. Lots of suspects. Killer is really nasty. I had an inkling who the killer was, but that didn't distract from the story. Story line was well thought out with definitive character development.
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
How could I resist reading this after catching a glimpse of that cover and sampling the blurb. I do love a good mystery. Add in some thrills and suspense and it’s all good. Ciara wakes up in intensive care with no memory of what happened to her. Why did someone attack her? Who did it? She doesn’t have a clue. After getting over the shock, she explores her options. Then she begins her mission. Find out who did this. Exact revenge. I simplified the story. So much happens. Saying anything more would be spoiling it and we can’t have that. I love books like this. The author turns you inside out as you empathize with the heroine. And you love to hate the two-faced losers and those who should, but don’t, stand by her. And when Ciara gets cranked up, it’s nonstop suspense until the very end. Lots of surprises in store for you. You can probably guess some of what will happen, but the author doesn’t make everything obvious. There are some really good twists too. Once you begin this book, you’ll quickly be sucked in. It has a riveting plot. A great cast of characters. And plenty of mystery to keep you intrigued.
Archaeolibrarian More than 1 year ago
Ciara Kelly is a successful model, but when she wakes up in hospital, she draws a blank for the past few weeks. Determined to put that, and various other setbacks, behind her, she moves back in with her sister and tries to get on with her life. Things are okay until her sister lets slip that she "might" be getting her memory back. The thing that I loved about this is that the time actually moves along! It is a couple of years that takes place from the start of the book, to the end. It was so nice to read a book where things take time, rather than everything being instantaneous. Although I enjoyed this story, I found it to be quite choppy and disjointed in places. Characters act in a certain way, and you never find out why. For example, Melanie has a whole conversation about how her and Brent had split up before Ciara comes along, asking why her mother is more excited about the idea of Brent being single than she is herself. Next thing, is that Melanie and Brent are a couple again, with Melanie looking at him "adoringly". In the first conversation, Melanie comes across as being quite indifferent to Brent, but then it all changes. On the whole, I enjoyed this book, and found it to be an easy read. * I received this book from Pump Up Your Book! in return for a fair and honest review. * Merissa Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
TeresaKander More than 1 year ago
This story was the epitome of suspense/thriller. I was on the edge of my seat through most of my reading, waiting to see what was going to happen next and how the entire plot was going to play out. Poor Ciara finds herself in a situation where she doesn't know who to trust, or where to turn for help. The readers will find themselves in the same predicament as they try to figure out who is the Cutter, and who is helping him along the way. The great thing about Ciara is that she turns out to be a stronger woman than she realizes, and she is definitely a character you find yourself rooting for as she fights to survive. **I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.**
MTSmith More than 1 year ago
This book was...freaky. And I don't mean in the kinky sense. It was chilling and frightening and so-glad-I-didn't-read-it-at-night incredible. Ms. Domovitch is a new to me author. It's been a long time since I've read a thriller like this. It's dark and suspenseful and mysterious without being overly one or the other of those things. Each, to me, is well-balanced and it resulted in a well-rounded story I'll read again. Ciara's story starts fast and that pace doesn't let up. But it isn't empty or boring. Ms. Domovitch fills the pages with things, events, clues, that bring the truth to light and threaten Ciara's new existence. The person who abducted and tortured her is coming to finish the job. The memories Ciara didn't have at the beginning are returning. She doesn't have a lot of options: stay one step ahead to stay alive or let the Cutter finish what was started two years ago. Ciara is made of some pretty strong stuff. *chuckles* Who am I kidding? She's one hell of a heroine who refuses to go down easily. She makes her stand and, man, she doesn't disappoint. Ms. Domovitch didn't disappoint either. I'll definitely be looking for more of this series. I hope Ms. Domovitch's voice continues in the next one. I hope it's as well-balanced. I hope it's a lot of things but I hope, more than anything, it's just as eerie as this one. 4.5* Received from author for an honest review
SherryF More than 1 year ago
The cover for Scar Tissue by M C Domovitch is calling to me, that eye drawing me into the book, making me have to know what’s inside. Add to that a paranormal romantic suspense thriller and I am sold down the river. The opening lines had me hooked… Ciara had been kidnapped, raped and tortured, but…somehow…escaped. Then, to top it all off, she was hit by a car and now has amnesia. What more can possibly happen to the poor girl? Well…let’s read on and find out, because I have a feeling her journey is far from over. Scar Tissue is wrapped up in an interesting ending and I see so much potential for Ciara to go into a series, to develop and use her talents to solve crimes, so I am curious to see if M C Domovitch has more in store for her. I hope so! I received a copy of Scar Tissue from M C Domovitch in return for an honest review.
sciencexcharm More than 1 year ago
What had she done to deserve this? Some underwear modeling, nothing more risqué than that. Had she brought this upon herself by attracting undue attention to her body? The idea was too awful to contemplate. She threw the compact back in the drawer and huddled under the blanket, in tears. What had that monster done to her? She couldn’t remember any of it, but rather than make what happened easier to accept, that made it worse. Her imagination was filling in the blank with silent screen images of herself being defiled in every imaginable way. Life is precious. Life is special. Life is short. Life…can be taken. Domovitch takes her characters and exposes raw fear as well as twisted desire in her story, Scar Tissue. This first installment is the beginning of an absolutely riveting series within the crime fiction genre. She has a way of enthralling her readers with the story of a girl, the victim of a merciless sociopath, whose greatest desire is mutilation. Ciara Kelly is alive…after being tortured and hit by a car in an attempt to escape. Being alive—it comes at a price though. This sociopath only has eyes for her, a beautiful model in the big city. But…when she gets away, it is only a matter of time before getting caught. Ending up in the hospital with no memory or recollection of the past few weeks, Ciara’s sister finally persuades her to move on with her life. A new state, a new name, a new career. How would anyone even know where to look for her? After her sister’s accidental slip about Ciara’s memory, her life is changed within the blink of an eye and that fear is ever present again. She can’t hide—her head will always have a target on it. When she finds her sister dead, she is forced to run again…always running but there is one thing that makes her stop. Ciara Kelly doesn’t have anyone else to help her…except for the police. The police that stopped searching for her killer, the police who sat outside of her front door while her sister was murdered. No, Ciara doesn’t have anyone who can protect her from this monster…and she knows that this time if he gets his hands on her…he will kill her. Domovitch does a superb job with character development. Her characters have strong emotional backgrounds and the plot, while slightly predictable—is still very much creative and entertaining. This story is a fast-paced novel, which makes it very easy to read. The grammatical and spelling content are both fine, it won’t prevent the reader from enjoyment. If you are interested in crime fiction and suspense novels, this first installment is a must read. A free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this fictional piece.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
We start with Ciara running for her life. She has escaped something and while trying to get help is hit by a car. At the same time her kidnapper is talking on the phone with another party about the escape. Ciara ends up in a coma and awakens to learn that she has scars all over her body, been the victim of the serial killer the Cutter, and has some brain damage. Her modeling career is over along with no longer having a rich boyfriend. She returns to Seattle to live with her sister and get her life back in order. But two years later she may have had a memory and her sister tells Ciara’s ex-boyfriend. This puts Ciara back on the radar when the Cutter wants to stop Ciara permanently. This is a great thriller. You can’t help but feel bad for Ciara. She has made her own place in life although it is very private and quiet. But when the Cutter comes back it is one mad rush for her to figure out who the killer is and to try and stay alive. I loved the paranormal abilities she gets and I love how it comes into play in the end of the story. I quickly read Scar Tissue in two days. I got caught up in the story and thought I knew who the Cutter was but I admit that I was wrong. There was lots of action and a great story. If you want a great thriller to read I recommend you check out Scar Tissue. I received Scar Tissue for free from Worldwide Virtual Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.